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Army Detains Journalist Who Covered Fighting With Rebels, Wife Alleges

A local journalist’s wife says he has been detained by the Burma Army several weeks ago when he visited Karen rebels fighting the army. 

Fighting Escalates Between Gov’t, Rebel Alliance in Shan State

Fighting erupts again between the Burma Army and an allied force of ethnic armed groups in northern Shan State, according a rebel officer. 

New Political Party Aims to Put Burma’s Women in Power

Politically minded women in Mon State form a party to contest general elections in 2015, with the goal of appointing more women in Parliament.

Minority Language Classes Get Boost With Burma Govt Stipend

The government will pay schoolteachers who teach ethnic minority languages in Burma, according to ethnic leaders, in a win for ethnic minorities’ rights and cultures.

53 Migrants Detained After Thai Trafficking Bust

Scores of refugees are in detention after being rescued by Thailand’s anti-human trafficking police from a rubber plantation in Thailand’s Phang Nga province.

In Central Mon State, Villagers Flee as Soldiers Hunt for Karen Rebels

Dozens of residents flee villages, while Burma Army soldiers are seen during operations to hunt down DKBA rebels, with whom they have clashed for days.

Flickers of Hope, Shadow of Uncertainty for Muslims in Arakan Citizenship Pilot

Rohingya Muslims in Myebon are both hopeful and uncertain as some ostensibly receive citizenship rights for the first time under the government’s national verification program.

In Rohingya Camp, a Subdued Celebration of Muslim Holiday

Rohingya camp residents in Arakan State’s Myebon hold a quiet celebration of Eid al-Adha, the first time they are allowed to do so since 2012.

Heavy Fighting in Shan State Kills 17 Govt Soldiers, Rebels Claim

Heavy clashes between the Burma Army and Palaung, Kachin and Kokang ethnic rebels in northern Shan State’s Kutkhai Township kill 17 government soldiers, rebels claim.

DKBA Rebels Injure 2 Soldiers, Detain 8 in Mon State

Rising tensions between the military and Karen rebels in eastern Burma spark another incident, with DKBA fighters detaining eight police and soldiers, and injuring two. 

Rare Civilian Trial for Soldier Accused of Rape

A member of the Burmese Army sees a rare civilian trial for the alleged rape of a 15-year-old ethnic Kachin girl.

Muslim Citizenship Procedure Angers Arakanese, Some Rohingya See Opportunity

Arakanese Buddhists are angered after the government awarded 209 Muslims in Arakan State citizenship, while some Rohingya see it as an opportunity.   

Exclusion of Smaller Groups Emerges as Ceasefire Sticking Point

An ethnic leader expresses doubts over the military’s willingness to sign a nationwide ceasefire as some groups’ proposed inclusion proves problematic for Burma’s commander-in-chief.

Concerns Grow After Govt Confirms Massive Dam Project in Southern Shan State 

A Shan lawmaker says local communities have grown worried after a government minister backs plan for a 7,000-megawatt hydropower dam in in southern Shan State. 

Tensions Rise as Military Orders Rebels to Disarm in Myawaddy 

Tensions rise in Karen State’s Myawadday after a local Burma Army commander orders Karen rebel groups not to carry weapons in the border town.

3 Rohingya Drown After Police Fire Rubber Bullets at Boat

Two Rohingya women and a man drown near the Arakan State capital Sittwe after jumping from a boat because police fired rubber bullets at them. 

Senior UN Official Wraps Up Arakan Trip

Haoliang Xu, the UN assistant secretary-general and Asia regional director for the UNDP, meets with Buddhist and Muslim leaders in the conflict-torn west Burma state. 

Burmese Workers Get Lengthy Jail Terms for Pipeline Clash

Ann Township Court hands down sentences to 17 ethnic Chin workers who fought with Chinese colleagues on the cross-Burma oil pipeline project.

Chinese Tourists Flock to a ‘Pleasant Village’ of Gambling Dens in Burma

In far eastern Shan State, the rebel group controlling the enclave around Mong La has set up a booming gaming hub in a once-small village.

Mong La’s Moveable Feast of Endangered Beasts

In the unruly enclave on the Burmese-Chinese border, tiger paws, leopard skins, pangolins and monkey penises are openly sold, mostly to Chinese visitors.

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