The Irrawaddy: Myanmar’s Premier Newsmagazine

The Irrawaddy: Myanmar’s Premier Newsmagazine


In the August 2014 print edition of The Irrawaddy magazine, our cover story shows how the influx of foreign aid and investment into Myanmar is profiting those who owe their wealth to the former military regime, while ordinary citizens continue to live in poverty.

In our Opinion section, we condemn the recent religious violence in Mandalay, a city long associated with tolerance, enlightened rule and democratic aspirations.

In Business, we speak to the chairman of Yangon’s largest industrial zone about the prospects for Myanmar’s manufacturing sector; investigate the role of the peace process in putting more luxury cars on the country’s roads; look at the latest on Yangon’s red-hot property market; and examine moves to make Myanmar’s extractive industries more transparent.

Our Features section has a story about supernatural influences affecting air travel in Myanmar; a proposal for a power-sharing arrangement to facilitate the country’s transition to democracy; an examination of what Washington and its allies really hope to achieve in Myanmar; and a profile of a Kachin soldier who has fought both for and against the government army.

In Lifestyle, we visit Dawei, site of a proposed special economic zone, to look at its potential as a tourist getaway. In Yangon, we meet a few of the city’s handful of female taxi drivers, check out a new restaurant that promises hearty, wholesome fare, and find much to like about the local music scene.

If you want to know what makes Myanmar tick, read The Irrawaddy, the monthly newsmagazine that gives you in-depth reporting and a fresh take on the country’s many attractions.


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