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In the January 2015 print edition of The Irrawaddy magazine…

Dolphins Need A Lifeline: Our cover story explores how tourism may help protect endangered Irrawaddy dolphins whose ancient cooperative relationship with local fishermen is increasingly under threat from electro-fishing



The Kola of Cambodia

A Buddhist pagoda and an elderly woman are among the last traces of mysterious Myanmar migrants

Brides for Bachelors

Lured by false promises, women and girls from Myanmar continue to be trafficked to China

Rewards and Risks

Young men from poor villages in Shan State earn a living as sex workers in “show bars” in Chiang Mai


In Person: Screen star talks acting and activism

Viewpoint: There is no shortcut to a free and prosperous country


The UMFCCI’s vice chairman discusses economic prospects and pitfalls

Survey confirmed issues facing new firms but said “spectacular sales growth” awaits if reforms continue

The Muse Central Economic Zone project moves ahead despite some locals’ complaints


An old steam train takes passengers from Bagan to near Mount Popa

Yangon Film School graduates impress with minimal yet poignant portraits

Worlds collide agreeably at a modern diner on the Yangon riverfront

Partially set in Myanmar, a locale-hopping cyber fantasy is attracting rave reviews


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