Journal Slapped for Bypassing Censor

Journal Slapped for Bypassing Censor

Burma’s censorship board has banned The Myanmar Post Global from publishing its supplementary pages for two weeks after the weekly news journal repeatedly failed to submit the two-page section for scrutiny, according to a report by the Democratic Voice of Burma. “We had breached the law so many times so they had to do this as a warning,” said a source at the journal. Under the 1962 Printers and Publishers Registration Law, publishers must submit material to censors before going to print. Despite a relaxation of media controls since last year, the law remains in effect.

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  1. 1962 Printers and Publishers Rgistration Law has no legitimacy, because it was a dgree ( Not Law passed by parliament ) issued by Revoulutionary Council of military junta of Ne Win era. How can we say it is still valid? That junta leader already dead. Every things to presure the public is justify or not, who will decide. Law has to promulgate by parliamentarian then becomes law, what ever promulgate by junta is not law executive degree only. These kind of anti public laws or degree shall not valid within democratic society.
    This is unfair and unjust.

  2. One of the great American President Thomas Jefferson said ” Let me makes a news paper, I do not care who makes the Law. ” This is the true essence of liberty and freedom of expression. There sould have freedom of expression in democratic society. If we still think that Burma ( also call Myanmar ) is dictatorship of the country, there can not arise argument, I will never agree a law which is against the will of majority peoples. Very shameful to Burma rulers those are one sided. Let be gone by be gone, let us create a new Burma or Myanmar, no problem.

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