Myanmar State Govt Allegedly Keeps Supporters Away From Suu Kyi Speech

Chin Govt Allegedly Keeps Supporters Away From Suu Kyi Speech

Suu Kyi listens to schoolchildren sing a song in Falam, Chin State, after holding a public meeting about constitutional reform on Wednesday. (Photo: Zarni Mann / The Irrawaddy)

FALAM, Chin State — Aung San Suu Kyi plans to complain after hearing accusations that the Chin State government forbade government staff members and students from attending her speech on Wednesday in the city of Falam.

“It’s unjust,” the visibly angry opposition leader said to a crowd of nearly 1,500 people, after an audience member made the allegation against the state government. “It’s against the law. I will complain about it to the state government.”

Suu Kyi was in Falam on Wednesday as part of her first trip to Chin State in over a decade. She traveled to Tedim Township on Tuesday, where she addressed a crowd of over 5,000 people, and she will continue next to the state capital, Hakha.

Residents from Falam and surrounding villages flocked to hear her speak at an outdoor football field on Wednesday afternoon, despite freezing winter temperatures in the northwestern Burma state. In a 15-minute address, Suu Kyi continued to campaign for constitutional amendments, as she did in the Chin State town of Tedim on Tuesday.

The National League for Democracy (NLD) chairperson has made constitutional reform a priority since joining Parliament in 2012, as the current military-drafted charter prevents her from becoming president after the 2015 election.

Chin State is the poorest state in Burma, and Suu Kyi emphasized the need for development.

“To have a developed nation, we need equal development among states and divisions,” she said. “If states are left behind, the country won’t be developed. The government should keep in touch with ethnic people to learn what they need.”

She added that development would also be necessary to improve education in the state. While schools across the country face limited resources and teaching staff, those in remote Chin State are especially struggling to accommodate the needs of students.

Suu Kyi said it was the government’s responsibility to offer more resources for education, but added that she would help provide a local middle school with a generator and stationary through the Daw Khin Kyi Foundation, a charity that she founded in memory of her late mother.

When asked about deforestation around Reed Lake in the Falam area, she said she would tackle the issue as soon as possible after returning to Rangoon.

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  1. There is no paid absence or special leave for public sectors’ employees to listening any political speech in other country even like democratic country,UK or USA. They should take leaves from their annual leave entitlement or unpaid leave if they wish to be absent from work for any reason apart from sick leave. In the UK, superiors could still deny to grant the leaves if work is in serious situation or cannot stop operations! (If all are absent, how offices/work could run?)

    In my own view, Aunty Su should consider the public services’ duty, responsibility and entitlement (who are not common people with no job) before going to complain as she is a potential candidate of presidency in 2015!

    • The article doesn’t mention the problem of taking leave from work.
      In democratic countries superiors cannot forbid their employees to take part in political activities in their free time. Try to forbid students in the UK to become politically active. Genuine democracy is not about duties and responsibility towards superiors – that stem from USDP and army.

    • Hi
      You wrote ” They(Chin public servant) should take leaves from their annual leave entitlement or unpaid leave if they wish to be absent from work for any reason apart from sick leave. In the UK, superiors could still deny to grant the leaves if work is in serious situation or cannot stop operations! (If all are absent, how offices/work could run?)

      Yes, your above argument or your teachings or public responsibility/duty are absolutely correct or right if all Chin people, particularly Chin public servants are living or working in fully democratic countries, eg. UK.

      Following are the questions for you with the pride and proud of your Bama way of public duty and responsibility.

      Your Nargic 2008,fox than shwe’s casual killing right is alarming for all ordinary Burmese people, particularly Chin people. Chin region is the most remote and the most outdated areas, deliberately created by fox than shwe to blind all Chin’s eyes, ears and brains from fox in order to easily getting fox’s free-lunch from all Chin’s people.
      One said at the time of fox than shwe’s introduction to his military favored Nargic 2008 killing constitution, only 1000 pieces of booklets were printed for the whole Burma to study this constitution before they vote it or not.

      However, lair fox declared that 90% of Burmese successfully voted this unfair Nargic 2008 constitution.
      The referendum kept going on by cruel fox-than shwe 3 days after deadly Nargic cyclone killing hundred thousands of Burmese.

      Do you know how many Burmese were killed by this cyclone? Some were killed just after cyclone due to lack of fox than shwe’s denying urgent rescue or deliberately negligence on dying cyclone victims.

      Do you think, UK prime minister will keep go on any kinds of referendum in this deadly aftermath of cyclone? If not so by UK, how can you compare with UK and your lair fox’s bama way of casual killing right in the aspect of need of taking annual leave or not from all public servants?
      Do you think Chin will know all about the Nargic fox 2008 constitution ?
      Because of DASSK’s pointing finger for the killing fire (Nargic fox 2008 casual killing right) around them (Chin), all Chin gets alarm, surprised,anxious, depressed, feeling of life-threatening and being of feeling of bullying. In this regards, all Chin need to get up from their any kinds of jobs as well as their work to try to understand Nargic fox 2008 constitution in order to save their own life-threatening situation from the casual killing right of Nargic fox 2008 constitution.
      If your neighbor’s house gets fire to spread to your living or working place, what will you do? Do you need to wait the permission from your parents or your superiors to escape from the threat of fire spreading to you?

      If your fox than shwe, superior and his men are not free and busy with their studying Buddhism, modified by sex symbol 969 of wirathu, those thugs have no time or are busy to sign the permission or your annual leaves from that killing neighbor’s fire.

      Your neighbor’s Kachins/local Muslim/political activities are and were killed by your neighbor’s fire, what will you do?

      Time is too short (2015 presidential election) in all ordinary Burmese people for understanding about the Nargic fox than shwe’s casual killing right because fox than shwe is trying to keep busy for all Burmese with his tricks and traps ( killing Kachin, local Muslim, ASEAN games,studying of wirathu’s sex symbol 696).

      DASSK just wants to say that it is matter of life and death now with her full responsibility/ duty from her full knowledge about 2008 unfair constitution to pinpoint the dangers of Nargic fox-than shwes’ 2008 casual killing right to the whole Burmese people.

      In the situation of life and death, we all Burmese people can or have a right to supersede all unfair, undemocratic, lair than shwe’s rule of Nargic law.

      As such, all individuals have right to be absence from their any kinds of jobs or public service in the manner of individual protest or strike if ones or individual realize that it is unfair or undemocratic Nargic 2008 constitution from the lair fox.

      If you feel cheated by fox, what will you do from your normal human behavior?

      Do you know how many naive/uneducated monks are and were absent from their Buddhism’s or their monasteries’ responsibilities or duties in order to kill effectively local Muslim?

      Do those monks need to take annual or casual or urgent or sick leave from their monasteries to join with the para-military men in the aspect of killing local Muslim? If those naive/uneducated monks know or knew earlier about their murders’ or killing plan ahead, those might have a time to submit annual leaves.

  2. Chin government? Where? There is no Chin government as I know of. Every state or division is still under the direct control of Nay Pyi Taw. Centralization is still practiced in Myanmar. As long as local autonomy is instituted, please stop using the phrase “Chin Government”. Real Chin people welcome Daw Suu as their own leader and mother.

  3. I respect your view.But Chin Hills is very rugged area..also it is .the foothills of Himalayas ,all the villages towns are located at high elevations with bad weather.Flat land is a rare thing.She just climbed up to 6000 feet to reach out to Chin people waiting on the stage to make a speech.The Chin majority would like to gasp this moment and have the desire to meet,so the villagers ,students and office workers also climbed the mountain trail to listen her speech because we truly feel she is the only savior for the country.
    Chin Hills is not as busy as like UK or USA,very easy going place.One day absence in school or office doesn’t make any difference.The ones who refused to let the people attend the rally is also the ones who likes to make disturbances on her movement.Her movement seems to be kept closed eye..Too bad.
    I do hope she will really enjoy climbing and walking on the mountain trail to democracy . I wish I could provide a horse for her because our environs made her remind her days in Bhutan riding a horse.

  4. George Than Setkyar Heine

    Bravo I say.
    Despite freezing temperatures the Chins RALLY to HEAR Suu Kyi demanding CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGE in Chin State.
    However, I DO SEE THOUSANDS of CHINS by the GRACE of GOD MAKING HOMES in the US and Australia today mainly man!
    And they NEVER TALK much less PARTICIPATE in any event/demonstrations AGAINST the MILITARY RULE or QUASI-CIVILIAN RULE in Burma as well.
    Anyway, I do ADMIRE/SALUTE the CHINS in their country still HOLDING the FORT, HANGING ONTO THEIR LAND, HERITAGE, and HILLS until today.
    Soon the Naypyidaw and all inhabitants in that DEVIL’S DEN would be DRIVEN into HISTORY and OBLIVION as well, I promise.

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