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Plainclothes Vigilantes Make a Comeback in Rangoon By

In the last two days, two protests in the city have been broken up with the assistance of deputized members of the public.

Students Absent as Parliament Takes Up Education Law By

Students fail to attend a parliamentary hearing that they were invited to in order to deliberate amendments to Burma’s controversial National Education Law.


Fourteen striking garment workers are charged with rioting—punishable by up to two years in jail—after police disperse labor demonstrations in Rangoon.


The Shan rights group alleges the Burma Army killed, injured and tortured at least 10 ethnic Kokang civilians during the conflict in the Kokang region.


Local media outlets criticize the government after two reporters were detained while covering a labor strike and publicly warned to observe media ethics.

Irrawaddy Reporter Wins Award for Illegal Wildlife Trade Story By

Irrawaddy journalist Htet Khung Linn wins the first prize in a contest that recognizes quality reporting on the illegal wildlife trade in Burma.

Police Crack Down on Student Protestors in Rangoon By

Police launched a crackdown on about 200 students and activists, including a well-known women's rights defender, who were staging a protest in downtown Rangoon on Thursday afternoon.

350 Displaced Civilians Arrive in Shan Border Town By

Some 350 displaced civilians arrive in Shan State’s Chin Shwe Haw after hiding in the forest for weeks to escape fighting in the Kokang Region.

Artist ‘CNK’ Depicts Dreamy Memories of Rural Burma By

A Rangoon gallery showcases the otherworldly paintings of a former agriculture department staffer, mixing memory with fancy in abstract visions of Burma’s rural countryside.

Alien Abduction? Stolen by Russia? Theories on Malaysia’s MH370 Keep Coming By

A year after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, key data remains unknown—fueling conspiracy theories and debate about one of aviation’s biggest mysteries.

Thailand Tests Floating Homes in Region Grappling With Floods By

Architects and governments worldwide are brainstorming solutions as climate change brews storms, floods and rising sea levels that threaten communities in low-lying coastal cities.

China Asks Burma to “Lower Temperature” on Border By

As the Kokang conflict continues, a senior Chinese official has asked Burma to reduce tensions on the border.

Police Arrest Protesting Garment Workers By

Police in Rangoon Division’s Insein Township arrest at least 20 striking garment workers on Wednesday who had begun a sit-in protest earlier in the day.

‘Elections Are Not Just About Polling Day’ By

British Ambassador to Burma Andrew Patrick talks about why his country is supporting Burma’s election preparations, and obstacles to achieving a free and fair vote.

Verdict in Buddha Bar Case Expected in Mid-March By

The Bahan Township Court will rule on the case of two Burmese and one New Zealand national charged with religious defamation on March 17.

Burma Police Vow to Take Action Against Students Blocking Monastery By

Police form a human chain across a road leading to Burma’s biggest city, telling student protesters that authorities would “take action” unless they dispersed.

China Says 2015 Defense Budget to Rise About 10 Percent By

China’s defense budget will rise about 10 percent this year, outpacing the slowing Chinese economy as the country ramps up investment in high-tech equipment.

UN-Cambodia Tribunal Charges Two More Ex-Khmer Rouge Cadres By

In a surprise decision, the UN-backed war crimes tribunal in Cambodia charges two former cadres of the 1970s Khmer Rouge regime with crimes against humanity.

Deforestation Could Shift Monsoons, Leaving India High and Dry By

Large-scale deforestation could cause monsoon rains to shift south, cutting rainfall in India by nearly a fifth, scientists say.

Still Not Sorry: Neither Modesty nor Mea Culpa in Khin Nyunt Memoir By

A new autobiography defends the 1988 military coup and celebrates the accomplishments of the junta-era prime minister.

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