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Thailand Detains 76 Burmese Migrants Found on Train, Including Rohingya By

Thailand detains 76 migrants from Burma, including six suspected Rohingya, in a sign that one of Asia's busiest smuggling routes is still thriving.

In Thailand, a Mercurial Junta Leader Known for His Sharp Tongue By

Ear tugs. A flying banana peel. Sarcastic remarks about getting smacked—or even executed. Such is life for media covering Thailand’s notoriously testy military ruler.


Discontent in rural India turns into anger against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, after more than a dozen debt-laden farmers commit suicide.


Grieving Singaporeans were joined by world leaders on Sunday to pay their final respects to the country's first prime minister.


Plainclothes police and military officers have visited the homes of at least 20 student protesters across Thailand in the past week.

Modi Puts Brakes on India’s Universal Health Plan By

Indian PM Narendra Modi has asked for a drastic cutback of an ambitious health care plan, delaying a key promise made in his election manifesto.

US Isolated as Allies Join China’s Regional Bank By

US resistance to an Asian regional bank has given some heft to China's complaints that Washington wants to contain its rise as a world power.

Indian Doctors Find Success in Tackling the ‘Invisible Burden’ of Tuberculosis By

Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis patients in Delhi are aided by a unique program providing psychosocial support to sufferers of one of the world’s most deadly diseases.

Sri Lankan President Seeks to Mend Ties With China After Port Suspension By

Sri Lanka's President Maithripala Sirisena seeks to end a stalemate over China's biggest investment project in the island which his administration has suspended.

Thai PM Warns Media, Says Has Power to Execute Reporters By

Thai junta leader Prayuth Chan-ocha lashed out at journalists on Wednesday, saying he would “probably just execute” those who did “not report the truth.”

As Lee Era Ends, Singapore Braces for Change as Young Worry About Future By

If Lee Kuan Yew represented the Singapore of yesteryear, his death raises questions about whether a generation of leaders in waiting will reshape the mold.

Tug-of-war Between China, Turkey Over Suspected Uighurs in Thailand By

A group of suspected Uighur Muslims prompts a diplomatic tug-of-war in Thailand between China and Turkey, with both countries wanting to repatriate them.

Indonesian Leader Says China’s Main Claim in South China Sea Lacks Legal Basis By

Indonesian President Joko Widodo says one of China's main claims to the majority of the South China Sea has no legal basis in international law.

ADB President: China-led Bank Potential Partner, Not Rival By

The president of the Asian Development Bank says a proposed Chinese-led regional bank is a potential partner rather than a rival.

All Roads Lead to Singapore: Asians Study Lee Kuan Yew’s Mantra By

Dozens of Asian government officials each year enroll in classes studying good governance, economic management and how to make their countries work like Singapore.

After Cyclone Pam, Vanuatu Revives, Rebuilds and Rethinks By

A week after a cyclone tore through Vanuatu with winds of nearly 170 miles per hour, people are focused on the task of rebuilding.

Slum Kids Confront Sexism as India Grapples With Abuse of Women By

New school initiatives in India focused on gender plant the seeds of change in a country grappling with inequality and violence against women.

Lee Kuan Yew, Founder of Modern Singapore, Dies at 91 By

Modern Singapore’s founder, both feared for his authoritarian tactics and admired for turning the city-state into one of the world’s richest nations, is dead.

Sri Lanka Says Rajapaksa Officials Stashed Over $2B in Dubai By

Sri Lankan investigators locate $2 billion that was secretly transferred to accounts in Dubai by officials of the administration of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa.

For Hong Kong, a Chill Sets in As Rich China Tourists Shop Elsewhere By

Chinese tourists are rapidly deserting Hong Kong, threatening retailers who built businesses around mainland demand and squeezing the whole city's visitor-dependent economy.

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