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Burmese Worker Admits to British Murders in Thailand: Police By

A Burmese man has confessed to the murder of two British tourists on a Thai island, Thai police say.

China Tells Foreign Countries Not to Meddle in Hong Kong By

“Hong Kong affairs are China's internal affairs. All countries should respect China's sovereignty,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests.


Hong Kong's leader is willing to let pro-democracy demonstrations in the city go on for weeks, while defiant protesters vow they will not budge.


India could soon run out of a critical HIV/AIDS drug due to bureaucratic bungling, leaving more than 150,000 sufferers without life-saving medicine.


Incoming Indonesian president Joko Widodo is trying to manage the expectations as an opposition-dominated parliament likely to obstruct his ambitious reform program convenes.

Obama and Modi Work to Deepen Improving US-India Ties By

The two leaders agree to deepen US-Indian cooperation on maritime security to ensure freedom of navigation, seemingly in response to China’s naval muscle-flexing in Asia.

Hong Kong Protests Approach Potential National Day Flashpoint By

Thousands of pro-democracy protesters throng the streets of Hong Kong, ratcheting up pressure on the pro-Beijing government as both sides mark uneasy National Day celebrations.

Indian Police Arrests 140 for Hindu-Muslims Clashes By

Police in western India have arrested 140 people after two men were stabbed during violence between Hindus and Muslims that left more than a dozen injured.

Death, Hunger Stalk Indian Tea-Estate Workers By

Eastern India’s tea industry has changed little since colonial times, with the decisions of individual estate-owners still determining the fates of whole communities.

Hong Kong Protesters Stockpile Supplies, Prepare for Long Haul By

Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters extend a blockade of city streets, amid speculation that police may seek to clear roads for Chinese National Day.

Thai Police No Closer to an Arrest in Murder of British Tourists By

Thai police investigating the murder of two British tourists say they are no closer to an arrest.

Pro-Democracy Protests Expand in Hong Kong  By

Pro-democracy protests expanded in Hong Kong on Monday, a day after demonstrators upset over Beijing's decision to limit political reforms defied orders to go home.

Once-Banned Indian Leader Woos Diaspora at Giant New York Rally By

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivers an address to tens of thousands of Indian-Americans and US dignitaries in New York.

Indonesia Province to Punish Gay Sex by Caning By

The law says gay sex is punishable by up to 100 lashes of the cane, and has been heavily criticized by human rights groups.

Indonesia Votes to Scrap Direct Elections By

Indonesia’s outgoing parliament votes to scrap direct elections for local officials in what is widely regarded as a setback to the country’s democracy.

Islamic State ‘Brand’ Gains Ground Among Asian Militants By

The Middle East group’s brand of Islamic radicalism is winning recruits in Asia and posing a growing security risk in the region.

Thai Assembly Votes Itself the Power to Impeach Politicians, Sideline Critics By

Thailand's military-dominated legislature gives itself the power to impeach political office holders in an effort to root out fugitive Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s remaining influence.

Cambodia to Sign Deal to Resettle Asylum Seekers By

Cambodia announces that it will sign a deal with Australia this week to resettle people who were denied asylum there.

With Canal and Hut, India Stands Up to China on Disputed Frontier By

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has been asserting its claims to parts of contested Himalayan borderlands, drawing the ire of China.

Indonesia Enlists Wasps in War on Crop Killer By

Wasps are being used to neutralize a pest that threatens to destroy one of the developing world’s most important staple foods: cassava.

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