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In Talks, Muslim Rebels Seek Independence in South Thailand By

Muslim militant leaders in talks with Thai authorities to end a deadly insurgency say they are seeking an independent state and are ready to negotiate a solution.

Thailand Issues Arrest Warrant for Suspect in Second Blast By

An arrest warrant has been issued for an unnamed suspect in a bomb blast that took place a day after Erawan Shrine bombing killed 20 people.


Police charged teenage student leader Joshua Wong on Thursday for his role last year in storming government headquarters in Hong Kong.


The United States says it wants to support the Sri Lankan government’s investigation into alleged war crimes at the United Nations.


Thailand's worst-ever bombing has caused a drop in tourist arrivals, putting pressure on revenues vital to the military government's moves to resuscitate the economy.

5 Dead Amid New Communal Protest Clashes in India By

Fresh clashes erupted Wednesday in Gujarat as police and paramilitary forces tried to quell riots led by members of a farming caste demanding government benefits.

Thailand Destroys More Than 2 Tons of Illegal Ivory By

Thai authorities destroy more than 2 tons of seized and smuggled ivory, in the latest move by the government to avoid possible economic sanctions.

Koh Tao Murder Suspects Denied British Police Report By

Two Burmese workers on trial in Thailand for the murder of British tourists should not be given access to a British police report about the case, a judge has ruled.

Thousands of Flood-Hit Bangladeshis Sheltering on Riverbanks By

Floods, landslides and a cyclone have made at least 180,000 people in Bangladesh homeless, according to the Red Cross.

Singapore to Hold Election Next Month in Test of Ruling Party By

Singapore will hold a general election on Sept. 11, in what is expected to be a tight contest for the party that has dominated for 50 years.

Thai Locals Incensed over Krabi Coal Power Plan By

Many residents of Krabi, a popular tourism province in southern Thailand, are opposing a government plan to build a coal plant close to their homes.

Protests Over Draft Nepal Charter Turn Violent, Nine Dead By

At least nine people are killed in Nepal as demonstrators attack police with spears, knives, axes and scythes during a protest in the Himalayan country.

Bangladesh Charges 10 for Allegedly Beating Boy to Death    By

A magistrate in northeastern Bangladesh has accepted charges against 10 men in the beating death of a 13-year-old boy that stunned the nation.

Rights Activist Andy Hall Indicted for Defamation in Bangkok By

Andy Hall has been formally indicted on charges of criminal defamation and computer crimes, the latest chapter in the long-running Natural Fruit saga.

Thai Police Fear Bangkok Bombing Suspect May Have Fled By

Despite new surveillance video that may offer a possible clue to the Bangkok bombing, Thai police say the perpetrators may have already fled the country.

As North, South Korea Hold Marathon Crisis Talks, Seoul Talks Tough By

South Korean President Park Geun-hye demands that North Korea apologize over a recent landmine incident as the bitter rivals held marathon negotiations.

Malaysia Finds 24 More Bodies of Human Trafficking Victims By

Malaysian police say they have found 24 more bodies of suspected human trafficking victims in jungles on the border with Thailand.

No Sign of Investigation Progress as Thai Leaders Pray for Bomb Dead By

Government officials attend a religious ceremony for the victims of Thailand’s worst ever bombing but appear no closer to determining who carried out the attack.

Pakistan’s Embattled Comedians Spin Troubles into Punchlines By

Pakistani comedians face harsh blasphemy laws and a barrage of death threats if their jokes offend the wrong person.

North Korea Orders Troops on War Footing By

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered his troops onto a war footing Pyongyang issued an ultimatum to Seoul to halt propaganda broadcasts.

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