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The Dangers of Chinese Interference in Illegal Logging Case

China should recognize and respect the legal nature of the trial proceedings instead of politicizing the case of the illegal loggers in Kachin State.

Please, General, Keep Your Promise

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing has promised the military will abide by the results of the election. The nation can’t afford otherwise.

Love of the Union or Love of the Party? The USDP Must Decide

While the USDP is intrinsically linked to the objectives of the Burmese Armed Forces, a faction within the party tries to form a distinct agenda.

Burma’s Peace Process: Matching Words with Deeds

Political dialogue and national reconciliation should not be deferred in lieu of a nationwide ceasefire agreement, writes contributor Sai Oo.

Speaking Out Against the Shwedagon Highrise Projects

The president’s decision to terminate the controversial highrise projects near Shwedagon Pagoda offered relief for many Burmese who treasure their cultural heritage.

The Rise and Rise of the Ma Ba Tha Lobby

The Buddhist nationalist organization is proving to be one of the most effective groups in Burma at extracting concessions from the quasi-civilian government.

Time to Set the Kyat Free

The recent fall in value of the Burmese kyat should not mean a return to the command and control monetary policies of the past, writes Sean Turnell.

Military Opposition to Charter Change Could Entrench Public Trust Deficit

The military’s opposition to constitutional amendments may harm efforts to conclude a nationwide ceasefire and undermine trust at home and abroad.

Making All-Inclusive Peace a Reality

It would be ill-advised for the government to dismiss negotiating with the newly formed ethnic negotiating committee, writes contributor Saw Kapi.

In Burma’s Conflicts, Both Sides Betray Children

The Burmese military and the Kachin Independence Army should take urgent steps to stop recruiting and using children, says contributor Charu Lata Hogg.

Mysterious Motives: India’s Raids on the Burma Border

Few facts have emerged since troops from India carried out a cross-border attack on insurgents, but Burma government’s account is the easiest to refute.

It’s Time for the NLD to Reciprocate the Public’s Faith

Whatever slender hopes Aung San Suu Kyi had of maneuvering her way into the presidency are dashed. What now?

Time for a Separation of Church and State

In some cases, it is appropriate for the Burmese government to set boundaries on religious interventions in secular affairs.

A Golden Chance for the Golden Land

The under-23 football team’s surprise run to the Southeast Asia Games gold medal game has been a lift to the collective conscience of Burma’s people.

Burma’s Voter Roster Rollout Falls Flat

Enlisting international expertise and spending tens of millions of dollars does not appear to have helped avert an unfolding voter registration fiasco in Burma.

Will She or Won’t She?

As Burma’s opposition leader travels to China, we’ll all be watching to see if she takes a stand for human rights

The Great Game Over Burma

With Aung San Suu Kyi visiting China, this story from 2013 looks at the changing dynamics of Naypyidaw’s relationship with Beijing and the wider world.

‘Too Many Lives Have Been Lost’: Humanitarian Seng Raw on Kachin War

Lahpai Seng Raw delivers the keynote address, reproduced here in full, at an event commemorating the fourth anniversary of the Kachin conflict.

Suu Kyi’s Mission to China: It’s Complicated

Suu Kyi has taken on a variety of roles in decades past, but it’s the popular political figure—not the face of democracy—that Beijing wants to see.

Behind the Ban: What is Parliament Afraid of?

Mr. Speaker, surely a pen, a notebook, a recording device or a camera couldn’t do that much harm, could it?