INTERVIEW - The Irrawaddy Magazine
‘The Shift From Offline to Online’

A cofounder of property portal Lamudi explains how the Internet penetration rate affects his business in Burma, and his plans for expansion in the future.

‘Pressure on the Press’

On this week’s Dateline Irrawaddy, journalists discuss a backsliding of press freedoms in Burma, including the imprisonment of journalists for 10 years with hard labor.

‘There Must be a Mastermind Behind the Conflict’

A leading member of the Arakan National Party speaks his mind on his state’s new chief minister and the government’s approach to communal violence.

Helping Burma’s Women Entrepreneurs to Take Risks

A scheme known as Project-W is giving 11 women in Rangoon training and support to make their business dreams become reality.

‘Burma Must Follow a Global Standard and Match It With Political Will’

Last week, Burma joined EITI, a global anti-corruption scheme. NGO representative Wong Aung discusses what it would take for the scheme to have an impact.

‘Big Media Can’t Cover These Things in Detail, So We Cover Them’

The man behind Myitkyina News Journal, a Burmese-language publication based in the Kachin State capital, speaks with The Irrawaddy.

‘Censorship Changed Our Thinking’

Leading writer and activist Ma Thida discusses her work with PEN Myanmar and shares her thoughts on the country’s changing media sector.

‘Go Straight to the People’

A backpack health worker explains the risks his team takes to assist communities in conflict zones, and how the job has changed since 2011.

‘We Wanted to Convey Through This Film That Nobody Wants Conflict’

One of the makers of “The Open Sky” talks about his documentary on Buddhist-Muslim violence, which was cancelled at a recent human rights film festival.

‘Separated by Only a River’

A Burmese photographer shows the stark contrast between life in Rangoon and life in Dala, just across the Rangoon River.

‘The Corruption Charges Are a Pretext’

Panelists on “Dateline Irrawaddy” discuss whether President Thein Sein had political motives for firing the religious affairs minister last week.

‘We, Animators, Are a Small Group’

Animator Zaw Bo Bo Hein, who won an award at the human rights film festival, speaks about the challenges of creating animation in Burma.

‘Businesses With Compelling Stories are Suitable to Be Listed’

An official from Mapco, a public company that will be listed in the Yangon Stock Exchange, explains his hopes for attracting shareholders.

‘I Want to Tell Women: Don’t Be Afraid of Bodybuilding’

Aye Aye Soe, 24, became the first female Burmese bodybuilder to win a gold medal in a competition in an overseas competition this month.

‘We Asked Them Not to Arrest Burmese Workers With Valid Documents’

Burma’s ambassador to Thailand discusses the ongoing Thai crackdown on migrant workers and dismisses critics who say the embassy has been slow in helping workers.

‘Real Estate Classifieds Work Better Online’

The country manager for online property portal discusses the quickly changing real estate market in Burma for locals and foreigners.

‘Workers Are Now Very Afraid’

In this week’s “Dateline Irrawaddy” show, panelists discuss the recent crackdown and expulsion of Burmese, Cambodian and other migrant workers in Thailand.

Ready for a Rice Renaissance?

Myanmar Rice Federation Chairman Chit Khine talks about what is needed to improve the prospects of Burma’s once-burgeoning rice industry.

Sushi Success Story

Philip Maung, who migrated from Myanmar to the United States in 1989, set up Hissho Sushi, which now has more than 500 branches.

Burma Should Prioritize Agricultural Reforms, Says Retired Official

Thein Swe, a retired official from the Ministry of Planning and Finance says current reforms are passing by the majority of the country’s people.