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Rice Prices Reverse Recent Slump After Heavy Rains

Fears of a reduced yield and preparations for massive export deals have seen a resurgent rice market after last month’s lows.

Burma to Boost SME Access to Capital Through $50Mln Loan From Singapore, Vietnam

The Ministry of Industry will borrow US$50 million from Singaporean and Vietnamese banks so that it can increase government loans to small and medium enterprises.

Kyat Continues Slide Against Greenback

A resurgent US dollar and Burma’s vast trade deficit are contributing to the ongoing decline in the value of the local currency.

Mitsubishi, Jalux and Yoma to Operate Mandalay Airport

Japan’s Mitsubishi Corp and Jalux Inc will partner with Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd to operate Mandalay airport and expand it into a regional hub.

President Obama’s visit will do little to boost US investment, Burma joins China-led regional bank, and Asian firms strongly interested in investing in Burma.

Burma, China Commit to Bilateral Trade

Burma readies to sign a bilateral trade agreement with China to increase agricultural exchange, which is likely to restart stalled rice exports.

Obama Confronts Shortcomings in Burma Reforms

As President Barack Obama arrives in Burma’s capital, he confronts a nation backsliding on economic and political reforms that were rewarded with US sanctions relief.

Kyaukphyu SEZ: Economic Reality or Pipedream?

Winners of special economic zone contracts could decide fate of grand project

Doubts raised over long-term viability of Hantawaddy Airport deal; petrochemical industry needs know-how, investment; coal to play a big role in fueling Burma’s electricity growth.

Central Bank Reduces US Dollar Sales to Private Lenders

The Central Bank of Myanmar has sharply reduced US currency sales to private banks, according to local banking industry insiders.

State-Owned Bank Threatens Legal Action Against 15,000 Indebted Farmers

The Myanmar Agricultural Development Bank is threatening legal action against more than 15,000 farmers in Irrawaddy Division who have failed to pay back their loans.

Asia Inc. Leads West in Business in Burma

Asian businesses are gaining a foothold in Burma far quicker than those from Europe and North America in setting up in the fast-changing country.

FDI, Aid ‘Will Dry Up’ If Burma’s 2015 Elections Are Postponed

Burma’s economic and social development will grind to a halt if rising military interference in politics delays the 2015 national elections, a business analysis warns.

Run on Bank Owned by Son of Blacklisted MP

A large amount of money was withdrawn from United Amara Bank, owned by the son of Aung Thaung, after the US blacklisted the USDP lawmaker.

Colgate buys a Burmese toothpaste brand; hotel redevelopment slated for a Rangoon courthouse; millions of motorbikes are smuggled; and changing Burma offers a fast-food frenzy.

Burma Army Conglomerate Says It Has Won Beer Spat With Singapore’s F&N

UMEHL says it has won an arbitration case against Singapore’s Fraser and Neave Ltd that will give it the right to buy Burma’s biggest brewery

Concerns Grow Over Severe Slump in Rice Prices

Ahead of the main harvest season, rice prices and export demand have sharply dropped after China tightened border controls on Burmese rice imports.

Hanthawaddy Airport Contract Goes to Singaporean-Japanese Consortium

A Singaporean-Japanese consortium wins the contract to build the US$1.5 billion Hanthawaddy International Airport north of Rangoon, the director-general of Burma’s Civil Aviation Department says.

Burma’s Kyat at Weakest Since Float on Strong Dollar, Trade Deficit

A strengthening US dollar on global currency markets, coupled with Burma’s growing trade imbalance, pushes the kyat exchange rate above 1,000 kyats per US dollar.

Thai Power Firm’s Business Tactics ‘Use Burma’s Weak Laws’

Restricted at home, a Thai state-owned electricity firm wants to use Burma as a proxy supplier of electricity via environmentally damaging dams, an NGO says.