Burma - The Irrawaddy
New Arakan Chief Minister Pledges ‘Zero Tolerance’ of Rohingya Smuggling

Gen. Maung Maung Ohn, Arakan State’s new chief minister, vows to come down hard on anyone caught smuggling Rohingyas into or out of the state.

Ex-Religious Minister Proclaims Innocence on Way to Court

While on his way to court in Naypyidaw, former minister Hsan Hsint shouted to reporters that he was not guilty of corruption charges brought against him.

2 Dead as Religious Rioting Continues in Mandalay

For a second night, Buddhists and Muslims clash in Burma’s second-biggest city, leaving at least two people dead and fourteen others injured.

Hillary Clinton’s Take on ‘The Lady and the Generals’

In her latest memoir, the United States’ former chief diplomat describes her cherished personal relationship with Aung San Suu Kyi and Washington’s evolving Burma ties.

Top KNLA General’s Toyota Land Cruiser Seized

A car owned by the Karen National Liberation Army’s commander-in-chief is seized in Rangoon after it was found to be without an import permit.

Thai Court Awards Abused Karen Girl $140K in Compensation

A Karen girl who suffered horrific abuse while working for a Thai couple was awarded a large compensation sum, but her abusers remain at large.

Travel Restrictions Tighten for Burmese Refugees in Thailand

The Thai junta reportedly steps up restrictions on the movement of more than 120,000 Burmese refugees living in camps along the Thai-Burma border.

5 Injured in Mandalay Unrest, Damage Limited: Police

Five people were injured in clashes between Buddhists and Muslims on Tuesday night, and no religious buildings were destroyed, according to police officers.

Anti-Myitsone Lawyers to Travel to China

Burmese lawyers who oppose the Myitsone dam project and Letpadaung copper mine will visit Beijing next week to inspect Chinese project sites.

Burma Election Commission Begins Compiling Voter Lists

The commission has launched a pilot project as a first step to determine who is eligible to cast a ballot in the 2015 election.

Assessment Underway on Proposed Thilawa Second Phase

Two companies will conduct an environmental assessment on the second phase of the Thilawa special economic zone, after its first stage was beset by complaints.

State Parliament Approves General as Arakan Chief Minister

The Arakan State parliament announces that Gen. Maung Maung Ohn has been confirmed as the state’s chief minister, against the objection of some Arakanese lawmakers.

Unity Journal Closes Rangoon Office

The publication suspends operations due to financial problems, as its chief executive and four journalists stand trial for allegedly revealing state secrets.

Union Parliament Passed NGO Law

Burma’s Union Parliament has passed the Association Registration Law. Drafted by NGOs and lawmakers, it provides voluntary registration procedures and contains no restrictions or punishments.

Burmese Director Wins Prizes at European Film Festivals

Shan State native Midi Z takes home awards for best international film and best director at festivals in Scotland and Sweden.

Suu Kyi Races to Change Constitution before 2015 Elections

The Burmese opposition leader steps up efforts to change a constitution that gives substantial political power to unelected military members of Parliament.

NLD: Over 3 Million People Join Petition to Amend Charter

More than 3.3 million people have already signed a campaign to change a constitutional article that gives the military a veto over amendments.

US Military Officer Gives Speech at Burma Defense College

A leader of the US Pacific Command emphasizes the need for civilian control, in the first address by an American officer at the Burmese college.

Canada Says Burma Invited Controversial Tycoon on Trade Tour

Canada’s government says it had no role in the decision to include Burmese tycoon Steven Law in a trade delegation that visited earlier this month.

Suu Kyi Launches ‘Overwhelming’ Report on Tropics

Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi introduces a report on the social, economic and environmental issues at play in the 134 countries straddling the equator.