Burma - The Irrawaddy
Upper House Adopts Nationwide PR System

The Upper House approves a proposal to adopt a Proportional Representation voting system for the election of its lawmakers, a decision opposed by the opposition.

Rangoon Authorities to Build New Road, Ferry Gate to Help Students Commute

Authorities in Rangoon’s Ahlone Township offer to construct a new road and ferry gate in order to help students access a school in the area.

Irrawaddy Division Minister Says No Coal Power Without Public’s OK

The Irrawaddy Division government backs off plans to build a coal power plant, saying it will not move forward on the project without public approval.

Exile Musician Denied Burmese Entry Visa

Mun Awng has been blocked from entering Burma, dashing the singer’s hopes to perform his new album in the country he left 26 years ago.

Burma Army Releases 80 Child Soldiers

The Burma Army discharges and releases 80 children and young people who had been recruited illegally as soldiers when they were younger than 18.

Abuse of Women Both Common and Concealed, Say Activists

Preliminary research by a leading women’s rights network reveals some of the less conspicuous but equally traumatic brands of abuse that continue unabated.

Press Council Seeks Clarity on Military Briefings

Media representatives have met with the military for a second time to discuss a lack of access to information from the armed forces.

Civil Society Pushes for Transitional Justice

Burmese civil society groups urge ethnic peace negotiators to implement transitional justice as the country inches closer to a nationwide ceasefire agreement.

Tensions Rise in Kachin, As Army Shells Land Near KIA Posts, IDP Camps

Tensions continue to rise in Kachin State as the army fires more than a dozen mortar shells close to rebel positions and camps of internally displaced civilians.

Shan Party Demands Probe Into Police Custody Killing of Leader

The Shan Nationalities Democratic Party threatens to protest if the Shan State government fails to investigate the police’s killing of its Hopong Township vice chairman.

Army Chief Defends Constitution, Says Meeting Suu Kyi Problematic

Burma’s Commander-in-Chief Min Aung Hlaing says it is “difficult” for him to meet with opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and defends controversial constitutional clauses.

UN Calls for Credible Burma Election, Minority Protection

The United Nations calls on Burma to continue reforms to ensure credible elections next year and step up efforts to protect ethnic and religious minorities.

Activists Call for Constitutional Change to Empower Women

Burmese women’s rights advocates add their voices to the contentious debate on amending Burma’s Constitution, urging charter changes to promote gender equality.

Villagers Urge Reopening of Rangoon Access Road for Students

Students from the western bank of the Rangoon River have been blocked from attending school after the closure of an access gate in Ahlone Township.

Cadet Casualties Were Trainees From Allied Armies, KIA Says

Twenty-three cadets killed by Burmese artillery fire on Wednesday were not members of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) but trainees from four other non-state armies.

Over 20 Journalists May Face Charges for Unlawful Prayer Service

Police in Rangoon may charge more than 20 Burmese journalists who held an unauthorized prayer service for their embattled profession early this month.

Thai Police Extend Remand of Burmese Koh Tao Murder Suspects

Thai police request the court to extend the remand of two Burmese accused of murdering two British tourists, as they continue to search for evidence.

Burma Army Says Deadly Shelling of Rebels Was ‘Unintentional’

The Burma Army announces that yesterday’s deadly shelling of a rebel military academy was “unintentional,” and apologizes for the loss of 23 lives.

Thai Army to Observe Burma Ceasefire Meetings in Thailand

The Thai army asks Burma’s ethnic armed groups to inform authorities of ceasefire meetings held in Thailand so that the army can observe the discussions.

United Wa State Army Denies Anti-Aircraft Purchase

Wa rebels have once again denied acquiring a cache of Chinese military hardware, contradicting a report in Jane’s Defence Weekly.