Burma - The Irrawaddy
Burma Army, Shan Rebels Clash Over Temporary Camp

A spokesman for the Shan State Army says government and militia troops surrounded a rebel soldiers who set up a camp while traveling in southern Shan State.

US May Consider Future Arms Sales to Burma: Report

An American official reportedly says the US will expand defense ties with Burma and would consider resuming arms sales if Burma’s human rights record improves.

Questions Over Would-Be Anticorruption Chief’s Military Past

The Burmese President’s Office has nominated 15 people to sit on a new committee to investigate corruption, including a number of former Burma Army officials.

In Meeting With NLD Cofounder, Wirathu Cautions Against Suu Kyi Presidency

The controversial Buddhist monk U Wirathu advises the opposition National League for Democracy to refrain from pushing the presidential candidacy of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Delaying Census Would Be an ‘Enormous Waste of Resources’: UNFPA

The UN Population Fund, which is offering technical assistance on Burma’s first census in 30 years, responds to criticism about the timing of data collection.

Burmese Refugees in Thailand Are Running out of Options

As UN third country resettlement programs wind down, tens of thousands Burmese refugees in Thailand are unsure about whether to return home or stay.

Proposal to Keep Punishment for Unauthorized Protest Draws Criticism

Opposition politicians and activists criticize a proposal to reduce the punishment for carrying out an unauthorized protest to 6 months imprisonment.

Group Offers Plan to Ease Burmese Migrant Workers’ Legal Woes

A migrant workers’ group has called for action by the Thai and Burmese governments to address the legal plight of Burmese migrant laborers in Thailand.

Park Project Near Thai King’s Tomb Draws Critics in Mandalay

Archeologists oppose plans to develop an outdoor park near the remains of an 18th century town and a Thai king’s tomb.

From Jade Land to a Wasteland

Two decades of “peace” in Hpakant have reduced the center of Myanmar’s jade industry to an environmental and social disaster area.

‘Pre-Negotiation’ Meeting Called as Burma’s Ceasefire Talks Falter

The ethnic armed groups’ leaders are not yet ready to hold official talks in Hpa-an, and say the Burma government needs to drops some of its demands.

Pan-Ethnic Network Launches to Promote Multilingual Education in Burma

The Myanmar Indigenous Network for Education forms on the international day for mother-tongue languages, calling for multilingual instruction in Burma’s government schools.

Parliament Sets Deadlines for Govt to Resolve Land Disputes

The Union Parliament orders the government to resolve land-grab cases in Burma no later than June and September of this year.

Karen Army Lends a Hand to Hundreds of Homeless Near Rangoon

The Democratic Karen Buddhist Army offers to provide land, homes and jobs to people whose homes were bulldozed by authorities in Rangoon Division.

Fighting Dashes Hopes of Homecoming for Displaced in Kachin

After a recent attack on a Kachin Independence Army outpost, displaced people fear that progress toward returning to their homes has been put back.

Govt Investigation ‘Failed’ to Address Alleged Rohingya Killings: UN Envoy

UN human rights rapporteur says he will urge the UN Human Rights Council to probe alleged Rohingya massacre unless Burma’s inquiry meets international standards.

Karen Group Criticizes JICA Development Proposals

A Karen NGO says the proposed projects for Karen and Mon states lack input from local residents and could open the door to possible land-grabs.

Hpakant Jade Stone Estimated at 50 Tons

A jade stone discovered in Kachin State is believed to weigh 50 tons, though with half the rock still buried, its exact mass remains unknown.

Salween Dam Projects Could Affect Burma’s Peace Process

A leading Shan human rights group says six planned hydropower dams on the river in Shan and Karen states should be stopped.

Pegu Court Sentences 12 Farmers to Prison for Land Protest

Twelve farmers were sentenced to between three years and six months in prison by Pegu Division’s Padaung Township Court for damaging a company-owned teak plantation.