Burma - The Irrawaddy
Govt, Environmentalists Discuss Marine Protection Area for Mergui Archipelago

Flora and Fauna International met with several government ministries and Tenasserim Division authorities to discuss the creation of a Marine Protected Area in Mergui Archipelago.

Suu Kyi Talks Election, Amendments at Karenni State Rally

Aung San Suu Kyi has told a 10,000 strong crowd that her party will fight the military veto on constitutional amendments.

Vietnamese Class

The Vietnam Kitchen serves up fresh, traditional Vietnamese fare in a sophisticated setting for just the right price.

Slain Reporter Laid to Rest in Rangoon

The body of journalist Aung Kyaw Naing, who was killed by the Burma Army last month, is brought to Rangoon and laid to rest.

YCDC Approves Nearly 300 Candidates for Municipal Elections

The Yangon City Development Committee election commission officially approves 291 candidates for the YCDC municipal elections next month in Burma’s biggest city.

US Pressure Urged Over Jailed Journalists in Burma

While Burma’s media have more freedom than in decades, the powerful military is still “untouchable” and the country’s journalists are increasingly targeted, an activist says.

Trio of Burma Govt Leaders Guilty of War Crimes: Report

Burma’s home affairs minister is one of three generals who could be prosecuted for war crimes under the previous military regime, a report finds.

Repatriation Thwarted By Militarization in Eastern Burma:Report

Militarization hinders return and resettlement of internally displaced persons and refugees around the Thai-Burma border, according to The Border Consortium.

Migrant Rights Activist Temporarily Detained in Airport

Prominent migrant rights activist Kyaw Thaung was briefly detained by immigration authorities in Rangoon for reasons that remain unclear.

China Premier Won’t Meet Suu Kyi During Burma Visit, Will Offer Aid

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will not meet opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi during next week’s visit, but will announce an aid package and deals.

Journalist’s Body Moved to Rangoon Against Local Orders

Supporters of slain journalist Aung Kyaw Naing proceed with plans to take his body for burial in Rangoon, despite objections from local authorities.

US Commission Urges Obama to Meet Persecuted Rohingya in Burma

A US government agency called on President Barack Obama to meet with Rohingya Muslims and other minorities when he visits Burma this month.

Burma Profits Off Rohingya Exodus

A new report from Fortify Rights concludes that Burmese authorities are profiting handsomely from the exodus of Rohingya from Arakan state, while at the same time abetting the persecution of the ethnic minority.

Autopsy Results Reveal Five Bullet Wounds on Slain Journalist’s Body

The wife of slain journalist Aung Kyaw Naing says that autopsy results on Thursday found five bullet wounds on her husband’s body.

Ethnic Civil Society Groups Voice Concern Over Draft Land Use Policy

A coalition of 31 ethnic civil society groups add their voice to growing concerns over the government’s draft national land use policy.

March During Asean Summit to Call for Int’l Support for Charter Reform

Activist groups in Rangoon plan to march to the US Embassy during the Asean Summit next week to call for international support for constitutional reforms.

What Do People Expect From President Obama’s Burma Visit?

Politicians, civil society leaders and activists discuss what they want to hear from President Obama as he prepares to visit Burma for the Asean Summit.

US ‘Too Optimistic’ About Burma Reform: Suu Kyi

Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi says Burma’s democratic reforms have stalled since 2013 and the US is “too optimistic at times” about the transition.

Slain Journalist Exhumed From Grave, Cause of Death Unclear

The body of Aung Kyaw Naing, a journalist allegedly killed and buried by the Burma Army, was exhumed from the grave by police and medical professionals.

Parents Seek Separate Inquiry Into Koh Tao Murders

The parents of two Burmese murder suspects in Thailand return to Burma after submitting a petition demanding a separate investigation into their children’s alleged crime.