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Royal Family Aims to Renovate King Thibaw’s Mandalay Palace

Members of the late King Thibaw’s royal family seek to renovate the Mandalay-based monarch’s former palace, and will request the president’s approval to do so.

Rangoon Land Protesters Go Home After Lawmaker Promises Investigation

A protest camp in eastern Rangoon has been packed up for now, but demonstrators against a military land seizure say they will fight on.

KIA Keeps Tabs on Tay Za

The ethnic armed group says it is watching the Burmese tycoon to determine whether his investments in north Burma are benefiting the local people.

Group Resettlement of Thai Border Refugees to End Early 2014: UNHCR

The final deadline for eligible applicants for UN group resettlement to third countries for Burmese refugees on the Thai-Burma border will be sometime in January.

Near Letpadaung, Factory Pollution Raises Health Fears

Environmentalists plan to test whether a factory used to process copper in northwest Burma could be leading to respiratory illnesses and crop failures.

Burma Spares No Expense for SEA Games Opening

The extravaganza, complete with parades, fireworks, dancers and a sound-and-light show, was held to loud cheers and bursts of applause in a packed 30,000-seat stadium.

Burma Releases 41 More Political Prisoners

Only 44 political prisoners remain in Burmese jails after the latest amnesty, according to an advocacy group.

Burma Protest Camp Defiant in Face of Ultimatums

Protesters in Rangoon’s Thingangyun Township continue to demonstrate over land they say was forcibly confiscated by the military decades ago.

Burma Activist Naw Ohn Hla Faces ‘Religious Disturbance’ Complaint

Judge revives a 2007 complaint against the long-time protester, who is already in detention over the burning of a Chinese flag.

Burma Govt Hopes for Rangoon-Myitkyina Rail Upgrade

Burma’s government wants to upgrade the country’s main railway line from Rangoon to Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State, almost 1,000 miles north.

Burma’s Surreal Capital Now Less of a Ghost Town

Eight years after Naypyidaw was proclaimed the new government seat, it has become something more than a “ghost capital hacked out of the jungle.”

Timing of SEA Games Opening Seen as Auspicious by Some

In Burma, where numerology and astrology hold considerable sway, some belief that the SEA Games opening was scheduled to take place on an auspicious date.

Plans Afoot to Launch European-Backed Journalism School in Burma

A new project hopes to provide independent and high-quality training to the country’s reporters, who have only been free of censorship since 2012.

On Human Rights Day, Burma Activists Say More Work to Do

Activists in Burma say that although the country’s human rights situation is better now than it was under decades of oppressive military rule, abuses persist.

Migrant Children Eyeing Burma’s Universities on the Rise

Registrations for a required matriculation exam increase as efforts to integrate children of migrant workers into the country’s higher education system bear fruit.

Rangoon University: A History of Protest

Burma’s most famous place of learning has been reopened to undergraduates, after it was dismantled by a military regime intolerant of opposition.

Situation Tense in East Rangoon, as Land Protestors Defy Govt Ultimatum

Tensions were high in Thingangyun Township, eastern Rangoon, on Monday as dozens of land protestors defied a government warning to leave the area by sundown.

Thailand Will Help With Any Rohingya Investigation – PM

Thailand will help the UN and the US with investigations into the findings of a report that Thai officials moved Rohingya refugees into human-trafficking rings.

Doubts Cast Over ‘Orwell Home’ in Burma

Amid plans to restore a crumbling home thought to be the former residence of George Orwell, locals are questioning the true provenance of the house.

Suu Kyi Criticizes Gender Bias at Burma Universities

The opposition leader says women have a valuable role to play in the transition toward democracy but have been denied equal opportunities in Burma.