Burma - The Irrawaddy
Dethroned Burmese Beauty Queen Blasts Pageant Boss

May Myat Noe says she will not return her bejeweled crown until pageant organizers apologize for calling her a liar and a thief.

Burmese Children’s Rights Violated in Thai Detention Centers: HRW

The international rights group details how Thailand’s immigration detention centers risk the health and well-being of child migrants while imperiling their development.

British Migrant Rights Activist Faces Thai Defamation Trial

Andy Hall helped author a report for Finnwatch that detailed poor labor conditions in seafood and pineapple export companies employing Burmese workers in Thailand.

Flooding Damages Paddy Fields and Homes in Sagaing

More than 600 acres and some 1,500 homes have been damaged in heavy rains over the past week, according to township administrators and residents.

Night Market Slated for Rangoon by Year’s End

Burma’s restaurant association is planning to open Rangoon’s first open-air night market—a concept that has proven a major tourist draw in neighboring countries

Burmese Climbers Reach Hkakabo Razi’s Peak

The first Burmese-only team to climb the mountain in Kachin State should soon settle a dispute over which mountain is the highest in Burma.

Burma Releases Preliminary Results From First Census in Decades

The nationwide census conducted in March found that the total population of the country is 51.4 million, much lower than previously estimated.

KNU Chairman Threatens to Withdraw From Ethnic Alliance

Mutu Say Poe and four senior Karen delegates walk out of the UNFC congress, revealing a schism in the KNU as others stay behind.

Ethnic Strife Blurs Burma’s First Census in 30 Years

Provisional findings show the population to be 51.4 million, some 10 million less than expected, though an estimated 1.2 million people were not counted.

Next Rangoon Election to Bar 98.5% of Voters

Lawmakers approve restrictions that will allow only a tiny fraction of the city’s voting-age population to vote for the next deputy mayor and other municipal officials.

No Quick Fix for Rangoon Land-Grab Victims: Govt

Rangoon’s regional government says hundreds of land-grab cases brought to its attention will not be solved by the end of its term in early 2016.

Thailand to Help Burma Conserve Ancient Cities

Burma will collaborate with Thailand to improve the landscapes of the Pyu ancient cities, which were listed as World Heritage Sites earlier this year.

Ex-Burmese Beauty Queen Accused of Stealing Crown

A Burmese beauty queen stripped of her title for allegedly being rude and dishonest has absconded with the US$100,000 tiara, a South Korea-based pageant says.

Rangoon Govt to Put ‘New City’ Project Out to Tender

Officials had announced that an unknown company was awarded the contract to build an extension to Burma’s biggest city, before an apparent U-turn.

For First Time in 50 Years, Burma’s Military Welcomes Women Officers

A class of female military cadets graduates from the Defense Services Academy, with the commander-in-chief of the armed forces attending the ceremony.

An 20-year-old model dies in a Rangoon hospital after being stabbed in the throat, allegedly by a friend, who is now in police custody.

Arakan Govt Clarifies Budget Confusion After Uproar

The Arakan State government seeks to dispel erroneous reports that it had returned a surplus 13 billion kyats from the state budget to Naypyidaw.

Dragons Add Mythical Twist to Search for Dhammazedi Bell

A salvage team says it has found the fabled bell—along with guardian dragons—at the confluence of two rivers southeast of Rangoon.

Teachers’ Federation Decries Lack of Consultation on Burma’s Education Bill

The National Education Bill was approved by Parliament last month, but has been criticized for failing to free the system from central government control.

Petition Launched Against Proportional Representation for Burma

Activists in Burma start a petition to tally public opposition to an electoral system based on proportional representation, a proposal currently under consideration in Parliament.