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Burma’s First ‘TechCamp’ to Take Place in January

Organizers say they want to build connections between civil society organizations and those with technical expertise at the US-backed event.

Cooperative Loan System Dogged By Corruption Complaints

Farmers from Naypyidaw’s Ottarathiri Township accuse officials of nepotism and corruption in implementing the government’s cooperative schemes, highlighting long-standing concerns over the decades-old policy.

Fire Destroys Houses in Mae La Camp on Thai-Burmese Border

Some in the biggest camp on the border, which is mainly home to ethnic Karen refugees, say as many as 170 homes were destroyed by a fire.

Ngwe Saung: A Tourist Paradise at the Expense of the Locals

Local farmers, fishermen and coconut tree owners were moved to make way for hotels built by companies with close likes to Burma’s former military junta.

Extremist Monks Hold Talks Throughout Strife-Torn Arakan State

Buddhist monks of the nationalist 969 movement are holding sermons throughout Arakan State, raising concerns over new outbreaks of violence between Buddhist and Muslims.

In Township Development, Civil Society Seeks a Voice

Community-based organizations in Burma want a greater say in how lawmakers use the US$100,000 they have been allotted for development projects in each township.

DKBA Leader Hospitalized in Rangoon, Seeks Overseas Treatment

Democratic Karen Benevolent Army leader, Gen Saw Lah Pwe, has been hospitalized in Rangoon and is seeking a passport in order to receive treatment overseas.

Aung Min Insists Car Licenses Are Not Import ‘Permits’

The Burma government’s chief peace negotiator deflects criticism over licenses which critics say are intended as an economic perk for ethnic leaders.

Violence in Kachin State Continues Christmas Eve

A renewed offensive against ethnic Kachin rebels in north Burma this week could prolong ceasefire negotiations, Kachin activists and rebel leaders say.

Minister, Ethnic Leaders to Hold Ceasefire Talks in Chiang Mai

Government peace negotiator Aung Min will meet with ethnic leaders in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for several days of talks on drafting a nationwide ceasefire agreement.

Ethnic Traditions Vanishing as Burma Opens Up

Tribal ways – dress, festivals, even languages – passed down countless generations are vanishing as Burma opens its doors wider to the outside world.

Burmese Maids Prepare for Work in Hong Kong

Domestic helpers can move abroad to Hong Kong, the second place after Singapore where the Burma government has allowed them to apply for work abroad.

Police Rescue 56 Burmese Women Trafficked to China Over 11 Months

Burma’s anti-human trafficking police unit, based in Naypyidaw, says a total of 244 trafficking victims were rescued up to November this year.

No Progress in Drug Eradication Program: Shan Rebels

The Restoration Council of Shan State says the Burma government has not demonstrated a serious commitment to fighting the drug trade in Shan State.

Prison Term for Reporter Leads to Outcry Over Media Freedom

A three-month prison term imposed on an Eleven Media reporter draws criticism from local and international press freedom groups who said it is too harsh.

At U Thant’s Rangoon Home, an Exhibit to Inspirea

After years of decay, the former home of Burma’s famed diplomat is being converted into a museum.

‘We Rose up Because We Want to Fight Against Feudal Attitudes’

Long-time ethnic Pa-O leader Khun Sein Shwe recalls taking up arms against the Burma government and discusses his worries about the peace process.

Campaign Pushes for Stricter Tobacco Controls in Burma

Anti-tobacco campaigners call for stricter enforcement of a law limiting where smokers can light up, industry advertising and the form sales of tobacco can take.

BMW Fleet Donated for Burma’s Asean Summits

Companies say they will donate as many as 95 luxury cars to chauffer regional and world leaders around during meetings in 2014.

Red Shan Protest Forced Recruitment by KIA

Thousands gather in Kachin State to protest against the forcible recruitment of ethnic Taileng people into the Kachin Independence Army.