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US Ends Group Resettlement for Burmese Refugees on Thai Border

One of the world’s largest resettlement programs, providing Burmese refugees in Thailand the opportunity to start life anew in the US, comes to a close.

Refugees From Burma’s Chin State Face Indian Dilemma

Refugees from Chin State who have fled Burma and now reside in India say they face persecution both at home and abroad.

Soldier Accused of Rape Attempt in Mon State

A Burma Army soldier based in Mon State’s Thanbyuzayat Township allegedly beat and tried to rape an ethnic Mon woman on Saturday.

Burma’s Social Security Enrollees to See Benefits Boosted by April

Workers registered under Burma’s social security scheme will begin seeing more generous benefits from April of this year, according to the program’s director general.

Burma’s Ethnic Armed Groups Share Ceasefire Draft With Govt Negotiator

Leaders of rebel groups meet with Burma government Minister Aung Min in Chiang Mai, Thailand, after a conference in Karen territory to discuss their demands in coming peace talks.

Blaze Destroys 16 Homes at Site of Alleged Rohingya Killings

A fire on Tuesday night destroyed 16 homes in Du Chee Yar Tan village, the site of the alleged killing of dozens of Rohingyas two weeks ago.

Govt Rejects Call for Int’l Investigation Into Alleged Rohingya Killings

Burma rejects calls by the US government for the involvement of international officials in an investigation into the alleged massacre of dozens of Rohingya villagers.

MPC Says Existing Kachin Accord ‘a Sort of Ceasefire’

The Myanmar Peace Center says the government’s current agreement to de-escalate hostilities with the Kachin Independence Organization is on the same level as a ceasefire.

Thai Protests Leave Many Burmese Migrant Workers Without Visas

Negotiations to allow Burmese migrant workers in Thailand to stay on after their visas expire have stalled as anti-government demonstrations disrupt the running of the country.

Burma’s Heart-Shaped ‘Treasure’ of a Lake Threatened: Activists

Rih Lake, the heart-shaped landmark of Burma’s Chin State, faces the threat of environmental destruction, say activists who fear the impact of a planned housing project there.

Burma Defense Ministry Says Contested Land to Become Homes for Veterans

Protests and appeals have come from the evicted pre-1990s residents of Michaungkan village and from vegetable farmers who rented the land more recently.

After Split, Me N Ma Girls Continue With US-Recorded Album

Two of the four members of Burma’s first girl band have left, but the remaining singers say the release of a US-recorded album will go ahead.

Air KBZ Plane Evacuated After Wheels Overheat at Rangoon Airport

65 passengers were moved to another plane after smoke began rising from the wheels of the aircraft as it was preparing to take off on a flight to Heho in Shan State.

Govt Growth Target Overshoots IMF Forecast Amid Calls for Aid

Burma calls for enhanced international development support in 2014, while a top foreign diplomat cautions that investors will be watching the human rights situation.

British Envoy Cautions on Land Investments in Burma

Uncertainty over ownership of land could prevent an increase in investment in the country’s agricultural sector, according to a business ambassador from the United Kingdom.

World Bank Pledges $2B for Burma’s Health, Energy Sectors

Some $200 million in funding will go toward an ambitious plan to achieve universal health care in Burma by 2030.

Constitutional Change Could Trigger ‘Political Instability’: Shwe Mann

Union Parliament Speaker Shwe Mann warns against being “too greedy” when seeking amendments to the Constitution, saying disagreements over the charter could cause “political instability.”

Burma Govt Rejects ‘Unacceptable’ UN Statement on Rohingya Killings

The United Nations’ human rights chief calls for an investigation into ‘credible reports’ that at least 48 Muslims were killed recently in Arakan State.

Ethnic Rebels Move Closer to Ceasefire—With Strings Attached

Leaders at a meeting of ethnic armed groups plan to sign to a nationwide ceasefire agreement so long as political dialogue begins immediately.

Lower House Approves Human Rights Commission Bill

After making a number of changes, lawmakers approve a bill to govern procedures for a commission that handles reports of rights abuses in Burma.