A unique culture that has survived for millennia is rapidly vanishing, as the Moken people are forced to leave the sea for life on land.

Yangon’s Chinatown brings the cuisine and culture of Myanmar’s biggest neighbor into the heart of its largest city.

Senior Buddhist monks say they will pressure lawmakers into supporting a controversial draft law that would restrict marriages between Buddhist women and Muslim men.

Two Rohingyas were killed and six injured by police in Arakan State’s Pauktaw Township, the UN says. An official claims the victims provoked the shooting.

Some in Buddhist-dominated Burma demand to know why a license for a new national mobile phone network went to a company from a Muslim nation.

Burma’s sole provider of telecoms services may reduce mobile phone airtime fees to up to one-third of the current price, according to a lawmaker.

Since the signing of a ceasefire between ethnic rebels and the government, the arduous task of removing land mines has begun in Karen State.

Burmese MPs, including Aung San Suu Kyi, will attend a two-day conference on higher education hosted by the British Council in Naypyidaw over the weekend.

Dismissing “conspiracy theories” that Burma’s government and military have fomented recent inter-religious violence, Ye Htut blames misuse of social media for stoking tensions.

A movement among farmers to win back confiscated land has spread, with protesters in Rangoon and around the country urging President Thein Sein to help.

Burma’s commander-in-chief of defense services, Snr-Gen Min Aung Hlaing, visits a Russian fighter jet plant to observe the production process, a state-run news source reports.

With the release of a Burmese-language translation of “Outrage: Burma’s Struggle for Democracy” inside the country this month, another historical curtain has been pulled back.

Reporters Without Borders denounces the Burmese government’s decision to ban Time magazine’s July issue and condemns Inwa Publications for voluntarily scrapping the issue’s distribution.

Despite a decision by Parliament to postpone the awarding of telecoms licenses to two foreign companies, the winners will be announced as planned on Thursday.

Wimala’s preaching style is by turns intimate and hectoring. Unfurling a 969 poster, he led the audience through the renditions of the movement’s catechism.

A Reuters examination traces 969’s origins to an official in the dictatorship that once ran Burma, and which is the direct predecessor of today’s government.

The highly anticipated awarding of two telecoms licenses to foreign companies or consortia has been postponed in Burma, lawmakers said on Wednesday.

The Shan State Army-North says it lost two bases following recent attacks by Burma’s military in northern Shan State, where fighting continues despite a ceasefire.

Burma’s anti-narcotics task forces call for collaboration among the public, authorities and international supporters of the country’s narcotics eradication program on World Drug Day.

Foreign companies will tap into one of the world’s final telecom frontiers Thursday when Burma hands out licenses to operate two new mobile phone networks.