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Festival Cancels Film on Anti-Muslim Violence After Social Media Criticism

The Human Rights Film Festival cancels a documentary dealing with anti-Muslim violence after social media users criticized it for being too sympathetic to Burma’s Muslims.

Civil Society Plans ‘Regional People’s Forum’ in Every State, Division

Civil society groups plan a Regional People’s Forum in each Burmese state and division. The first forum will be held in Mon State this month.

Burmese Migrant Rights Advocate to Face Thai Court

A Thai court is due to rule in a case against the activist Andy Hall, who has helped expose abuses suffered by Burmese migrant workers.

Trust Shaken as Burma Army Allegedly Attacks Karen Soldiers

Burmese troops open fire on a group of ethnic Karen soldiers in the country’s southeast, leaving one man dead, Karen sources say.

15-Year Drug Eradication Effort Failed: Minister

A minister says that a 15-year drug eradication project has failed to stem opium cultivation in Burma, adding that there will be five-year project extension.

Expulsion Awaits Student Instigators of Unrest, Ministry Warns

Burma’s government threatens to expel students at the country’s technical colleges and institutes who participate in political activities that lead to “unrest.”

Burmese Govt Resumes Citizenship Verification of Rohingyas

A project launches to check the legal status of Muslims who identify as Bengali and to allow them to apply for citizenship.

Burmese Migrants Arrested, But Not Main Target in Thai Crackdown

A crackdown on undocumented migrants by the Thai junta has mostly targeted Cambodian workers, although there have been frequent reports of arrests of Burmese workers.

Palaung Villagers Flee Burmese Army Shelling: TNLA

Hundreds of ethnic Palaung in Kutkai Township flee their homes after the Burmese Army fires artillery on their village in northern Shan State.

Suu Kyi: Becoming President Is Up to the People

In Nepal, Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi reacts to a vote against changing a constitutional clause that bars her from the presidency.

Ethnic Politicians Travel to China

The leaders of at least two Burmese political parties are traveling to Yunnan Province to discuss ethnic affairs with Chinese leaders.

Scrap the Religious Conversion Bill, Group Tells Thein Sein

An ethnic Chin group says the bill to restrict religious conversions goes against the Burmese Constitution and international standards for human rights.

Authorities Charge Monks in Dispute With Govt-Backed Clergy

Rangoon authorities charge five Buddhist monks with religious offenses after they disputed the government-backed Buddhist clergy’s ownership of a monastery.

Burma Teachers Group Balks at Performance-Based Transfer Scheme

The Myanmar Teachers’ Federation says it “strongly condemns” the Education Ministry’s new performance-based approach to handling transfer orders and promotions for Burma’s university educators.

Burma’s Upper House Votes to Change Electoral System

Upper House lawmakers opt for a proportional representation system in 2015, to the displeasure of the military, the National League for Democracy and ethnic minorities.

Suu Kyi’s Presidential Bid Not Dead Yet: NLD

A committee will not recommend a crucial constitutional amendment, but it’s ultimately up to Parliament to decide, the country’s biggest opposition party says.

Abbot Lashes out at Govt-Backed Clergy Over Monastery Raid

The former abbot of a large Rangoon monastery blasts the State Sangha over the eviction of his followers Tuesday and claims he owns the monastery.

Burma Jails Another Kachin on Explosives Charges

A 55-year-old village head denies any connection to ethnic rebels, and suffered torture while in the custody of the Burmese military, according to his lawyer.

Parliament Committee Deals Blow to Suu Kyi’s Presidential Hopes

The parliamentary committee guiding the constitutional amendment process will not recommend changes to an article that bars Aung San Suu Kyi from Burma’s top post.

Suu Kyi Meets Critics of ‘Protection of Race and Religion’ Bills

The opposition leader and lawmakers from the Rule of Law Committee meet with civil society representatives lobbying against four bills to “protect race and religion.”