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Denied Pagoda Venue, Literary Festival Kicks Off at Mandalay Hotel

The Irrawaddy Literary Festival gets a bumpy start, with a last-minute venue change after organizers were denied permission to hold the event at Kuthodaw Pagoda.

Journalists Raise Alarm Over Shorter Visas in Burma

Journalists say the Burma government is imposing new visa restrictions that will make it difficult for them to remain based in the country full time.

Burma Urged to Drop Census Questions on Ethnicity, Religion

The International Crisis Group calls on the Burma government and the United Nations to remove “needlessly antagonistic and divisive” questions from the census next month.

Burma Army Launches Deadly Incursion Into Kachin Rebel Territory

An ethnic Kachin leader says the Burma Army killed several rebels and seized an outpost near KIA headquarters during an attack on Union Day.

Aung San Film Won’t Screen in Time for General’s Centennial Birthday

A film depicting Gen. Aung San will not be completed by 2015, missing a date targeted to allow for its premiere on his 100th birthday.

6 Farmers Apprehended, 7 Facing Arrest in Pegu Land Disputes

Authorities in two townships in Pegu Division have apprehended six farmers and are seeking the arrest of seven others in relation to ongoing land disputes.

Thai Officials Say Rohingya People Sent to Burma

About 1,300 people from the Muslim minority were deported from Thailand to Burma late last year, according to Thai police, who say they went voluntarily.

Letpadaung Activist Beaten, Detained, Say Villagers

Thaw Zin, a student activist helping famers in Sagaing Division, was facing charges, but no reason has been given for his sudden, violent arrest.

President’s Union Day Message Flags-up Federalism

President Thein Sein’s Union Day message says “a federal system” could help resolve Burma’s ethnic conflict, but fresh clashes in northern Burma overshadowed his message.

RCSS Leader Likely to Remain in Post: Shan Sources

As a leadership election approaches, Lt-Gen Yawd Serk says he will stay on in the likely event that another candidate to lead the ethnic Shan rebel group does not emerge.

Burma Govt Urged to Put Press Freedom in Law

Amid arrests of reporters, international media advocacy groups say the failure to pass legislation protecting journalists risks undermining reforms.

In Maungdaw Village, Residents Fret Over Missing Family Members

A visit to Du Chee Yar Tan village, where dozens of Rohingyas were allegedly killed last month, reveals many remaining residents say their loved ones are missing.

Marching Villagers Call for Burma Minister to Be Sacked Over Comments

A protest leader is charged under Article 18 of the Peaceful Assembly Law for holding a demonstration involving more than 1,000 people in Magwe Division.

Burma’s Government to Appoint a Second Woman Minister

Khin San Yi, formerly a deputy minister for planning, is nominated for the role of minister of education, while women remain underrepresented in the government.

Burma’s NLD and 88 Generation Team Up to Push for Charter Reform

Aung San Suu Kyi’s party and the leaders of Burma’s 1988 student uprising say they will work together to have the 2008 Constitution amended in time for the 2015 elections.

Burma’s Ethnic Minorities Decry Census, Jostle for Advantage

Members of Burma’s ethnic minority groups are voicing concerns over a census due next month, with the survey’s classifications criticized as inaccurate and unnecessarily divisive.

Security on the Agenda at Upcoming Arakanese Conference

A meeting, involving the recognized ethnic groups of western Burma’s strife-torn Arakan State, will discuss tensions in the state, as well as development.

Wa Rebels to Send Fighters to China for Pilot Training: Reports

Ethnic rebel sources say ethnic Wa rebels plan to send 30 fighters to China to receive pilot training, supposedly so they can operate helicopters.

Photoshopped Thein Sein Prompts Media Ethics Discussion

A front-page mash-up of Burma President Thein Sein portrayed in traditional Burmese dancing garb and published in a local newspaper brings debate over ethical boundaries.

Burma’s Former Political Prisoners Offer Counseling for Trauma

Former political prisoners help others who were also imprisoned under the military regime and are now dealing with depression and anxiety.