Burma - The Irrawaddy
Rare Civilian Trial for Soldier Accused of Rape

A member of the Burmese Army sees a rare civilian trial for the alleged rape of a 15-year-old ethnic Kachin girl.

Burmese Army Releases 108 Child Soldiers

The Burmese military formally discharges 108 child soldiers from its ranks, the largest release of underage recruits in Burma to date.

Burmese Migrants Report Police Beatings During Murder Investigation on Koh Tao

Allegations surface that at least two Burmese migrants were beaten by Thai police on Koh Tao island as the Burmese Embassy vows to keep watch.

Burmese Migrants, Thai Recruiters Arrested in Mae Sot

Thai authorities in Mae Sot arrest scores of Burmese migrant workers and a group of Thai nationals accused of illegally recruiting them.

Senior NLD Member Denies Report of Party Support for Shwe Mann Presidency

Senior NLD member Hantha Myint denies he told a reporter that the party could support ex-general Shwe Mann for the presidency after next year’s elections.

MPs Voice Doubts Over Burma’s Anti-Corruption Commission

Parliamentarians quiz anti-corruption commission officials over the effectiveness of the government-aligned body, which says it has handled just three of more than 500 graft complaints.

Mangrove Planting Now an ‘Illegal Protest,’ Court Rules

Four people are convicted of violating Burma’s controversial protest law after engaging in a campaign to plant mangroves in the Irrawaddy Delta.

Three Charged Under Protest Law for Pathein Peace Day March

Three activists in Irrawaddy Division’s Pathein Township are charged under Article 18 of Burma’s controversial protest law after organizing an International Peace Day event.

With Suu Kyi Blocked, NLD Could Support Shwe Mann for President

Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD will go into the 2015 election with no candidate for president and might support parliament speaker and ex-general Shwe Mann.

Chin Tsong Palace to Get Heritage Status

The historic, colonial era palace, built by Chinese immigrant Lim Chin Tsong, will be granted heritage status by Burma’s Ministry of Culture.

Backlash Grows Against Burma’s National Education Bill

Over 200 civil society organizations join a growing chorus of voices in rejecting a National Education Bill that looks likely to soon pass into law.

Muslim Citizenship Procedure Angers Arakanese, Some Rohingya See Opportunity

Arakanese Buddhists are angered after the government awarded 209 Muslims in Arakan State citizenship, while some Rohingya see it as an opportunity.   

Burma’s Govt to Bring Defamation Charges Against 2 Publications

Alleging defamation, Burma’s Ministry of Information will take legal action against two media outlets after negotiations mediated by the country’s Interim Press Council broke down.

Rangoon Mayor Defends Controversial City Expansion Plan

Rangoon mayor defends attempts by regional authorities to push through a controversial city expansion plan, claiming in Rangoon Divisional parliament that it has widespread support.

Exclusion of Smaller Groups Emerges as Ceasefire Sticking Point

An ethnic leader expresses doubts over the military’s willingness to sign a nationwide ceasefire as some groups’ proposed inclusion proves problematic for Burma’s commander-in-chief.

Villagers, Activists Claim Innocence of Student Charged in Chinese Workers’ Kidnapping

Villagers and activists say student Phyu Hnin Htwe is being falsely accused of involvement in the detention of Chinese workers at the Monywa copper mine.

Latest Round of Nationwide Ceasefire Talks Kicks Off

The government’s lead peace negotiator pledges to push ahead with talks to end conflict in Burma, as officials meet ethnic rebel groups for ceasefire talks.

Burma Gives Citizenship to 209 displaced Muslims, Including Rohingya

Government gives citizenship to 209 displaced Muslims, after the first phase of a project aimed at determining the status of about a million stateless Rohingya.

Burmese Migrant Among Suspects in Koh Tao Murders

The investigation into the murder of two British tourists on the Thai resort island now centers on two suspects, including a Burmese migrant worker.

Pa-O Leader Frets Over Soldiers’ Alleged Detention by Shan Rebels

The Pa-O National Liberation Organization chairman remains concerned about the fate of three of his soldiers, who he says were captured by Shan rebels.