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Free of Censors, Burma Artists Bare All

Dozens of female nude paintings are on display in a three-day art exhibition, “S + Z II,” at Lokanat art gallery in Rangoon.

Two Muslim Men Sentenced for Rape That Sparked Thandwe Violence

Rumors of incident led to June outbreak of inter-communal violence in southern Arakan State.

Burma Peace Process Could Create ‘Mini-Cronies,’ Media Coalition Warns

The granting of business licenses to ethnic minority militia leaders is seen as “a ploy by the government to turn ethnic leaders into ‘mini cronies.’”

Thousands of Kachin Villagers Trapped After Burma Army Raid

Kachin relief workers said more than 2,000 civilians remain trapped in a conflict zone in Mansi Township, while thousands are trying to escape on foot.

Rice Paddies in Dawei Confiscated for Housing

Authorities in a town slated for a Special Economic Zone in southern Burma confiscate paddy fields ready for harvest to make way for civilian housing.

Ancient Monastery Buried Beneath Thai King’s Tomb in Mandalay

Archaeologists discover the remains of a monastery building buried beneath the historic tomb of a former Siamese king in Mandalay Division.

Burma to Hand Out Free Temporary SIM Cards to SEA Games Participants

Burma will distribute 30,000 free temporary SIM cards to local athletes, their international counterparts, and other personnel directly involved in the upcoming SEA Games.

In Burma, Mixed Reactions to Suu Kyi’s BBC Statements

The democracy icon draws condemnation and support from rights activists and religious leaders after saying that fear among Buddhists has exacerbated religious tensions.

Life on Death Row

A former woman political prisoner recalls how she survived life on Death Row in the notorious Insein Prison in the1990s.

Midnight Callers

A former woman political prisoner recalls her experience in Insein Prison after men in heavy boots locked her up in the1990s.

Court Reduces Prison Time for Detained Arakanese Activists

Ten Arakanese activists serving three months imprisonment for protesting against the Shwe oil and gas pipeline have had their sentences shortened by one month.

Violence Against Muslims Threatening Burma Reforms: UN Envoy

Violence against Burma’s Muslim minority is feeding wider anti-Muslim feelings that pose a serious threat to the country’s economic and political reforms, a UN envoy says.

President Thein Sein Will Not Seek Second Term: Shwe Mann

Burma President Thein Sein will not be seeking a second term at the next election in 2015, the leader of his party says.

Than Shwe ‘Worried’ About Burma’s Politics, Says House Speaker

The general in charge of Burma’s junta until two years ago is reportedly keeping a close eye on political developments.

Italy Supports Burma’s Constitutional Reform

Ahead of a meeting with Burmese democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi over the weekend, Italy’s foreign minister has called on Burma to consider constitutional amendments by 2015.

Burma on Track to Reach Tuberculosis Targets: WHO

Burma is on track to reduce its burden from TB in accordance with the Millennium Development Goals, but a large proportion of cases go undetected.

Burma Army Violently Raids Kachin Village: Aid Groups

Kachin relief workers said Burma Army units violently raided an ethnic Kachin village, reportedly looting belongings, injuring four and causing hundreds of villagers to flee.

Shwe Mann Supports Change to Make Suu Kyi Eligible for Presidency

Burma’s Union Parliament speaker says the Constitution should be amended to create an opportunity for democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi to become president.

Burmese Beauty Receives Honor From Mongolia

Nang Khin Zay Yar is given an award for her humanitarian efforts since she become a well-known beauty queen in Burma.

In Burma, Gift Hampers Are Govt Officials’ Dirty Laundry

“Respect paying,” a long-standing practice with Buddhist underpinnings, undermines anticorruption efforts as government officials accept gift baskets from their junior charges—and reward them accordingly.