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Monk Conference Backs Bills to Restrict Interfaith Marriage, Rohingya Voting

Thousands of monks in Mandalay want to restrict marriage between Buddhist women and men of other faiths, as well as voting by temporary ID holders.

Suu Kyi Still Wants to Meet Burma Army Chief

The opposition leader has attempted unsuccessfully to talk with the commander-in-chief about constitutional reform, and she says she plans to try again.

Guitarists to Hit the Stage for Burma’s First Instrumental Show

The first ever instrumental guitar show in the country, set to be held in Rangoon this month, offers a chance for virtuosos to play to the public.

Civil Society Groups Learn to Harness ICT at ‘Tech Camp’

About 80 Burmese civil society organizations participated in a US-funded ‘Tech Camp’, where they learned how to use ICT to promote their organizations’ goals.

Warning for Factories as Rangoon Electricity Board Discovers Tampered Meter

The power provider in Burma’s former capital imposes a fine on an ice factory in Hlaing Township for avoiding paying the full amount for power.

Concerns Over Impunity in Burma Soldier’s Alleged Rape of 13-Year-Old

As a report records widespread allegations of rape against the Burma Army, Mon women’s group wants justice for victim in Mon State.

Burma Defense Ministry Puts Forward Budget Request

The ministry requests less funding for this fiscal year, although the proposed budget, if approved, would still be the biggest budget of all government ministries.

Relevance of Norway-Supported Peace Project Under Review

The relevance of the Myanmar Peace Support Initiative is being reviewed two years after Norway spent US$2 million on aid projects in Burma’s conflict areas.

4,000 Squatter Shanties Leveled in Rangoon Mass Eviction

More than 4,000 huts built by squatters on the outskirts of Burma’s former capital were demolished without explanation by the Rangoon Division government on Tuesday.

Latest Nationwide Ceasefire Talks Delayed Once Again

Burma’s ethnic armed groups and government negotiators agree more time should be spent on a draft agreement before a scheduled Hpa-an meeting takes place.

Tourists Take the Short Trip to Dala for a Look at Rural Burma

An undeveloped and largely rural area across the Rangoon River is an unlikely hit among tourists to Burma’s former capital.

Discovery Could Fill Out Historical Record on Little-Known Burmese King

Burmese archaeologists say a recently discovered stone tablet dating back more than 900 years could shed light on the largely untold life of King Sawlu.

Dynamite Fishing in Burma’s Mergui Archipelago Proves Hard to Stop

The practice, known locally as “bombing,” has been banned for good reasons by most countries around the world, including Burma.

Burma Army Still Uses Rape as Weapon of War: Women’s Group

A women’s group says the military still uses rape as a weapon of war, with more than 100 women and girls raped since 2010.

Burmese Bards to Boycott Literary Festival

Divisions in the literary community are unearthed as poets and cartoonists announce plans to steer clear of a high-profile event in Mandalay next month.

Military Chief Blames Ethnic Groups for Conflict, Says Army ‘Afraid of No One’

Burma’s commander-in-chief claims the military has only ever acted defensively in the country’s ethnic conflicts, but warns that the military is “afraid of no one.”

Burma Still Owes $5 Billion in Foreign Debt

A presidential adviser says Burma has reduced its foreign debt but still owes $5 billion to Paris Club countries and Japan.

Educators Translate Popular Video Tutorials Into Burmese Language

Khan Academy, a YouTube channel and website used by millions of students worldwide, is taking steps to be more accessible for people in Burma.

Four Islands Marked for Development in Burma’s Mergui Archipelago

Public company awaits approval on plan to spend more than US$10 million on projects in the virtually pristine group of islands in southern Burma.

Arakanese Political Parties Merge to Form ANP

The merger of Burma’s two largest ethnic Arakanese political parties is approved by the Election Commission, which has accepted registration of the Arakan National Party.