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Burma’s Inflation Pains Sharpest for Poor Majority: World Bank

The World Bank adds its voice to concerns about Burma’s surging inflation, saying price rises would likely have a greater impact on the poor.

Doctors Warn of Rising ‘Morning-After Pill’ Use, Abuse in Burma

Medical professionals in Burma have used a government report indicating a rise in sales of emergency contraceptive pills to highlight the health risks of the pharmaceuticals’ abuse.

University Teachers’ Association Boycotts Talks on Burma Education Reform

Burma’s teachers say they are not being listened to as the government looks to revive the country’s education system after it was stifled under military rule.

Negligent Homicide Charge Against Kachin Politician Dropped

A negligent homicide charge against Bauk Ja, a well-known ethnic Kachin land rights activist turned politician, is withdrawn by prosecutors in Kachin State.

Govt Not Recognizing Scale of Land-Grabs in Burma: Lawmakers

The Burmese government is acknowledging just a fraction of more than 6,000 land-grab complaints filed with a parliamentary committee, lawmakers say.

Burmese Child Soldier Imprisoned for Leaving Military

A former child soldier under the protection the International Labor Organization has been sentenced to one year in prison for deserting his unit.

Min Aung Hlaing’s Comments Raise Concerns Among Ethnic Leaders

Controversial statements that the commander-in-chief reportedly made in November have shaken the confidence of ethnic leaders at a conference in Karen State.

‘Religious Roots of Social Harmony’ Discussed in Rangoon

Amid ongoing challenges to interfaith relations in Burma, leaders from a handful of faiths come together to discuss “the religious roots of social harmony.”

A Word Could Delay Burma’s Peace Process: Ethnic Leaders

Ethnic armed groups debate the use of the word ‘revolution’ to describe them in an upcoming nationwide ceasefire agreement.

Data Project Seeks to Record Stories of All Political Prisoners From 1962-2013

Burmese activists attempt to compile the first comprehensive list of political prisoners who were jailed from the military coup through the end of last year.

Burma’s Parliament Delays Controversial Publishing Bill

The Printers and Publishers Registration Bill has received criticism from journalists, who argue that it gives too much power to the Ministry of Information.

After Boom in Burma Flights, Seats Are Left Empty

International Airlines have rushed to operate flights into and out of Burma as the country opens up.

Calls for Transparency After Reports of Violence in Arakan State

The Burma government insists that there is no truth to reports that many were killed during a crackdown in Du Char Yar Tan village last week.

Conference of Burma’s Ethnic Armed Groups Begins in Karen Territory

Karen National Union leader speaks of the importance of working toward a nationwide ceasefire with the government ahead of talks in Hpa-an.

Opening the Shutters on Previously Shuttered Burma

A photography exhibition in Rangoon tells visual tale of some of the problems afflicting Burma today, from civil war and lawlessness to sectarian strife.

Rangoon Promises 24-Hour Power to Residents During Summer

The electricity supply board pledges to boost the power supply for local residents but says industrial zones will likely need to keep their generators.

Farmers Travel to Rangoon to Decry Land Seizures, Trespassing Charges

Two organizers are charged after about 500 farmers from all over Burma protest without the authorities’ permission in the center of the city.

Burma’s Sin City Retains It’s ‘Special’ Features

The Sino-Burmese border town of Mong La—a haven for casino operators, brothel owners and ivory merchants—is still beyond the reach of Burma’s central government.

A View of Life in Chin State

Images show everyday life in the state in western Burma that is renowned for being impoverished and cut off, and for its tattooed faces.

Man, Elephant ‘Face-Off for Food’ in Irrawaddy Delta

Wild elephants are increasingly encroaching on the lands—and threatening the livelihoods—of farmers in the Irrawaddy Delta, local residents say.