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A Look Back: Five Years of Burma-US Relations

After two decades of sanctions, the United States cautiously moves toward a policy of engagement with Burma. The Irrawaddy looks back at five years of warming relations.

Parliament Votes to Boost Pay for Lawmakers, Civil Servants

Lawmakers in Burma’s Union Parliament unexpectedly and unanimously approve a salary hike for themselves and civil servants in an emergency motion.

Govt Criticizes Ban Ki-moon Over Use of ‘Rohingya’ Term

Government and Arakan State officials denounce Ban Ki-moon’s use of the term, but UN secretary general says focusing on terminology for Muslim minority is “unnecessary.”

US Says Burma Should Draft New Plan to Give Rohingya Citizenship

The United States urges Burma to allow Rohingya citizenship and to scrap a proposal to send them to detention camps.

What Do Ordinary Burmese Expect From Obama’s Visit?

Ten people on the streets of Rangoon talk about what they expect and hope President Obama will achieve during his second visit to Burma.

Aid Groups in Burma Trip Over Links to Elite 

International aid organizations become ensnared in the contradiction of helping Burma, while renting properties owned by members of the former military elite that ruled it.

UN Secretary-General Calls for Greater Rohingya Rights Protections

Ban Ki-moon has reaffirmed the United Nations stance on Rohingya in Arakan State, expressing concerns about the granting of conditional citizenship to the Muslim minority.

Obama Confronts Shortcomings in Burma Reforms

As President Barack Obama arrives in Burma’s capital, he confronts a nation backsliding on economic and political reforms that were rewarded with US sanctions relief.

Land Disputes Leading Cause of Human Rights Complaints

Nearly half of all complaints made to the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission this year are related to land disputes.

Burmese Puppet Troupe Triumphs at International Festival

A Burmese marionette troupe wins the Best Puppet Animation award at the Harmony World Puppet Carnival, one of the most renowned festivals of its kind.

Son of Blacklisted MP to Join G-20 Summit

The son of a senior politician who was recently blacklisted by the United States joins President Thein Sein on a business delegation to Australia.

Asean to Pressure China to Stick to Diplomacy on Maritime Disputes

At this week’s regional summit, Southeast Asian leaders will push their giant neighbor to take a less bellicose approach to South China Sea disputes.

Ethnic Groups Seek US Support in Peace Process

Activists raise concerns over Burma’s peace process amid a growing chorus of ethnic minority voices clamoring for US President Barack Obama to address the issue.

Stalled Reforms, South China Sea to Dominate Burma’s Asean Party

World leaders will descend on the surreal capital of Burma this week, an unthinkable event when it was run by a brutal military junta.

Obama to Stay in Kempinski Hotel in Naypyidaw: Report

US President Obama will stay in a hotel managed by Kempinski Hotel Group and owned by two Burmese conglomerates, a minister is quoted as saying.

Burma Falls Short on Key Reform Pledges

US President Barack Obama’s visit to Burma in 2012 was a celebration of the nation’s shift from military rule, but optimism fades as Obama returns.

Police Search for ‘Terrorist’ Rohingya Suspects in Mon, Pegu States

Burmese police say they put security measures in place and search for four Rohingya Muslim “terrorists,” but there are few indications of a threat.

Ethnic Leaders Meet Burma Govt Ahead of Regional Summits

Leaders from some of Burma’s ethnic armed groups meet with government officials in Naypyidaw ahead of major regional summits in the capital this week.

Access Limited for Journalists at Asean Summit

The number of journalists attending the 25th Asean Summit in Naypyidaw reaches a record high as access hits an all-time low.

NLD not behind Aung Thaung sanctions: Suu Kyi

Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has denied that her political party influenced the decision of the US Treasury to blacklist Aung Thaung.