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Jaguar Land Rover to Enter Burma’s Car Market

Brand new cars made by the Indian-owned company will be on sale at a dealership in Rangoon from May, according to the local distributor.

Six Burmese Migrants Rescued From Thai Fishing Industry Trafficking

Six Burmese migrants forced to work in the Thai fishing industry are rescued from human traffickers by local law enforcement in southern Thailand’s Kantang district.

Anti-Copper Mine Protests Renew—With a Call to Guardian Spirits

Dozens of people call on spirits of the mountains and forests to put a curse on officials at the Letpadaung copper mine in Sagaing Division.

Wa Leaders Ask President for Autonomous State

A delegation from the United Wa State Army reiterates calls for an autonomous state in northeastern Burma, on the sidelines of an event in Naypyidaw.

Burmese Band Side Effect to Attend US Festival

Indie rock band Side Effect raises enough money to attend the South by Southwest festival in Texas, according to its lead singer.

Govt Allows MSF to Reopen Some Clinics, Maintains Ban on Arakan

Burma has allowed Medecins Sans Frontieres to resume work in parts of the country, but not in the western strife-torn state of Arakan.

Just a Little Spice, Plenty of Tradition

An established restaurant in the quieter eastern part of Mandalay offers traditional Burmese food and is popular among tourists.

Burma Suspends All Aid Operations of MSF

Médicine Sans Frontièrs programs serving tens of thousands of people have been stopped because of government objections to MSF projects for Rohingyas in Arakan State.

New Institute to Bring Together Ethnic Groups, Support Peace Process

Ethnic activists open a research center that will help ethnic armed groups, NGOs and ethnic political parties gain a better understanding of the peace process.

Burma Military Returns Land in Irrawaddy Division

The Southwestern Command gives back about 1,600 acres of land that was confiscated under the former military regime, although thousands of acres remain in their possession.

Officials to Test 50-Ton Stone to Dispel Rumors of Jade

A giant stone found in Kachin State will be sent to a government laboratory, in a bid to prove it is simply a rock.

US Rights Report Highlights China, Burma Reforms, Abuses

In its annual report on human rights around the world, the US notes positive changes in Asia, but says serious abuses continue in many parts of the continent.

China’s Deputy Minister Visits NLD

For the first time in more than two decades, a high-ranking Chinese government official stops by the headquarters of Burma’s biggest opposition party.

Govt Plan to Move Pagoda in Letpadaung Area Angers Villagers

Villagers in Sagaing Division react angrily to a government announcement that a Buddhist pagoda at the site of the Letpadaung copper mine will be moved.

Thein Sein Asks Parliament to Discuss Interfaith Marriage

Burma’s president calls on lawmakers to consider a bill to restrict interfaith marriage, but the speaker of Parliament refuses until relevant government bodies get involved.

Burmese Woman Among 10 Construction Workers Killed in Bangkok

A Burmese woman was among the 10 workers, most of them migrants, killed during a collapse at a Bangkok construction site of Italian-Thai Development Company.

Kachin Farmer Still in Jail Despite International Legal Victory

A UN agency has called for the release of Lahpai Gam, who was allegedly tortured and forced to confess to a connection to Kachin rebels.

Besieged MSF Calls for Dialogue With Arakan Protestors

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) calls for dialogue with Sittwe residents protesting the medical aid group’s presence in Arakan State as demonstrations against the NGO continue.

Census to Start Early in Wa Territory

Data collection will begin two weeks early in ethnic Wa territory of eastern Burma, according to the United Wa State Army (UWSA).

NLD Prepares for First National Youth Congress

Burma’s biggest opposition party, the National League for Democracy, says it will hold its first nationwide youth congress in late April.