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Ongoing Suspension Puts High-Rise Developers, Investment Commission at Loggerheads

The suspension period for five construction projects near Shwedagon Pagoda has been extended, as the Myanmar Investment Commission considers recommendations to reduce planned building heights.

‘Unprecedented Rate’ of Agriculture-Driven Deforestation: Report

A new report highlights the intersection between agribusiness concessions and the logging of high-value timber in regions of rich biodiversity in southeast and northern Burma.

KIA Observes Nationwide Ceasefire Meeting, Plans Bilateral Talks With Govt

Kachin rebels will observe a nationwide ceasefire meeting between Naypyidaw and ethnic armed groups, while they expect to hold a bilateral meeting with the government.

Update: 17 Students Released from Tharyarwaddy Prison

Seventeen student demonstrators arrested during a recent crackdown in Letpadan are released from Tharyarwaddy Prison on the condition that they abstain from future unpermitted protests.

Student Witnesses Deny Govt Allegations of Initiating Letpadan Violence

Student protestors caught up the police crackdown at Letpadan deny state media allegations that demonstrators started the violence, and say police used excessive force.

Minister Defends Letpadan Crackdown, Disapproves of Street Protests

Information Minister Ye Htut defends the police crackdown on protesting students and says students are responsible for the incident because they took to the streets.

Parents Await Some Letpadan Protest Students’ Release

Several detained students’ parents head to Thayawaddy Prison after the government announces that their children, arrested in a brutal police crackdown Tuesday, will be released.

Dozens Charged as Govt Vows Legal Action Against Demonstrators

Burma’s Ministry of Home Affairs announces that those behind violent clashes at a protest site in Letpadan will be identified and punished.

Opposition MPs Criticize Police Actions Against Students

Opposition lawmakers criticize the actions of the Burmese police force during the crackdown on a student protest in Letpadan, saying they used excessive force.

EU Says Police Training ‘Still Needed’ After Crackdowns Draw Criticism

One target of scrutiny following recent crackdowns on peaceful protestors is the European Union, which is training the Myanmar Police Force on crowd control techniques.

Media Groups Condemn Police Treatment of Journalists in Letpadan Crackdown

Burmese media freedom organizations condemn police actions during the crackdown on student protests at Letpadan, Pegu Division, which involved the beating and detention of journalists.

Naypyidaw Orders Rangoon Protest Crackdown Inquiry

President Thein Sein has ordered a commission to investigate a Mar. 5 attack on student protesters in Rangoon dispersed with the aid of plainclothes men.

Int’l Community ‘Deeply Concerned’ by Police Brutality

The international community is “deeply concerned” by a brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters that saw demonstrators arrested and many injured by baton-wielding police.

Scenes of Indiscriminate Violence in Letpadan as Police Attack Ambulance Workers, Students, Reporter

Jubilation in the morning gradually gave way to fear and anger by the afternoon, as police violently dispersed a weeklong student protest in Letpadan.

Timeline of Student Protests Against Education Law

In September, government and Parliament passed an Education Law opposed by students and independent experts, a move that led to Tuesday’s crackdown on student protestors.

Supply Shortage for Kokang Refugees in China: Local Lawmakers

Refugees sheltering on the Sino-Burmese border after fleeing fighting in northeast Burma’s Kokang Special Region are facing a shortage of humanitarian support.

Rangoon Student Protest Quashed Within Minutes

Demonstrators in Rangoon are violently dispersed by police, just minutes after setting out from Hledan junction for the heart of downtown.

Group Alleges Burma Army Rights Abuses in Kokang

The Burma Army is accused of perpetrating human rights abuses in northern Shan State, where fighting has flared between the government and ethnic Kokang rebels.

Letpadan Crackdown ‘A Complete Breakdown of Police Discipline’

The Irrawaddy has spoken to a staff photographer at Letpadan, where police have violently dispersed a student protest at the local monastery on Tuesday afternoon.

Beijing Angered as Burma Army Shell Lands in Chinese Village

China expresses anger after fighting between Burma Army soldiers and rebels unleashed a stray shell that flattened a house in its territory.