Burma - The Irrawaddy
Gap to Be 1st US Retailer to Enter Burmese Market

A company executive calls the move “a historic moment for Myanmar” as it begins sourcing products from a South Korean-owned factory operating in the country.

Minister’s Wife Shares Fake Facebook Photo of Suu Kyi in Islamic Headscarf

The presidential spokesman apologizes after a storm of criticism followed his wife’s posting of a Photoshopped image of Aung San Suu Kyi in a hijab.

Local NLD Leader Shot Dead in Shan State

An activist who was helping local villagers to reclaim land taken by the military is discovered with gunshot wounds in the back of his head.

After Alleged Torture, Three Kachin Men Sentenced for Explosives Offenses

The lawyer for Gan Yon, Laphai Gam and La Reing has repeatedly alleged that they were subjected to degrading treatment and torture in custody.

Burma Army Kills 1 Civilian, Injures 5: Rights Group

The Shan Human Rights Foundation claims the Burma Army killed one civilian and injured five others during recent military operations in Kachin and Shan states.

Human Rights Watch Decries Burma Election Commission’s ‘Intimidation’

The US-based group accuses Union Election Commission Chairman Tin Aye, a former army official, of demonstrating “pro-military bias” in his recent actions.

Typewriters, Telegrams Cling to Life in Burma

Although smartphones and computer shops have become common, phone stands and typists still make a living on the streets of Rangoon.

Govt Advisors Meets Ethnic Parties to Discuss Future Political Dialogue

The government-affiliated MPC met with ethnic and opposition parties to discuss how a political dialogue, which would follow a nationwide ceasefire, could take shape.

KNU Wants Thein Sein to Remain President After 2015

Delegations from the Karen political group and its army have urged the president to stay in office for another term after the next election.

Constitution Signature Campaign Off to Strong Start in Rangoon

The National League for Democracy says more than 380,000 people in the former capital have joined the movement to amend Article 436.

KNU-Govt Talks Yield Troop Withdrawal Pledge

Amid Meetings this week in Naypyidaw, the Burmese president’s spokesman expresses his pleasure at getting the chance to meet a Karen military leader.

Burma Home to 26 New Species Discoveries in 2012-13

Twenty-six species in Burma are among 367 new species that were discovered in the Greater Mekong region in 2012-13, according to a new report.

Activists to Hold Events to Mark Start of Kachin War

Peace groups in Rangoon will hold a series of events over the weekend to commemorate three years of war in northern Burma’s Kachin State.

Burmese Feature to Open Czech Film Festival

“The Monk” is selected as the opening feature for the 49th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, which will be held in Prague from July 4-12.

Activists Face Violent Threats After Opposing Interfaith Marriage Bill

Burmese activists who publicly campaigned against a controversial interfaith marriage bill say they are now receiving violent threats from anonymous phone callers.

Burmese Nationalist Campaign to Call for Anti-Ooredoo Boycott

The company, which hails from Qatar, an Islamic country, is set to launch mobile phone services in Burma before the end of September.

Switch to Telenor by Ex-Ambassador to Burma Provokes Criticism in Norway

The recent appointment of Norway’s former ambassador to Burma to an executive position at Telenor Group has come under scrutiny in the Norwegian media.

Film Set for Premier on 60th Anniversary of Burma’s First Hijacking

“With the Dawn” will be screened for special guests and the press on June 25, but will not go on general release in Burma until October.

Karen Rebel Leaders Meeting Burmese President, Army Chief in Naypyidaw

A spokesman for the Karen National Union says a delegation led by Mutu Say Poe is in the Burmese capital for regular talks.

Thai Coup Brings Border Blues for Traders

Merchants with a stake in the off-the-books trade in Mae Sot say business has taken a hit since the Thai military staged a coup.