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Dolphins Imperiled as Irrawaddy River’s Fisheries Decline

Researchers say environmental degradation and illegal fishing along Burma’s largest river are threatening a vital source of food for the endangered Irrawaddy dolphin.

Burma’s Thein Sein Pays Visit to Kachin State

Ethnic leaders welcome the president’s long-awaited, but brief, visit to the war-afflicted state in northern Burma.

Dawei Village to Sue Thai Mining Firm Over Environmental Impacts

Dawei District villagers will sue a Thai company and a Burmese state-owned firm over environmental damage caused by the Heinda tin mine.

Burma President Approves Consumer Protection Law

As a new law is passed to protect consumers from unsafe or improper products, observers say law enforcement must be more robust.

Wirathu Joins Arakanese Protest Against Census

Nationalist monk U Wirathu joins protests by Arakanese Buddhists, who oppose the upcoming census because it allows Rohingya to register their identity as they wish.

Mangrove Campaigners Slapped With Protest Law Charges

Four people are facing charges under Burma’s controversial Peaceful Assembly Law after holding public talks about environmental conservation in Irrawaddy Division’s Dedaye Township.

Hollywood Calling for New Burmese Film

As Burma launches a regional film festival in Rangoon, moviemakers hope the long-stifled local industry is due for a breakthrough onto the international stage.

Excavation Work at Thai King’s Tomb in Mandalay Hits Snag

The Mandalay regional government directs a joint Thai-Burmese team to halt its operations at the ongoing excavation site of a Siamese king’s tomb.

Burma Needs Policy for Squatters: Ye Htut

The presidential spokesman calls for a clear policy to handle the problem of squatting, as forcible evictions continue in the country’s biggest city.

Quintana Releases Final Report on Burma Human Rights

The UN human rights rapporteur for Burma publishes his last report to close his six-year mandate, following his ninth trip to the country in February.

Journalist Beseeches Brethren: Stop With the Muslim Hate Speech

“Fight for democratization. We have to respect each and every ethnic group as a human being,” Mon Mon Myat tells fellow journalists.

Burma’s Private Newspapers Struggle to Stay Afloat

Daily newspapers free of government control and censorship have been printing for about a year, but the market is dominated by state propaganda sheets.

UN Criticized Over Peacekeeping Invite to Burma

Human Rights Watch criticizes the UN for raising the possibility of Burma contributing UN peacekeepers, describing the nation’s military as among the world’s most abusive.

An Unsung ’88 Hero Gets His Due

Nay Min is not among 1988’s canonized pro-democracy crusaders, but his role in informing the world about the events of that year was “pivotal.”

Search for Malaysian Plane Expands to Burmese Airspace

The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has expanded to Burmese airspace, according to Burma’s Department of Civil Aviation (DCA).

NLD Co-Founder Win Tin Admitted to Hospital

The 84-year-old former political prisoner is said to be in good health, but needs to undergo physiotherapy for a problem with his hip.

Rohingyas Dying From Lack of Health Care in Arakan

Government restrictions on the Rohingya limits their access to life-saving health care, a situation that has worsened after MSF was forced to leave Arakan State.

Concern Grows Over Degradation of Irrawaddy River Basin

Environmentalists at a conference speak out against deforestation and pollution that has affected Burma’s main river and people who live alongside it.

A Cold, Tired Life for Kachin Families at Border Post 6

Hundreds of people live at this camp along the China border, huddling around fires in unlit makeshift homes and praying for an end to war.

Poll Finds Burmese Public Linking Citizenship to Buddhism

A new survey suggests that many of Burma’s citizens “seem to think that in order to be Myanmar one has to also be Buddhist.”