Burma - The Irrawaddy
Election Monitors Welcome Revised Code of Conduct

Rules for elections monitors are finalized as Burma’s highly anticipated general elections near, after revising the regulations to address criticisms by civil society.

Flawed Testimony Logged in Rangoon Crackdown Inquiry: Witnesses

Three journalists who witnessed a violent crackdown on protesters in Rangoon say an inquiry into the incident has failed to accurately document their testimonies.

Air Force Back in Kokang Action Amid Chinese Ire Over Border Bombing

The military resumes using fighter jets against Kokang rebels in northeast Burma, one week after a bomb strayed into Chinese territory, killing five Chinese nationals.

On the Waterfront

Local and foreign architects took to the Rangoon River on Thursday to survey the downtown skyline and share ideas for preserving Rangoon’s heritage.

Burma’s Military to Maintain Political Role, President Says

Burma’s military will maintain its role in politics to support a transition to democracy but will eventually submit to civilian rule, President Thein Sein says.

Families Still Denied Access to Detained Students

Anxious parents still loiter outside Pegu’s Tharyarwaddy Prison hoping for a glimpse of their children, who have been locked inside for more than a week.

Solar Powered Plane Makes Historic Landing in Mandalay

Solar Impulse 2, an aircraft powered entirely by solar energy, made a successful landing at Mandalay Airport shortly before 8pm on Thursday evening.

Deadly Machete Attack on Burmese Boys Stuns US Neighborhood

A coastal US town home to nearly 2,000 ethnic Karen refugees is shocked by the killing of three young boys from Burma.

Last Call Already? Exams Curb Alcohol Sales in Rangoon

Rangoon’s government bans alcohol sales after 10pm while students sit matriculation exams, and says it will re-enforce restrictions that prohibit those sales year-round after 11pm.

5 Accused of Sparking Mandalay Riots Sentenced to 21 Years Jail

Five people involved in a false rape claim which sparked a deadly, three-day riot last year will be behind bars until 2036.

Special Branch Harassing White Armband Campaign: Organizers

Organizers of the white armband campaign said plainclothes security forces from the Ministry of Home Affairs have been recording and interrogating the campaign’s participants.

TNLA Claim Seizure of Massive Meth, Heroin Haul

Palaung rebels claim to have seized a heroin and methamphetamine haul worth over US$3.5 million while inspecting a mining truck in northern Shan State.

16 Killed, 28 Injured in Fresh Kokang Clashes

Clashes continue in eastern Burma’s troubled Kokang region, leaving 16 dead and dozens injured as ethnic rebels try to reclaim ground from the Burma Army.

Threatened UN Rights Envoy Confident Burma Govt Will Protect Her

UN rights investigator Yanghee Lee expects government to guarantee her security, despite failing to censure a radical Buddhist monk who incited his followers against her.

Amid Peace Talks, Ethnic Armed Groups Decry Kokang War

Ethnic armed groups share their concerns with the Burma Army over intense ongoing fighting in northern Shan State between Kokang rebels and the government.

Education Law Hearings Conclude in Naypyidaw

After wrapping up its inquiry into the National Education Law in Naypyidaw, the Upper House Draft Law Committee will publish its findings on Friday.

Journalists Handed 2-Month Prison Sentence on Defamation Charge

A court sentences two journalists to two months in prison on defamation charges after they published a story that was critical of a military lawmaker.

After Arakan Shipwreck Tragedy, Myanmar Transport Ministry to Inspect National Ferry Fleet

After more than 60 people died in a ferry accident over the weekend, all state-owned vessels across Burma will be inspected by the government.

Public Service Media Bill Shelved by Parliament

An omnibus bill aimed at overhauling government-run media services has been withdrawn from the Union Parliament at the request of the Ministry of Information.

Burma’s ‘Midnight Inspections’ Remnants of Military Rule

Late-night police intrusions have declined dramatically since Burma’s army ceded some power in 2011, but the law that facilitates them is still on the books.