Burma - The Irrawaddy
The Grammar Police Spell-Check Rangoon Restaurants

Burma’s grammar police appear to have struck again as a rash of Rangoon restaurants suddenly begin changing their names with little explanation.

Authorities Supported ‘Outsiders’ Who Incited Mandalay Violence: Rights Group

A Justice Trust report claims the 2014 outbreak of inter-communal violence in Mandalay was caused by outside thugs who operated with tacit support from authorities.

Police Release 20 Detained During Student Protest Crackdown

Pegu Division police release 20 people from Tharawaddy Prison who were detained during the brutal police crackdown on the Letpadan student protest on March 10.

More Publishers Join Campaign Against Mistreatment of Journalists

A campaign against the mistreatment of journalists gains steam among Burma’s private publishers, with six more media outlets joining a boycott of government press events.

Burma to Invite Western Observers for General Election

A senior cabinet member says members of the US-based Carter Center and the EU will be invited to monitor a general election later this year.

Police Reject Lawsuit Against Burma’s Home Affairs Minister

Police in northwestern Burma reject a lawsuit from two Buddhist monks against the country’s home minister and police chief, saying they are protected by law.

Online Backlash Over Secretariat Soirée

The use of Rangoon’s historically treasured Secretariat building as the birthday party venue for a former general’s daughter sets off a wave of online criticism.

Burma Army Launches Airstrike on Kachin Base, Rebel Officer Says

The Burma Army reportedly attacks a Kachin rebel base as peace negotiators pause what they said would be a final round of ceasefire talks.

Netherlands Queen to visit Burma

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands is set to visit Burma later this month in her role as UN envoy for development of microfinance.

Ethnic Groups Vow to Reach Ceasefire When Talks Resume Next Week

Negotiators say a peace pact is finally on the horizon, as early reports of renewed conflict in northern Burma begin to surface.

The Battle for Mandalay Remembered, 70 Years On

Two allied war veterans were among attendees at a service on Mandalay Hill marking 70 years since the allies retook the city from the Japanese.

Rangoon Peace Talks End on ‘Positive’ Note

On the tail end of four days of peace talks between the Burmese government and ethnic armed groups, stakeholders come out with a positive outlook.

Lower House Approves Two ‘Race and Religion’ Bills

Burma’s Lower House passes two bills out of a controversial package of four “Race and Religion Protection” that is being pushed by a nationalist group.

Election Monitors Welcome Revised Code of Conduct

Rules for elections monitors are finalized as Burma’s highly anticipated general elections near, after revising the regulations to address criticisms by civil society.

Flawed Testimony Logged in Rangoon Crackdown Inquiry: Witnesses

Three journalists who witnessed a violent crackdown on protesters in Rangoon say an inquiry into the incident has failed to accurately document their testimonies.

Air Force Back in Kokang Action Amid Chinese Ire Over Border Bombing

The military resumes using fighter jets against Kokang rebels in northeast Burma, one week after a bomb strayed into Chinese territory, killing five Chinese nationals.

On the Waterfront

Local and foreign architects took to the Rangoon River on Thursday to survey the downtown skyline and share ideas for preserving Rangoon’s heritage.

Burma’s Military to Maintain Political Role, President Says

Burma’s military will maintain its role in politics to support a transition to democracy but will eventually submit to civilian rule, President Thein Sein says.

Families Still Denied Access to Detained Students

Anxious parents still loiter outside Pegu’s Tharyarwaddy Prison hoping for a glimpse of their children, who have been locked inside for more than a week.

Solar Powered Plane Makes Historic Landing in Mandalay

Solar Impulse 2, an aircraft powered entirely by solar energy, made a successful landing at Mandalay Airport shortly before 8pm on Thursday evening.