Facing Challenges, Burma Seeks Extractive Sector Transparency by 2016

The murky legal environment in which civil society groups exist is posing challenges as resource-rich Burma strives to join the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).

Myanmar’s Multicultural Spirits

As tensions between Buddhists and Muslims grow in Myanmar, a strange harmony prevails in the world of nat spirits.

Defiant Burma Activists Expect Jail Over Shwe Gas Protest

Ten activists on trial for protesting without a permit against a Chinese-led oil and gas project in Arakan State say they expect to be jailed.

The UN’s special rapporteur for human rights in Burma meets with the parents of a girl gunned down by the Burmese military in a killing.

Interference in Judicial System Harming Burmese People: Lawmakers

Lawmakers discuss rule of law, after a parliamentary committee finds continued intervention by administrative officials in the judicial system.

Shwe Mann, Suu Kyi Seek to Reassure Journalists Over Media Laws

Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and Parliament Speaker Shwe Mann say a controversial publishing bill could still be amended before it becomes law.

Rohingya Activist Arrested After Sharing Photos of Police Crackdown

An activist who shared photographs of a police crackdown on displaced Muslims is arrested in the Arakan State capital.

Letpadaung Protesters Stage Sit-In Near Police Station

Local residents demand the release of 10 people who were arrested during an earlier protest against the controversial mine project.

When the Chinese Press Down

Contemporary culture in Myanmar pushes back—with increasing intensity.

Activists Decry Rangoon Directive Prohibiting Unpermitted Political Gatherings

Activists condemn a local ban on holding political gatherings without government permission in Rangoon, with the restriction raising fears of backsliding on democratic reforms.

Traditional Burmese Dance Troupe Returns to National Stage

The Shwe Man Thabin traditional Zat Pwe troupe holds a two-night extravaganza of song, dance, comedy, drama and spectacle.

China Seeks Burmese Support to Restart Myitsone Dam

China would like to restart the controversial Myitsone dam project in Kachin State, with consent from the Burmese people, the Chinese ambassador says.

Arakanese protesters meet Tomás Ojea Quintana when he arrives in Sittwe as part of an 11-day visit to Burma to assess the human rights situation.

Australian Rockers Air Supply to Play Rangoon Charity Gig

The 1980s rock band Air Supply is scheduled to play live in Rangoon, with the concert’s proceeds pledged to education projects in Burma.

Indonesian Police Foil Burmese Embassy Bomb Plot

Indonesian police have arrested a man suspected of fund-raising for an alleged plot to attack the Burmese Embassy in protest against Burma’s treatment of Muslims.

Fresh Clashes in Arakan Signal Growing Muslim Desperation

Attempts to bring stability to Burma’s Arakan State could be unraveling after police opened fire on Rohingya Muslims for the third time in two months.

Two Rohingya Killed by Police in Arakan: State Govt

At least two Rohingya Muslims are killed by police and seven others injured in Arakan State clashes, according to the regional government.

Student Army Marks 8888 Anniversary by Signing Truce With Govt

The ABSDF and the Burma government will meet in November to discuss a possible political deal, after agreeing to a first-ever national-level truce on Saturday.

Meeting Between Govt, Journalists Yields No Breakthrough on Media Bills

A stand-off between the Burma government and local journalists over proposed media laws looks set to continue.

Man Arrested After Allegedly Selling Burmese Migrants into Slavery

Thai authorities arrest and charge a suspected human trafficker who allegedly sold hundreds of migrants from Burma into slavery to work in Thailand’s fishing industry.