Burma - The Irrawaddy
Kachin Rebels Suspend Monthly Meetings With Burma Army

The KIA says it cancels monthly meetings with Burma Army commanders, as the government failed to explain a recent attack on a KIA training school. 

Disgraced Former Religion Minister’s Appeal Rejected

A court rejects the appeal of former Religious Affairs Minister Hsan Hsint, who was sentenced to 13 years’ imprisonment on charges of corruption and sedition.

Irrawaddy Salt Farmers Ordered to Pay Debt or Face Jail

Salt producers in Irrawaddy Division who fail to repay government regeneration loans granted after Cyclone Nargis could face jail as early as next year.

Emergency Care Bill Signed Into Law

The law, covering first-on-the-scene response and hospital care, is in attempt to fix some of the ails afflicting Burma’s decrepit health care system.

Rangoon Division Official Proposes 12-Party Constitutional Reform Talks

A Rangoon Division official proposes 12-party talks on constitutional reforms to local parliament, after the president and the army recently dismissed calls for six-party talks.

20 Muslims Facing Trial on Terrorism Charges

Twenty Burmese Muslims stand accused of links to a terrorist group in a trial that their lawyer says lacks credible evidence to back the allegations.

Ethnic Alliance Ponders Future Federalism, Creates ‘Federal Union Army’

Ethnic armed groups plan to form a Federal Union Army to bolster defense cooperation and aid the creation of a future federal army for Burma.

Rangoon Govt Begins Impounding Sports Cars, Motorbikes

With fines failing to deter owners of high performance automobiles and motorbikes, traffic police have been instructed to seize and impound unauthorized vehicles.

Coalition Targets ‘Undemocratic’ Laws on Local Governance

A report claim provisions in Burma’s Ward and Village Tract Administrative Laws are undemocratic, calling for amendments to provisions of the Constitution concerning local governance.

Opium Cultivation Stabilizes for First Time Since 2006: Report

Opium cultivation in Burma stabilizes in 2014, marking the first time since 2006 that cultivation did not expand, a new UN report says.

NLD Member Prosecuted for ‘Wounding Religious Feelings’

Prominent columnist Htin Lin Oo will be subjected to a lawsuit and possible imprisonment over the contents of an October speech condemned by Buddhist groups.

2 Dolphins Killed by Electro-Fishing in Irrawaddy River, Conservationists Say

Two young carcasses of the rare species were found late last week on the bank of the Irrawaddy River near Mandalay.

Burmese Migrants Plead Innocence as Koh Tao Murder Trial Begins

The murder trial starts for two Burmese migrant workers accused of killing a pair of British travelers on southern Thailand’s Koh Tao island.

Pegu Police Sue Myanmar Herald Reporter

A Myanmar Herald reporter is being sued under the Media Law by a Pegu Division police commander for allegedly negatively affecting his reputation.

Ethnic Armies ‘Breaking Their Promise’: Ne Win’s Grandson

Critics have hit back at comments by the former dictator’s grandson which lay blame for ongoing conflict at the feet of ethnic armed groups.

Myanmar Officer Jailed for Backing Smaller Army Role in Politics

Burma’s military jails an officer for two years for signing a petition supporting a constitutional amendment to reduce the army’s role in politics.

Govt Should Investigate Girl’s Killing by Army, Say Rights Groups

Government should investigate the military’s alleged killing of a teenage girl whose father is being prosecuted after filing a complaint about the attack, activists say.

Norwegian Minister Indulges in the Myth of a Democratizing Middle Class

As Norwegian King Harald V wraps up a state visit to Burma, The Irrawaddy reflects on the changing economic relationship between the two nations.

Parliament Considers Bill to Criminalize Polygamy, Infidelity

A draft monogamy law published on Friday seeks to mandate seven-year prison terms for acts of polygamy and extramarital affairs.

Mandalay Authorities Hassle Independent Media During Norwegian King’s Arrival

Mandalay authorities hassle independent local media as they try to cover the visit of Norway’s King Harald, allowing only state-run media to access the event.