Burma’s Parliament Approves $100 Million Loan From China

Lawmakers give the green light to a high-interest loan to fund a cooperatives program, with opposition from the National League for Democracy.

Use of Chemicals in Food a Growing Worry for Burmese Consumers

A consumer rights group says that Burmese are only now becoming aware of the dangers of the chemicals contaminating much of the food they eat.

Monsoon Rains Inundate Rangoon

Heavy rains flood several streets in downtown Rangoon and other parts of Burma’s commercial capital, disrupting daily life for many of the city’s residents.

Burma Faces ‘Massive’ Treatment Gap for Drug-Resistant TB

Drug-resistant tuberculosis is spreading rapidly, but only a fraction of the patients are receiving proper treatment for this dangerous form of TB, a medical charity warns.

Burma Borrows $100 Mln from China to Fund Anti-Poverty Schemes

Naypyidaw will inject Chinese funds into cooperative programs for the poor, but lawmakers say the old anti-poverty schemes have proven to be ineffective.

Burma Police Hunt for 3 Muslim Men Suspected of Bomb Plot

The police in southern Burma are searching for three Muslim men suspected of entering the country illegally from Thailand and plotting a bomb attack.

In Central Burma, a Spirited Celebration

The village of Taung Pyone is thronged by worshippers from across the country who traveled to central Burma to pay homage to the ancient spirits.

Buddhist Monk Urges Mon Youth to Keep the Armed Revolution Alive

A senior Buddhist monk tells more than 100 Mon youth that armed struggle is necessary to achieve greater freedom from the national government.

Burma Rejects UN Rights Envoy’s Claim of Attack

Burma says a UN envoy was well-protected during a visit to Meikhtila, disputing claims that police did nothing as a mob attacked his car.

Thai Police Seize 14 Elephants Thought Smuggled From Burma

Thai police say they seized more than a dozen elephants after busting a gang that allegedly provided the animals’ owners with false identification papers.

Cherry Mann’s Indian BBQ: A Great Place to Start a Night on the Town

In a city where curries dominate most menus, Cherry Mann sets itself apart by serving very good Indian barbecue at a reasonable price.

UN Envoy ‘Feels Fear’ of Communal Violence Victims on Burma Trip

A UN human rights envoy says he empathizes with the fear experienced by victims of communal violence in Burma after a mob attacked his convoy.

Floods in Thandwe Town Displace 600 People

Floods in Arakan State’s Thandwe town have displaced about 600 people in recent days, while three residents drowned in the flood waters.

As Thilawa SEZ Launch Nears, Farmers Concerned About Compensation

The Japanese-backed special economic zone will start next month, but farmers say the procedures for receiving compensation for lost land remain unclear.

Burma’s Lower House Discusses Amendments to Electronic Transactions Law

A lawmaker proposes amendments to the draconian law and reportedly receives support from Union House Speaker Shwe Mann.

Burmese Writer Dagon Taya’s Funeral Held

Well-known writer Dagon Taya, who died earlier this week, was laid to rest in his home town of Aungban, in Shan State, on Wednesday.

Teacher Forced to Resign for Attending ’88 Uprising Commemoration

A schoolteacher in Naypyidaw is sacked for attending a commemoration of the 25-year anniversary of Burma’s 1988 pro-democracy uprising earlier this month.

Big Tobacco Brands Slip Into Burma Without Fanfare

As some international companies trumpet their arrival in Asia’s hottest frontier market, the tobacco industry has a different strategy: It’s slipping into Burma without fanfare.

In Indonesia, Another Suspect Arrested in Burma Embassy Bomb Plot Case

Anti-terror police arrest five people, including a 32-year-old who was allegedly involved in the foiled May bomb plot on the Burma Embassy in Jakarta.

Burmese Abbot Takes Once-Disputed Helm of Monastery in Thailand

Burmese Buddhists in Chiang Mai, Thailand, officially install one of their countrymen as abbot of a local monastery formerly engulfed in a cross-border leadership dispute.