Burma - The Irrawaddy
Students Pause Protest, Demand Govt Response on Education Law

Hundreds of students protesting a controversial education law suspend their demonstration and give the Burmese government 60 days to respond to their demands.

Inquiry Into Journalist Killing Could ‘Soon’ Wrap Up: Commission Member

A National Human Rights Commission member says an inquiry could “soon” wrap up after the commission questions dozens of witnesses, including policemen and military officers.

Military MPs Object to Constitutional Change

Military parliamentarians signal that they will not support amendments to Burma’s Constitution, dimming prospects for change to the charter ahead of national elections next year.

As Fears Rise in Burma, Rohingya Exodus Grows

The captain of a small fishing vessel helping Rohingya Muslims escape flee Burma now worries about the pace of the exodus in recent weeks.

China, Burma Sign $7.8 bn of Deals: China Daily

China and Burma sign deals worth $7.8 billion for energy, agriculture, telecommunications, infrastructure and finance during Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s visit, Chinese state media report.

Landmark Meeting Calls for Trans-Boundary Salween Collaboration

Environmental experts urge the Burmese, Chinese and Thai governments to lead the formation of a committee handling environmental and social issues along the Salween River.

Activists, Ethnic Leaders Cry Neglect During Obama Visit

Prominent democracy activists and ethnic rights representatives say they should have been included in discussions hosted by the US president in Rangoon.

Obama Lends Ear to Burma’s Youth

Hundreds of young civic leaders, students and activists welcome US President Barack Obama to Rangoon University for a town hall-style meeting.

Students Protest Education Law in Downtown Rangoon

More than 350 students call for an overhaul of the National Education Law, which students, teachers and education experts have strongly criticized in recent months.

Lower House Chairman Rejects PR System Proposal

In a surprise decision, Lower House Speaker Shwe Mann rejects a controversial proposal to change Burma’s electoral system from First-Past-The-Post to Proportional Representation.

Obama, Suu Kyi Pledge Solidarity Amid ‘Bumpy Patch’ in Reforms

US President Barack Obama offers support for a reform process that Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi says has hit a “bumpy patch.”

Burma Military Should Have Less Power: Obama

The US President has used a meeting with senior lawmakers to state that the military should not be a feature of future Burmese governments.

Rangoon Officials Unimpressed With Obama Graffiti

A spray-painted portrait marking US President Barack Obama’s trip to Rangoon appeared then promptly disappeared on Friday after local authorities moved to cover it up.

US, Japan, Denmark Promote Labor Rights in Burma

The US is teaming up with Japan and Denmark to try to improve labor conditions in Burma, where poor conditions for workers are a concern.

Obama Optimistic on Change in Burma, More Work to be Done

Meeting with senior lawmakers, President Obama says that the reform process is incomplete and the military veto over Constitutional change needs to be addressed.

Burma Govt Shows Illusion of Diversity at Asia Summit 

Women in the traditional garbs of Burma’s many ethnic minorities welcomed world leaders in Naypyidaw, but all were Burmese students dressed up for the occasion.

A Look Back: Five Years of Burma-US Relations

After two decades of sanctions, the United States cautiously moves toward a policy of engagement with Burma. The Irrawaddy looks back at five years of warming relations.

Parliament Votes to Boost Pay for Lawmakers, Civil Servants

Lawmakers in Burma’s Union Parliament unexpectedly and unanimously approve a salary hike for themselves and civil servants in an emergency motion.

Govt Criticizes Ban Ki-moon Over Use of ‘Rohingya’ Term

Government and Arakan State officials denounce Ban Ki-moon’s use of the term, but UN secretary general says focusing on terminology for Muslim minority is “unnecessary.”

US Says Burma Should Draft New Plan to Give Rohingya Citizenship

The United States urges Burma to allow Rohingya citizenship and to scrap a proposal to send them to detention camps.