Burma - The Irrawaddy
Another Flight Hits Birdlife Above Bago

An Air KBZ flight to Kengtung was forced to return to Rangoon Airport on Sunday after hitting a flock of birds shortly after takeoff.

Gem Traders in Mandalay Oppose Moving Marketplace

Gem traders in Mandalay gear up in opposition to a government plan to relocate Burma’s biggest jade and gem market.

Suu Kyi Denounces ‘Just for Show’ 12-Party Charter Talks

Burma’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi rejects as “just for show” a proposal recently put forward for 12-party talks on constitutional reform.

US Sends Mixed Message to Burma Military

Human rights advocates and some lawmakers say the United States is sending the wrong signal by opening the door for broader engagement with Burma’s military.

2 KNLA Members Killed in Highway Bus Robbery

Two soldiers from the Karen National Liberation Army have been killed after attempting to intervene in a robbery in Tenasserim Division.

Rangoon Municipality Plan to Move Street Vendors into Multi-Storey Markets

Rangoon municipality wants to turn the city’s markets into multi-storey buildings, so that street vendors can be moved indoors and off the city’s busy pavements.

Court Accepts Charges Against New Zealander, 2 Burmese for Insulting Buddhism

Rangoon court accepts charges against a New Zealander and two Burmese men accused of insulting religion for distributing a flyer showing a Buddha wearing headphones.

Migrants Accused of Thai Beach Murder Ask Suu Kyi for Help

Two Burmese migrants accused of a high-profile double murder in Thailand appeal once again to Burma’s leading lady as they prepare for an expedited hearing.

Industry Experts See Potential in Backpacker Boom

The backpacker, a unique variety of traveler associated with intrepid, low-cost wandering, is fast becoming a cardinal feature of Burma’s tourist scene.

Suu Kyi, Opposition Lawmakers Question 12-Party Talks Proposal

Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi dismisses a Rangoon Division parliament proposal for 12-party talks on constitutional reform; other opposition lawmakers also question its intentions.

MAI Plane Damaged During Landing in Rangoon

A collision with a bird during final descent into Rangoon International Airport damaged the nosecone of an Airbus plane, with no injuries reported among passengers or crew.

Malaysia Arrests 20 as Probe Widens Into Murders of Burmese Nationals

Malaysian police arrest 20 people in a widening investigation into the murder of at least 18 Burmese nationals in the state of Penang since January

Dam Projects Risk Reigniting Burma’s Civil War 

A string of huge dams planned along the Salween River, one of Asia’s last untamed waterways, could reignite civil war in Burma, ethnic minorities fear.

Police Arrest New Zealander, 2 Burmese for Promotion Insulting Buddhism

Rangoon police charge a New Zealander and two Burmese men with insulting religion because their bar distributed a promotional flyer showing a Buddha wearing headphones

Women Seek Historic Wins in Landmark YCDC Election

Rangoon’s historic municipal elections will see women constitute just over 10 percent of the 293 candidates competing in the Dec. 27 polls.

Rangoon Parliament Proposes 12-Party Constitutional Talks to President

Rangoon Division parliament approves a proposal urging the president, army chief, Suu Kyi and other political players to hold 12-party talks on constitutional reforms.

Kachin Rebels Suspend Monthly Meetings With Burma Army

The KIA says it cancels monthly meetings with Burma Army commanders, as the government failed to explain a recent attack on a KIA training school. 

Disgraced Former Religion Minister’s Appeal Rejected

A court rejects the appeal of former Religious Affairs Minister Hsan Hsint, who was sentenced to 13 years’ imprisonment on charges of corruption and sedition.

Irrawaddy Salt Farmers Ordered to Pay Debt or Face Jail

Salt producers in Irrawaddy Division who fail to repay government regeneration loans granted after Cyclone Nargis could face jail as early as next year.

Emergency Care Bill Signed Into Law

The law, covering first-on-the-scene response and hospital care, is in attempt to fix some of the ails afflicting Burma’s decrepit health care system.