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Suu Kyi Calls on Public to Join Demonstrations for Constitutional Reform

People should “be brave and rid themselves of fear in order to create the country they want,” opposition leader says, while appealing for constitutional reform.

Burma’s Marine Eden Braces for Tourism

The Mergui archipelago remains a Lost World of some 800 mostly untouched islands, but developers are readying to bring large-scale tourism.

Thousands to March for Termination of Burma’s Myitsone Dam

Protesters fear that the stalled hydropower project on the Irrawaddy River in Kachin State will be restarted, amid pressure from the development’s Chinese backers.

Question of ‘Federal Army’ Looms Over Burma’s Peace Process

Ethnic armed groups want to join a future Burma Army while maintaining control over their areas, a demand that is deemed unrealistic by some experts.

Burma Begins Passport Scheme for Migrant Workers in Thailand

Migrant rights activists say the new process only adds complexity, and rules out many workers who do not possess the correct Burmese documentation.

One Dead in Kachin IDP Camp Fire

An accidental fire at one of the camps for internally displaced persons in Kachin State claims the life of a 13-year-old girl.

Burma Rebels, Villagers Destroy Poppy Crops

Rebel soldiers in eastern Burma are battling not with government forces, but against opium crops that are destroying communities as they succumb to drug addiction.

Burma Govt Says ‘Public Service,’ Journalists See Propaganda

Rangoon-based journalists say they cannot accept a public service media bill submitted to Parliament by the government this week, criticizing the proposal as self-serving.

Govt, Army and Ethnic Groups Closing Differences, Forging New Approach

“We were told the Tatmadaw is totally committed to peace,” says ethnic representative, as government, army and ethnic groups inch closer to forging joint ceasefire.

Upper House Approves Ban on Politics for Non-Citizens

Burma’s Upper House removed the right of temporary citizenship card holders to form parties, a decision that could further curtail the rights of Rohingya Muslims.

Official Confirms Burma By-Elections Due This Year

A second by-election since President Thein Sein took power will take place this year for some 30 vacant seats in the Union and state-level parliaments.

President Signs New Media Laws, to Mixed Reaction From Journalists

The signing of two new laws marks the official end of a draconian 1962 press law, yet many journalists remain concerned over remaining media restrictions.

Court Hears Witnesses in Case Against Unity Journalists

A court questioned witnesses in the case of the detained CEO and four journalists of Unity Journal, who are charged with revealing state secrets.

Spiritual, Political Leaders Question Need for Burma Religious Law

With a commission established to draft a law on protection of race and religion, President Thein Sein is accused of exploiting religion for political gain.

Festival Patron Suu Kyi to Meet Mandalay Writers Who Boycotted

The opposition leader will meet with writers from Mandalay whom she did not see during an international literary festival that the contingent boycotted last month.

Crackdown Under Way on Illicit Thai Passport Trade

After passengers on missing flight MH370 boarded with passports stolen in Thailand, authorities cracked down on the passport trade, which reportedly also involves Burmese migrants.

Burma Parliament Likely to Approve Electricity Price Rise

The President’s Office has proposed a plan to increase electricity prices for large-scale consumers, which could save more than $270 million in government spending.

Burma Will Allow MH370 Search to Continue in Its Territory: Official

An official at the Department of Civil Aviation says Burma is prepared to grant Malaysia permission to continue the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight in its waters.

Peace Brokers Lack a Mandate: Burma Expert

Journalist Bertil Lintner criticizes the peace industry forming in Burma, and says existing ceasefires with the country’s ethnic armed groups are fragile.

Dolphins Imperiled as Irrawaddy River’s Fisheries Decline

Researchers say environmental degradation and illegal fishing along Burma’s largest river are threatening a vital source of food for the endangered Irrawaddy dolphin.