Union Parliament Speaker Shwe Mann Meets Wa Rebels

The parliamentary leader makes his first meeting with ethnic Wa rebel leaders form the United Wa State Army (UWSA) in east Burma’s Shan State.

Govt Donation to Press Council Draw Criticism

A $50,000 government donation to Burma’s interim Press Council has attracted criticism from local journalists, who say that accepting it could affect the media’s independence.

No SIM City in Burma

To connect to the Web, people in Burma look to their mobile phones, but hurdles for obtaining SIM cards still stand in the way.

Burma Offers a Faster Track to the Golden Rock

Burma’s government launches a new “special train” for reduced travel time to a popular tourist attraction and pilgrimage site in Mon State.

Burma to Cooperate With Malaysia on Forced Repatriation of Migrants

Naypyidaw is preparing to cooperate with Malaysia to arrange for the repatriation of hundreds of Burmese migrant workers who were detained during an ongoing crackdown.

NLD Prepares for Youth Congress

Burma’s biggest opposition party expects to hold its first nationwide youth congress in December or early January to encourage the emergence of young leaders.

Days Not Numbered for Burma’s Lottery, Chief Says

Burma’s state lottery collects US$6 million monthly, a source of revenue for the government and lucky winners that is unlikely to disappear any time soon.

River Bank Erosion Forces Hundreds of Families to Relocate

Erosion is causing the collapse of long stretches of river bank along the Irrawaddy and Chindwin in central Burma, forcing hundreds of households to relocate.

At an exhibition in Rangoon, Burmese painter Win Tint offers a dreamlike view of Shwedagon Pagoda that might never be apparent to occasional visitors.

Is Burma’s ‘Disconnectivity’ Deliberate?

In a country that has yet to prove it can carry out reforms, the Internet is a commodity trapped under the monopoly of the state.

Burma’s Ex-Censor-in-Chief Turns to TV

Tint Swe has put down his red marker and says he’s transforming the state broadcaster from a propaganda organ to public service media.

Kachin Rebels Clash With Burma Army and Govt-backed Militia

Kachin rebels reportedly fought deadly gun battles with the Burma Army and a government-backed militia this weekend near Putao, a towns in northern Kachin State.

Burmese Migrants to See Thai Work Eligibility Extended: Rights Group

Thailand has agreed to adopt a new, less restrictive policy for Burmese migrant workers whose visa extension options for temporary passports are currently limited.

Thein Sein Makes Rare Comments on 1988 Uprising

Burma’s president acknowledges the important role in national history of the 1988 pro-democracy uprising, which was brutally crushed by the military, leaving thousands dead.

150 Years On, Bustle of Mandalay Jetty Endures

Gaw Wain, a jetty in Mandalay with a history as a vital hub on Burma’s Irrawaddy River, continues to sustain local livelihoods and transport linkages.

Torture Persists in Kachin State

Despite government denials, there is abundant evidence that the authorities continue to use torture to extract confessions from prisoners in Kachin State.

Hustle and Bustle at a Burmese Fish Market

The hustle and bustle of Burma’s fishing industry is confined to places such as the Kyee Myint Taing market, just west of downtown Rangoon.

More Than 70 Rohingyas Handed Lengthy Prison Sentences

An Arakan court last week sentenced seven Rohingyas to life in prison and 69 to lengthy prison terms in relation to last year’s inter-communal violence.

Burma Military’s New Rangoon Billboard Attracts Attention

A billboard calling for an end to child soldiers was erected by the Burmese military in downtown Rangoon, as families continue to report underage recruitment.

Sagaing Police Arrest More Suspects After Latest Sectarian Unrest

The police are continuing to arrest suspects after a Buddhist mob set fire to dozens of Muslim-owned homes and businesses in northwest Burma.