Burma - The Irrawaddy
NLD Holds First Youth Congress, Choses Youth Leaders

The National League for Democracy held its first ever youth congress in Rangoon this past weekend and during the event 15 youth leaders were chosen.

Elephants in Burma at Risk Due to Poor Thai Law: Activists

A wildlife monitoring network calls on Thailand to update legislation that leaves Asian Elephants in Burma vulnerable to illegal trafficking.

Persecution of Muslims in Arakan State Traps Buddhist Minority in Limbo

The ethnic Maramargyi people in western Burma are Buddhist but face discrimination due to their South Asian facial features and darker skin.

Mandalay Quiet, But Residents Live in Fear

Calm returned to Mandalay and surrounding areas after four days of unrest, but residents say they live in fear of another outbreak of violence.

Hundreds Gather to Mourn Buddhist Victim of Mandalay Religious Violence

Hundreds gathered for the funeral of a Buddhist man outside of Mandalay on Friday. Emotions ran high and an angry crowd vandalized a Muslim cemetery.

Central Mandalay Calm After Heavy Police Deployment

Unrest spread on the outskirts of Mandalay Friday afternoon, but the city center was calm by evening after a heavy police deployment.

Ethnic, Political Groups Hold Talks on Thai Border

Ethnic armed groups and opposition political parties meet to discuss the government’s push for a nationwide peace accord and opposition calls for constitutional amendments.

Thai Junta Compares its Coup to Burma’s 1988 Crackdown

Following a meeting with Burma’s army commander General Min Aung Hlaing, Thai military compares its coup to the brutal 1988 crackdown by Burma’s former junta.

NLD Campaign Will Not Influence Constitutional Reform in Parliament: Shwe Mann

The union parliament speaker says that Aung San Suu Kyi’s nationwide public campaign for constitutional reform will not influence parliamentary discussions on the matter.

Mandalay Police Arrest Five as Calm Returns After Riots

Police in Mandalay arrested another five people after inter-communal violence, but a heavy security presence appeared to have restored calm early Friday afternoon.

Facebook Problems Coincide With Curfew in Burma

The website could not be accessed during the hours of a government-imposed curfew in Mandalay, where rioting this week has killed at least two people.

Web Hackers Poke Fun at Burmese IT Ministry

The website of Burma’s IT ministry is hacked, with cartoon depictions of turtles replacing government logos, perhaps as a critique of slow Internet connections.

NLD Denounces Fake Statement on Mandalay Riots

The National League for Democracy has condemned the actions of a social media user who published a fake NLD statement with comments about religious unrest.

Mandalay Authorities Impose City-Wide Curfew

Mandalay District authorities announce a night time curfew, after two consecutive nights of inter-communal violence between Buddhist and Muslim residents rocked Burma’s second biggest city.

DVB Reporter Zaw Pe Due to Be Released

Imprisoned DVB reporter Zaw Pe is due to be released on Friday after a court reduced his prison sentence from one year to three months.

New Arakan Chief Minister Pledges ‘Zero Tolerance’ of Rohingya Smuggling

Gen. Maung Maung Ohn, Arakan State’s new chief minister, vows to come down hard on anyone caught smuggling Rohingyas into or out of the state.

Ex-Religious Minister Proclaims Innocence on Way to Court

While on his way to court in Naypyidaw, former minister Hsan Hsint shouted to reporters that he was not guilty of corruption charges brought against him.

2 Dead as Religious Rioting Continues in Mandalay

For a second night, Buddhists and Muslims clash in Burma’s second-biggest city, leaving at least two people dead and fourteen others injured.

Hillary Clinton’s Take on ‘The Lady and the Generals’

In her latest memoir, the United States’ former chief diplomat describes her cherished personal relationship with Aung San Suu Kyi and Washington’s evolving Burma ties.

Top KNLA General’s Toyota Land Cruiser Seized

A car owned by the Karen National Liberation Army’s commander-in-chief is seized in Rangoon after it was found to be without an import permit.