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Rohingya Could Face Detention Under Burma Govt Draft Plan

Government drafts a plan that will give the Rohingya Muslim minority a bleak choice: accept ethnic reclassification and the prospect of citizenship, or be detained.

Heavy Fighting Erupts Near Myawaddy, Residents Flee Homes

Heavy fighting erupts between the Burma Army and the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army near Myawaddy on Saturday afternoon, and dozens of residents flee their homes.

Beauty Pageants Expose Dreams and Dangers in Modern Burma

Hoping for a better life, fame and fortune, young women are eager to enter the beauty contests that have been launched since Burma opened up.

DKBA Rebels Injure 2 Soldiers, Detain 8 in Mon State

Rising tensions between the military and Karen rebels in eastern Burma spark another incident, with DKBA fighters detaining eight police and soldiers, and injuring two. 

Death of a Journalist

A look back at one Japanese photojournalist’s take on the killing of a colleague and countryman seven years ago during Burma’s Saffron Revolution.

French Family Food in a Garden Setting

New French restaurant Rendez-Vous offers simple but hearty French food, at a reasonable price.

Chin Farmers Re-Arrested After Accusing Burma Army of Torture

Five Chin farmers, who had accused soldiers of torturing them, are re-arrested by the army and forced to sign a document denying the allegations.

Rangoon Govt Suspends Controversial City Expansion Plan

After facing criticism from the media and local lawmakers, a controversial city expansion plan for Burma’s former capital has been suspended, the Rangoon mayor says.

MPs Urge Prompt Return of Confiscated Land

MPs in Burma’s Parliament have urged relevant government ministries to swiftly resolve outstanding cases of land confiscation as farmers in Magwe Division stage protest.

Thai PM to Meet Burma President, Parliament Speaker During 3-Day Visit

Thai junta leader Prayut will pay a three-day visit to Burma starting Oct 1, and meet President Thein Sein and Union Parliament Speaker Shwe Mann.

NGOs Slam Performance of National Human Rights Commission

NGOs issue a damning review of the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission, saying that it has not successfully investigated “any case submitted to it.”

BGF Arrests 5 Soldiers for Suspected Involvement in KNU Killing

BGF troops detain five soldiers for suspected involvement in the killing of a KNU soldier as tensions between armed groups continues to simmer in Myawaddy.

Hotel Zone Slated for Chin State

Burma’s Ministry of Hotels and Tourism plans to open a hotel zone in western Chin State, the poorest and least developed part of the country.

Rare Civilian Trial for Soldier Accused of Rape

A member of the Burmese Army sees a rare civilian trial for the alleged rape of a 15-year-old ethnic Kachin girl.

Burmese Army Releases 108 Child Soldiers

The Burmese military formally discharges 108 child soldiers from its ranks, the largest release of underage recruits in Burma to date.

Burmese Migrants Report Police Beatings During Murder Investigation on Koh Tao

Allegations surface that at least two Burmese migrants were beaten by Thai police on Koh Tao island as the Burmese Embassy vows to keep watch.

Burmese Migrants, Thai Recruiters Arrested in Mae Sot

Thai authorities in Mae Sot arrest scores of Burmese migrant workers and a group of Thai nationals accused of illegally recruiting them.

Young, Gifted and Searching

US photographer Diana Markosian was inspired by Myanmar’s youth during a recent month-long stay in the country, when she hung out with artists, rappers, dancers and other creative types.

Senior NLD Member Denies Report of Party Support for Shwe Mann Presidency

Senior NLD member Hantha Myint denies he told a reporter that the party could support ex-general Shwe Mann for the presidency after next year’s elections.

MPs Voice Doubts Over Burma’s Anti-Corruption Commission

Parliamentarians quiz anti-corruption commission officials over the effectiveness of the government-aligned body, which says it has handled just three of more than 500 graft complaints.