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K-Pop Girl Band ‘2NE1’ to Play Rangoon

Tickets to see the South Korean all-girl group in Burma’s former capital on Saturday are on sale for up to $900.

Seeking Independence, Opium Eradication in Palaung Territory

The Palaung, or Ta’ang, live in northern Shan State and are fighting wars against both the Burmese government and the scourge of opium.

Slow Connectivity at the India-Burma Border

Linkages between Burma and India’s remote northeast have been in the works for more than 20 years, but progress remains underwhelming.

A Sanctuary for Burmese Elephants in Green Hill Valley

A group of elephants, mostly retired work animals from Burma’s logging industry, is now being cared for at a camp in Southern Shan State.

At the Start of the Death Railway

The railway’s start point in Mon State is a reminder of the thousands of war prisoners who lost their lives constructing the line to Thailand.

A Buddhist Tradition: Boating Through Bago Paddy Fields

On the Full Moon Day of Waso, Buddhists ride wooden boats through flooded fields toward the shrine of a guardian spirit.

Time Out With Ta’ang Rebels

An Irrawaddy photographer gets an inside look at life as a soldier in the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) in northern Shan State.

Ethnic Kayaw Traditions On the Wane as Youth Shun Traditional Dress

The Kayaw, an ethnic group living in Karenni State, are known for their ornate ear rings, silver pendants and brass rings worn around women’s legs.

Funeral Sparks Further Unrest in Mandalay

A Buddhist mob sets fire to a Muslim section of a cemetery during the funeral of a Buddhist man who was killed in rioting.

Security Tight in Mandalay after Outbreak of Communal Violence

More than a thousand police are deployed in central Mandalay after clashes between Buddhists and Muslims late Tuesday night.

In Karenni State, a Monastery Fit for a Prince

The palatial Kantarawadi Haw in downtown Loikaw is perhaps the last surviving reminder of a bygone era in Karenni State.

As Drugs Blaze, Eradication Efforts Fail to Stem Trade: UN

UN officials warn illicit drug production in Burma continues to rise, while noting there had been “relatively little” drug seizures.

‘Burma is Like a Cancer Victim’

The exhibition of Burmese painter Yei Myint depicts a country afflicted, despite its widely lauded reforms of recent years.

Netherlands Burma Water Management Cooperation to Address Challenges, Boost Trade

The countries resume water management cooperation after a hiatus of two decades, as a Dutch delegation offers expertise to address risks and build up trade.

A Contest to the Death in Indonesia

Spear-wielding warriors on horseback take revenge during a violent annual festival known as Pasola on the island of Sumba, in eastern Indonesia.

A Holy Limestone Cave in Karen State

Surrounded by lush paddy fields, the Kawgun cave in southeastern Burma attracts visitors from near and far, who come to admire its many Buddhist statues.

The Reach of Rangoon River

Rangoon River contributes much to the day-to-day lives of more than six million people living in Burma’s biggest city and its neighboring areas.

Artists Celebrate Suu Kyi’s Upcoming Birthday With Exhibit

The ‘For Suu’ art exhibition puts 77 portrait paintings of Aung San Suu Kyi on display in honor of her 69th birthday on Thursday.

Serene Sangkhlaburi

Spectacular light, a charming old-world atmosphere and an abundance of nature add to the understated allure of this little-known border town.

Knee-Deep in Rangoon’s Rainy Season

The government says it spent US$12 million to improve the city’s drainage system, but residents are still regularly forced to wade through deep floods.