Multimedia - The Irrawaddy

Car lovers are offered a glimpse of classic beauty at Burma’s first vintage auto expo, showcasing refurbished vehicles from the pre-war days to the 1970s.

At this seaside village in Mon State, the pungent smell of fish is a daily reality for the 300 households that make up “New Andin.”

Daw Ni Ni found her calling when she moved to Dala and inadvertently transformed her home into a much-needed refuge for abandoned children.

Tea is tops in Mong Mao, a district of the Wa Special Region in northeastern Burma’s Shan State where opium poppies once bloomed.

Leaders and commanders from 13 ethnic armed groups wrap up a six-day conference on Burma’s nationwide ceasefire process, held in the semi-autonomous Wa Special Region.

Locals get creative to beat the summer heat in sweltering downtown Rangoon.

The Irrawaddy visits unkempt remains of the former headquarters of the Communist Party of Burma, as ethnic leaders convene in remote Wa Special Region.

Panghsan is the capital of the Wa Special Region, an autonomous enclave where the everyday lives of its inhabitants has rarely been documented.

Once a thriving industry in the Mon State village of Mudoon, these days only two families continue a long tradition of producing writing slate.

Mongla rebels tell visiting ethnic leaders and reporters that “full control” over their area helped establish “a complete system of government” that provides public services.

Rangoon’s Lokanat Gallery puts 76 painting of 17 contemporary Burmese artists on display, offering visitors a taste of a range of different artistic styles.

Southern Shan State’s Inle Lake is facing drought conditions this dry season that have seen many of the area’s waterways dry up.

Photographs documenting an education reform protest, led by students whose historic march was brutally crushed by police last month, will be on display in Rangoon.

The 11th annual Traditional Kite Design and Dueling Competition kicks off in Rangoon, drawing hundreds of flight-loving participants to the city’s sporting grounds.

Colleagues, activists and admirers remember Win Tin, one of Burma’s most famous champions of democracy, by marking the first anniversary of his death in Rangoon.

As President Thein Sein received a coterie of political leaders and ethnic representatives on Wednesday, Commander-in-Chief Snr-Gen Min Aung Hlaing was conspicuously absent.

A photo exhibition opens up in Rangoon’s Gallery 65 showcasing the work that appears in a new book on Burma’s peoples, culture, heritage and landscapes.

The country’s first public horse riding course will soon be open for business in Rangoon’s Hlegu Township.

In a ceremony overseen by Burma’s president, government negotiators, army commanders, ruling party lawmakers and ethnic leaders signaled their support for a draft nationwide ceasefire.

Police arrest at least eight protesters as students and activists hit the streets across Burma demanding the release of those detained following the Letpadan crackdown.