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Between Tracks and Trains, a Bustling Bazar

Frenetic Danyingon train station is where gardeners from across outer Rangoon bring a huge variety of fresh produce for wholesale distribution to smaller city markets.

Color and Culture at Rangoon Art Show

Forty-one works of art in watercolor, oil, acrylic and pastel paints are on public display this week at the Lokanat Galleries in Rangoon.

Navigating the Rivers of Burma

Rivers are an economic lifeline to millions of people in Burma, and have been an important part of life throughout the country’s long history.

Four Civilians Killed in Myawaddy Shelling

Four civilians are killed as fighting continues in southeastern Burma, with several hundred people fleeing their homes amid the conflict.

Prancing With Pachyderms in Burma’s Kyaukse

As Burma celebrates the end of Buddhist Lent across the country in a variety of ways, one town marks the occasion with an elephant dance-off.

Sacred Buddha Images Tour Inle Lake at Famed Festival

The Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda festival is renowned for its honoring of five sacred Buddha images and boat races by Inle Lake’s iconic leg-rowing mariners.

7 Years on, Saffron Revolution Impact Still Lingers at Monastery

Seven years after the junta raided a Rangoon monastery and detained its monks for involvement in the Saffron Revolution, fear still lingers among the clergymen.

Hundreds Gather in Rangoon to Mark World Peace Day

At several sites in Rangoon on Sunday, hundreds of activists gathered to mark the International Day of Peace and call for an end to conflict in Burma.

Faces of Folklore

An exhibition in Rangoon showcases portraits of popular lords and ladies of a Burmese folk religion that centers around spirits known as nats.

Timber Elephant Camp Falls Quiet, Sets Hopes on Tourism

At Myaing Hay Wun logging camp, elephants and their handlers have become jobless recently, and the camp now hopes to become a tourist attraction.

A Bid for Better Health Care

A silent auction for traditional Burmese parasols is offering Rangoon’s philanthropically inclined the chance to help build a sustainable health care system for local communities.

Chinese Tourists Flock to a ‘Pleasant Village’ of Gambling Dens in Burma

In far eastern Shan State, the rebel group controlling the enclave around Mong La has set up a booming gaming hub in a once-small village.

Veterans of the Karen Insurgency Face a New Struggle

Former soldiers of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army are left destitute after losing their limbs to landmines in eastern Burma’s jungles.

Mong La’s Moveable Feast of Endangered Beasts

In the unruly enclave on the Burmese-Chinese border, tiger paws, leopard skins, pangolins and monkey penises are openly sold, mostly to Chinese visitors.

Burmese Students Demonstrate Against National Education Bill

Students’ unions say that a new piece of legislation covering Burma’s education system does not free universities from government control.

Clay as a Weapon

In political satire, art becomes a powerful form of protest, especially in countries and under regimes where dissent and freedom of speech are forbidden.

‘Made in Myanmar’—and With Vivid Colors

Artists select bright hues to depict life in their native Burma in a collection of paintings on display at a gallery in downtown Rangoon.

Well-Known Burmese Painter Aung Myint Puts on Show in Rangoon

In his 14th solo show in Rangoon, titled “14 A.M,” Aung Myint brings a new series of paintings called “Faces.”

Laiza Under the Gun

In Laiza, the headquarters of the rebel Kachin Independence Army, a war-weary town and its residents have seen better days.

Watercolors Bring Clarity to Burma’s Everyday Struggles

The work of 13 Burmese artists who specialize in watercolor painting is currently on display at Lokanat Gallery in downtown Rangoon.