Multimedia - The Irrawaddy
In Photos, a Burmese Love Story

One hundred Burmese people, from a 10-year-old boy to a middle-aged fortune-teller, tell a foreign photographer what love means to them.

Thein Sein Visit to Native Village Highlights Humble Beginnings

President Thein Sein visits the Irrawaddy Delta village where he was born and family members speak about the character of Burma’s president.

Burma’s Catholics Celebrate 500th Jubilee With Events in Rangoon

Tens of thousands of people from across the country are celebrating the 500-year history of the Roman Catholic Church in Burma.

A Chronology of the Kachin Conflict

On Wednesday, the Burma Army shelled a Kachin rebel base killing 22 cadets, making it one of the deadliest incidents in the long-running Kachin conflict.

Obama Visits Site of Burmese Independence in Rangoon

The US President has toured the grounds of the Secretariat Building, his first official engagement after arriving in Rangoon on Friday.

World Leaders Arrive in Burma for Asean Summit

World leaders arrived in Burma’s capital Naypyidaw for the start of the 25th Asean Summit and the East Asia Summit.

Colorful Fields in Shan State Signal Another Bumper Opium Crop

It’s harvest season in southern Shan State and Kayan tribes are busy tending to the harvest of their colorful but illicit crop: the opium poppy.

In Rangoon, USDP Seeks to Boost Popularity Through Road Repairs

Since the 2010 election campaign, the ruling party has been funding repairs to roads in Burma’s biggest city in order to boost its popularity.

Festival of Joy and Loss

The magical atmosphere at the floating fire balloon festival in Taunggyi comes at a price.

High-Level Roundtable Meeting Held in Naypyidaw

Participants arrived at the Presidential Palace in Naypyidaw on Friday morning for Burma’s first ever high-level roundtable meeting with all key political players.

Thousands in Mandalay Rally for Faith Laws

Thousands of Buddhist monks, nuns and laypeople march through Mandalay to demand passage of highly controversial and currently stagnant interfaith bills.

Protesters Demand Investigation into Death of Journalist

Crowds gather in Rangoon to demand a full investigation into the death of Par Gyi, a journalist allegedly arrested and killed by the Burma Army.

Devotees Flock to ‘Japan Pagoda’ in Rangoon

Pilgrims from all corners of Burma flock to a monastery in Rangoon’s Hmawbi Township, where a Japanese man has donated hundreds of ancient Buddha images.

Between Tracks and Trains, a Bustling Bazar

Frenetic Danyingon train station is where gardeners from across outer Rangoon bring a huge variety of fresh produce for wholesale distribution to smaller city markets.

Color and Culture at Rangoon Art Show

Forty-one works of art in watercolor, oil, acrylic and pastel paints are on public display this week at the Lokanat Galleries in Rangoon.

Navigating the Rivers of Burma

Rivers are an economic lifeline to millions of people in Burma, and have been an important part of life throughout the country’s long history.

Four Civilians Killed in Myawaddy Shelling

Four civilians are killed as fighting continues in southeastern Burma, with several hundred people fleeing their homes amid the conflict.

Prancing With Pachyderms in Burma’s Kyaukse

As Burma celebrates the end of Buddhist Lent across the country in a variety of ways, one town marks the occasion with an elephant dance-off.

Sacred Buddha Images Tour Inle Lake at Famed Festival

The Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda festival is renowned for its honoring of five sacred Buddha images and boat races by Inle Lake’s iconic leg-rowing mariners.

7 Years on, Saffron Revolution Impact Still Lingers at Monastery

Seven years after the junta raided a Rangoon monastery and detained its monks for involvement in the Saffron Revolution, fear still lingers among the clergymen.