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Sri Lanka’s Torture of Tamils Persists Despite War’s End: Charity

The torture of minority Tamils in Sri Lanka by the police and military reportedly remains a major problem six years after the end of the civil war.

Indonesia Navy Nabs Cargo Ship Loaded with Slave-Caught Fish

A massive refrigerated cargo ship believed to be loaded with slave-caught fish has been seized by Indonesia’s navy and brought to shore, officials said.

At Least 17 Dead as Huge Warehouse Blasts Hit Chinese Port

Huge explosions in a warehouse district sent up massive fireballs, killing at least 17 people and injuring hundreds in the Chinese port city of Tianjin.

South Korean ‘Love Hotels’ Clean up Act to Woo New Clients

South Korea’s short-stay hotels are moving upmarket to lure young people shedding conservative attitudes in favor of more openness about sex.

UN Rights Agency Criticizes Thailand for Lese Majeste Cases

The office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said it is appalled at the long prison sentences given to people convicted of insulting the monarchy.

Malaysia’s Najib Looks to Ride Out Political Crisis

Malaysian PM Najib Razak has not only survived the current political crisis, he has tightened his grip on power by sidelining dissenters.

Japan Restarts Reactor in Test of PM’s Nuclear Policy

Japan has switched on a nuclear reactor for the first time in two years, as PM Shinzo Abe seeks to reassure a nervous public.

China Gives Ex-General Suspended Death Sentence for Bribery

Gu Junshan, the People’s Liberation Army’s former head of logistics, was also found guilty of abuse of power, embezzlement, accepting bribes and misusing state funds.

India Arrests 27 after “Witch-Hunt” Massacre of Tribal Women

India must do more to tackle the practice of witch branding among tribal communities, activists said, following the murder of five women accused of sorcery.

As it Turns 50, Singapore Celebrates Success Amid Challenges

The island has transformed from a poor colonial port to a wealthy metropolis, but unrest is growing over political restrictions, foreign labor and living costs.

After Two Years on the Lam, Cambodian Governor Caught over Shooting

Fugitive governor Chhouk Bandith, wanted for the shooting of garment workers, was detained on Saturday after a public intervention by Prime Minister Hun Sen.

South Korea Condemns North Over Land Mine Blast, Threatens Retaliation

South Korea’s military threatened retaliation against North Korea on Monday after it accused the North of planting land mines inside the Demilitarized Zone.

US Senators Demand Documents over Malaysia Trafficking Upgrade

July’s report on trafficking from the US State Department raised Malaysia from the lowest ranking, which critics say was related to the country’s involvement in trade talks.

Jailed Chinese Journalist Gao Yu Has Heart Problems: Lawyer

Jailed Chinese journalist Gao Yu has been diagnosed with heart problems and a request for bail on medical grounds is pending, her lawyer said Thursday.

45 Burmese Fishermen Rescued, Suspected Trafficking Victims

Indonesian police rescue 45 Burmese fishermen, believed to be trafficking victims, from a hotel in Jakarta where they were taken after traveling on fake documents.

Captured By Cotton: Girls Duped into ‘Bonded Labor’ in India’s Textile Mills

Former workers in Tamil Nadu describe a system of exploitation and bonded labor that has cast a dark shadow over India’s long-established textile industry.

Asean Nations Struggle to Agree to Communique Wording on South China Sea

Asean nations struggle to issue a concluding statement at a regional meeting because of wrangling over how to refer to the disputed South China Sea.

Hiroshima Marks Atomic Bombing, Worries About Steps Towards War

Thousands gathered in Hiroshima Thursday at ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of the world’s first atomic bombing which killed tens of thousands.

Malaysian Leader: Debris Found on Island is from Flight 370

A piece of a wing found washed up on Reunion Island last week is from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Malaysia’s prime minister announced Thursday.

Criticism of China’s Online Propaganda Arm Mounts

After an online argument escalated into a highly publicized street fight, people have started voicing criticism of the Chinese Communist Party’s public opinion strategy.