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Climate Change Sparks Tension in India’s Tea Gardens

Scientists blame climate change for uneven rainfall that is cutting yields and lifting costs for tea firms, which are resisting calls to raise laborers’ pay.

Thai Police Arrest Rohingya Man Suspected of Running Deadly Jungle Camp

Thai police arrest a man they believe is key to a human trafficking network that ran a jungle camp where dozens of bodies were found.

30 Graves Found at Suspected Thai Trafficking Camp: Police

Thai police find at least 30 graves believed to belong to migrants from Burma and Bangladesh at what authorities say is an abandoned trafficking camp.

40 Years After Vietnam War, North-South Wounds Fester

Many who fought for US-backed forces in southern Vietnam faced mistreatment and discrimination after the fall of Saigon, and reconciliation remains incomplete.

A Pigeon-Size Dinosaur With Bat Wings? Strange But True

Scientists in China describe one of the weirdest flying creatures ever discovered, a pigeon-size dinosaur with wings like a bat.

North Korean Leader Ordered Execution of 15 Officials This Year: Seoul

“Excuses or reasoning doesn’t work for Kim Jong Un, and his style of rule is to push through everything, and if there’s any objection, he takes that as a challenge to authority and comes back with execution as a showcase,” said a South Korean official.

Aid Begins Arriving in Nepal’s Remote Quake-Hit Villages

The first supplies of food aid begin reaching remote, earthquake-shattered mountain villages in Nepal, while thousands clamor to board buses out of the capital.

Nepal Quake Victims Still Stranded, PM Says Toll Could be 10,000

People stranded in remote villages and towns across Nepal still wait for aid and relief to arrive days after a devastating earthquake.

Indonesia Confirms Execution of 8 Drug Smugglers

“The executions have been successfully implemented, perfectly—all worked, no misses,” said the Indonesian attorney-general of the executions of two Australians, four Nigerians, a Brazilian and an Indonesian man.

Angry Nepalis Wait for Quake Help as Death Toll Passes 4,000

Some of the tens of thousands stricken by a devastating earthquake have expressed frustration at what they said was their government’s slow response to the crisis.

Thailand Seizes 3 Tons of Elephant Tusks Smuggled From Kenya

Thailand seizes 3 tons of ivory shipped from Kenya in the second-biggest bust in the country’s history, one week after the biggest seizure.

The leader of Bangladesh’s main opposition party threats retaliation if local elections being held this week are not conducted fairly.

Indonesia Gives 72-Hour Execution Notice to Drug Traffickers

Australia continues to lobby Indonesia to spare the lives of two Australians on death row despite 10 prisoners being told they could die within days.

Desperate Nepalese Sleep in Open, Seek Help as Aftershocks Spread Fear

Thousands of desperate Nepalese huddled under tents and sought scarce food and medical supplies on Monday, two days after a massive quake killed more than 3,200 people.

Google executive killed in Mount Everest avalanche after quake

Dan Fredinburg, a Google Inc executive based in California, was among those killed on Saturday in an avalanche on Mount Everest caused by a devastating earthquake in Nepal, the company said.

Nepal seeks help, death toll seen rising after devastating quake

Nepal urged countries to send aid to help it cope with the aftermath of a devastating earthquake that killed nearly 1,400 people

Rescued Fishermen Stuck in Indonesia After Trafficking Ordeal

Hundreds of fishermen rescued from traffickers almost three weeks ago are stuck in Indonesia due to lack of funds to send them home.

China to Crack Down on Strippers at Rural Funerals

Chinese officials are launching a campaign to crack down on stripteases and other lewd shows that have become popular at funerals in some rural areas.

Thai Government Holds Talks With Politicians, Activists

Thailand’s junta holds reconciliation talks with leaders of the party it toppled nearly a year ago, along with other politicians, academics and student activists.

Sri Lankan Police Arrest Former President’s Brother

Former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s brother is arrested and a judge orders him detained for two weeks over alleged misappropriation of state funds.