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Cambodian Opposition Chief Undaunted by Govt Threats

Cambodia’s opposition party leader vows not to give up anti-government protests despite violent police crackdowns and threats of legal action against him and his colleagues.

Rising Home Prices Send China’s ‘Rat Race’ Scurrying Underground

Despite efforts to discourage property speculation and develop affordable housing in China’s cities, a steady stream of job-seekers from the countryside have kept prices soaring.

Violence, Boycott Mar Elections in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s ruling party is leading in a national election boycotted by the opposition amid concerns by the international community that the process was deeply flawed.

3 Dead as Cambodian Forces Open Fire at Factory Strikes

Cambodian military police opened fire with assault rifles on Friday to quell a protest by garment factory workers demanding higher pay, killing three people.

Malaysia’s Islamic Authorities Seize Bibles as Allah Row Deepens

Islamic authorities in Malaysia seize 321 Bibles from a Christian group that used the word Allah to refer to God, signaling growing intolerance.

China Denounces US for Sending Uighur ‘Terrorists’ to Slovakia

The Muslim minority Chinese nationals who were held at the Guantanamo Bay prison are labeled as terrorists by Beijing.

Cambodian Troops Quash Protest at Garment Factory

Buddhist monks and labor leaders are detained after an armed military unit clashes with workers striking for higher wages in Phnom Penh.

Thai PM Returns to Bangkok as Protest Showdown Looms

Yingluck Shinawatra returns to the capital for traditional New Year celebrations in a display of unity alongside military chiefs before a showdown with anti-government protesters.

In Cambodia, Pressure Mounts on Longtime Leader Hun Sen

Huge strikes organized by the opposition in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh put growing pressure on the country’s long-serving, autocratic Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Indonesian Anti-Terror Squad Kills 6 Suspects

Police storm hideouts as part of investigation into a plot to bomb a Buddhist temple and the Burmese Embassy in Jakarta.

North Korean Leader Says Purge Was a Cleansing of ‘Filth’

Kim Jong Un refers for the first time to the execution of his powerful uncle last month during a New Year’s address on state television.

Some With Alzheimer’s Find Care in Far-Off Nations

Southeast Asian countries are offering cheaper, and to some minds better, care for those suffering from the irreversible loss of memory.

Thailand’s Army Moves to Allay Coup Fears

Chief of the army plays down speculation that it will intervene in a political crisis as demonstrators seek to disrupt a planned election.

Government, Opposition Groups Clash in Bangladesh

Ruling party supporters and their opponents threw stones at each other Monday on the second day of sporadic violence in the Bangladeshi capital.

Rural Debt Drives Thais to Foreign Fields

As lifestyles change in rural Thailand, the lure of quick cash abroad grows stronger—with sometimes tragic consequences.

Food Prices: A Bricks and Mortar Problem for Indian Economy

Struggling to cope with soaring food prices, a dwindling supply of migrant workers are demanding—and increasingly getting—rapid increases in pay and benefits.

UN Rights Boss Urges Thailand to Drop Charges Against Journalists

Top UN human rights official urges Thailand to drop defamation charges against journalists who cited reports that implicate the Thai navy in smuggling Rohingya refugees.

Thai Election Body Urges Delay in Polls Amid Clash

Police officer killed and nearly 100 people injured during street battles as demonstrators seek to disrupt elections.

Thai Police Fire Teargas at Anti-Govt Protesters

Thai police fire in Bangkok teargas after demonstrators try to disrupt planning for a February election, the first such incident in nearly two weeks.

China to Celebrate Mao’s Birthday, But Events Scaled Back

China celebrates the 120th birthday of Mao Zedong, the founder of modern China, on Thursday, but will be scaling back festivities.