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China to Celebrate Mao’s Birthday, But Events Scaled Back

China celebrates the 120th birthday of Mao Zedong, the founder of modern China, on Thursday, but will be scaling back festivities.

Remittances Throw Lifeline to Philippines’ Typhoon Survivors

Since typhoon Haiyan hit last month, the amount of money sent home by some 10 million Filipinos living and working abroad has surged.

Economic Fears Expose Laos’ Unequal Boom

Years of rapid growth have been driven by commodities exports and investment from neighboring countries, but experts warn the economy is “overheating.”

In Aging China, Old Woman Sues Children for Care

In China, where family loyalty is a cornerstone of society, over 1,000 parents have sued their children for financial support over the last 15 years.

Bangladesh Factory Owner to Plead Innocent in Deadly Blaze Case

The owner of a Bangladesh garment says he is “saddened and astonished” that he had been charged with culpable homicide for a deadly fire blaze.

Dennis Rodman Holds Tryouts for Pyongyang Exhibition Game

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman hold tryouts for a North Korean team to face a dozen NBA veterans in an exhibition game next month.

Thai Protesters Push Again to Stop Elections

More than 100,000 anti-government demonstrators turn out for marches and rallies in Bangkok after opposition vows to boycott election.

When China Seeks Investments, Diplomatic Rows Are No Barrier

Recent cases show that Beijing is careful not to harm its own economy with policy of “undeclared sanctions” it uses against countries that interfere in its affairs.

Thai Navy Sues Website Over Rohingya Allegations

Editor of the Phuketwan says site has been charged under Thailand’s 2007 Computer Crime Act after publishing stories alleging military involvement in trafficking boat people.

In US-India Diplomatic Dustup, a Mistreated Maid? Or Profound Insult?

A cultural gulf is exposed over a commonplace security procedure in the United States that has riled Indians and strained ties between the two nations.

Thai Protesters Cause Gridlock With Mass Picnic

Anti-government protesters return to Bangkok streets, turning a major intersection into a lunchtime picnic spot in their bid to force the prime minister from office

Chinese Military’s Secret to Success: European Engineering

Germany, France and Britain are selling technology including engines, sonar and radar equipment and designs for helicopters to China, amid growing territorial disputes in Asia.

Testing Time for Chinese Media as Party Tightens Control

Chinese journalists must pass a new ideology exam to keep their press cards, in what reporters say is another example of increasing media control.

East Timor Files World Court Case Against Australia

The impoverished Asian nation and its neighbor are in arbitration over a deal to share oil and gas reserves on the seabed between the two countries.

Bangladesh Violence Risks Spinning Out of Control as Polls Near

More than 200 people in Bangladesh have died in political violence this year, and many say that emergency rule under the army looks increasingly likely.

India Removes US Embassy Security Barriers in Spat

India reacts after one of its diplomats in New York complained of “barbaric” treatment when she was arrested and strip-searched by US authorities.

Indian Parliament Approves Landmark Anti-Graft Bill as Elections Near

New legislation would appoint an ombudsman to monitor corruption in the prime minister’s office and government departments.

US Boosts Support for Philippines Security Forces

The United States provides the Philippines’ security forces with US$40 million in new assistance in part to help the country protect its territorial waters.

Thai Protesters Say They Will Rally to Hound Yingluck From Office

Anti-government demonstrators in Thailand say they will step up their protests in an attempt to force Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra from office.

Japanese Beauty Queen Barred From Ceremony

Miss International 2012 winner Ikumi Yoshimatsu has been barred from an event over controversy around her refusal to sign up to a major talent agency.