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Thai Protesters Move to Shut Down Bangkok to Force Out PM

Demonstrators led by former politician Suthep Thaugsuban begin blocking roads in attempt to choke the Thai capital.

Malaysia Plans High-Tech Card for Foreign Workers

Malaysia will issue high-tech, security-enhanced identity cards to more than 2 million foreign workers to make it easier to find people entering the country illegally.

Forced Abortion Highlights Abuses in China Policy

Forced abortions to enforce China’s population limits are banned when the woman is more than five months pregnant, but the practice continues despite the prohibition.

Bangladesh Opposition Members Go Into Hiding

Opposition members in Bangladesh have gone into hiding as police carry out sweeping raids after the country’s violent national election.

Beijing Shows Resolve in South China Sea Claims

China is beefing up its police powers in the disputed South China Sea and requiring foreign fishermen to ask permission to operate in the waterway.

Rodman Sings Happy Birthday to North Korean Leader

Dennis Rodman sang “Happy Birthday” to Kim Jong Un before playing a friendly game with former NBA starts as part of his “basketball diplomacy.”

Nauru Hikes Journalist Visa Costs Amid Australian Secrecy on Asylum Policy

Nauru, the tiny Pacific island that hosts a controversial Australian immigration detention center, is hiking visa costs for foreign journalists by 40 times.

In Worsening Row, India Orders Club Closure, US Delays Trip

A US official postpones a visit to India while New Delhi orders the closure of a club for expatriate Americans amid a worsening diplomatic row.

China-Japan ‘Voldemort’ Attacks Up Ante in Propaganda War

China lambasts Japan for comparing it to Lord Voldemort, after both countries used the character to describe each other in a diplomatic spat.

Thai Anti-Graft Body Says 308 MPs Acted Illegally

Thailand’s state anti-corruption body ruled that 308 pro-government lawmakers acted illegally in seeking to pass a bill to make Parliament’s upper house an all-elected body.

Bangladesh Election Unrest Squeezes Key Garment Sector

Bangladesh’s garment industry, the world’s second biggest after China, has seen orders from overseas retailers drop amid recent political turmoil in the South Asian nation.

Rodman Lands in North Korea for Basketball on Kim’s Birthday

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman arrived in North Korea with a team of retired basketball players to mark the birthday of leader Kim Jong Un.

China Destroys 6 Tons of Ivory in Landmark Move

China destroys 6 tons of illegal ivory from its stockpile in an unprecedented move wildlife groups say shows growing concern about the black market trade.

Bangladesh PM Says New Election Depends on End to Violence

A day after rolling to victory, Sheikh Hasina holds her stance that a fresh poll can be called only if her rivals halt violence.

Cambodian Opposition Chief Undaunted by Govt Threats

Cambodia’s opposition party leader vows not to give up anti-government protests despite violent police crackdowns and threats of legal action against him and his colleagues.

Rising Home Prices Send China’s ‘Rat Race’ Scurrying Underground

Despite efforts to discourage property speculation and develop affordable housing in China’s cities, a steady stream of job-seekers from the countryside have kept prices soaring.

Violence, Boycott Mar Elections in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s ruling party is leading in a national election boycotted by the opposition amid concerns by the international community that the process was deeply flawed.

3 Dead as Cambodian Forces Open Fire at Factory Strikes

Cambodian military police opened fire with assault rifles on Friday to quell a protest by garment factory workers demanding higher pay, killing three people.

Malaysia’s Islamic Authorities Seize Bibles as Allah Row Deepens

Islamic authorities in Malaysia seize 321 Bibles from a Christian group that used the word Allah to refer to God, signaling growing intolerance.

China Denounces US for Sending Uighur ‘Terrorists’ to Slovakia

The Muslim minority Chinese nationals who were held at the Guantanamo Bay prison are labeled as terrorists by Beijing.