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New-Style Indonesian Leader Takes on World’s Oldest Profession

Thousands of sex workers ply their trade in a massive complex named “Dolly” in Muslim-majority Indonesia’s Surabaya in East Java.

Officials: Missing Plane Went Down in Indian Ocean

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak says satellite data shows that MH370 was last heading toward “a remote location, far from any possible landing sites.”

Thai ‘Red Shirts’ Take Up Fight to Defend PM Facing Impeachment

Thailand’s Constitutional Court last week annulled the country’s election in February and the ongoing crisis is threatening the Thai economy.

Indian Farmers Driven to Suicide as Hail Ruins Crops

With a general election beginning next month, political parties face anger from the countryside as farmers struggle with erratic weather.

US Navy Black Box Locator Joins Search for Missing Malaysian Plane

The United States Navy is moving one of its high-tech Black Box detectors closer to the search area for a missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

Putin Looks to Asia as West Threatens to Isolate Russia

If Europe and the US isolate Russia, Moscow will look East for new business, energy deals, military contracts and political alliances.

Thai Court Declares February General Election Void

Thailand’s Constitutional Court nullifies February’s election that was disrupted by protesters, further delaying the formation of a new government after months of street protests.

Australia Resumes Ocean Search for Missing Malaysia Jet

A search force resumes the hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in the Indian Ocean as authorities try and confirm a potential debris field.

Jet Mystery Unfolds as Asian Air Travel Booms

A burgeoning middle class, discount airlines and increasing business ties mean the aviation industry in Asia is growing at a rapid pace.

China Says Uighur Militant’s Support of Knife Attack Proves Terror

A Uighur militant leader’s support of a deadly attack this month is clear proof that the world should support China’s fight against terror, Beijing says.

Australia Checking 2 Objects in Search for Plane

Australia’s prime minister says two objects possibly related to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight have been spotted on satellite imagery in the Indian Ocean.

UN Chief Concerned at China Activist’s Death

Calls mount for an investigation into the death of human rights activist Cao Shunli, who was detained by authorities and denied medical care.

Family Anger Erupts as Malaysia Jet Search Appears Deadlocked

Malaysian authorities are accused of withholding information about the Malaysia Airlines flight, which has been missing for almost two weeks.

Thai Radar Might Have Tracked Missing Plane

Thailand’s military says it saw radar blips that might have been from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 but “didn’t pay attention to it” immediately.

China Crafts Chain Suspends Controversial Ivory Sales

A state-owned Chinese retail chain suspends sales of elephant ivory after a series of high-profile seizures of smuggled ivory and protests by conservation groups.

Taiwan Students Occupy Legislature Over China Trade Deal

The ruling Kuomintang party is facing criticism from the opposition over growing influence from mainland China on the island nation’s economy.

Missing Plane Throws Spotlight on Passport Theft

Two Iranians were traveling on Malaysia Airlines flight 370 using European passports that were among many stolen from tourists in Thailand.

Despite Scandal, Indonesia Election Could Entrench Political Dynasties

In Indonesia, political families are both increasingly common and dogged by allegations of corruption, neglect and misrule.

Planning Could Hold Key to Disappearance of Flight MH370

By choosing a navigational black hole to vanish into radar darkness, whoever took control of the flight appears to have acted only after meticulous planning.

Malaysia Plane Search Straddles Continent as Police Focus on Crew

Australia joins the search for the missing Malaysian airplane and Malaysia requests radar data from numerous countries, amid mounting evidence that its disappearance was planned.