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Apple Supplier in China Accused of Violations

Two activist groups say a factory making the upcoming iPhone 6 is violating overtime rules, withholding wages and failing to meet safety standards.

Final Trial Confirms Efficacy of Dengue Vaccine

A French drugmaker that developed the first vaccine against dengue fever says its product reduced disease cases by 60 percent in a final clinical trial.

Fukushima Workers Sue Tepco Over Unpaid Wages, Reliance on Contractors

Fukushima workers sue Tepco for unpaid wages in a potentially precedent-setting challenge to the utility and its reliance on contractors to decommission the nuclear plant.

Indonesia’s Energy Minister Made Suspect in Graft Case

A string of corruption cases have been brought against members of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s outgoing government in the past year.

Al Qaeda Announces India Wing, Renews Loyalty to Taliban Chief

An Indian branch of the militant group forms to spread Islamic rule and “raise the flag of jihad” across the subcontinent, including in Burma.

Thai Junta Forces Rights Group to Nix Presentation

Thailand’s ruling military junta forces a human rights group to cancel a presentation on the precarious rights situation in the Southeast Asian country.

Malaysian Law Professor Charged in Crackdown on Dissent

Four sedition charges have been pressed in the past nine days, raising concerns that an environment of self-censorship and fear is being created.

Surrogate Offers Clues Into Man With 16 Babies

Mitsutoki Shigeta, reportedly the son of a Japanese billionaire, has spent more than half a million dollars fathering children in Thailand for reasons still unclear.

HK Activists Say Beijing ‘Brutally Strangled’ Democracy, Vow Action

A pro-democracy movement that has threatened to blockade the financial district says Beijing “brutally strangled” its fight for full democracy and vows to take action.

Modi Visit Draws Pledges of Support From Japan

The new Indian prime minister brought a delegation of tycoons to Japan, hoping to elevate ties amid growing assertiveness from China.

Hong Kong Activist’s Newspaper Column Scrapped Amid Democracy Row

Edward Chin Chi-kin is a member of the Occupy Central movement that has threatened to blockade the financial district as China rules out full democracy.

Acid Victims’ Photo Shoot Draws Attention in India 

While the country keeps no official statistics on acid attacks, the media regularly reports on attackers targeting victims to disfigure or blind them.

Philippine Troops Pull ‘Greatest Escape’ in Golan

Under cover of darkness, 40 Filipino peacekeepers escape their besieged outpost in the Golan Heights after a seven-hour gun battle with Syrian rebels.

Thai Ruler Gives Top Cabinet Posts to Junta Inner Circle

General Prayuth Chan-ocha names an interim cabinet dominated by members of the security forces to govern Thailand through at least a year of political reforms.

Tantrums, Concubines, Hotpot Burns and Smog: China Insurers Have It Covered

China’s insurers are turning to ever more creative ways to drum up business in a market where growth has stalled.

With Eye on China, Japan Defense Planners Seek Spending Boost

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has ended a ban on Japanese soldiers fighting overseas and reversed a decade of military spending cuts, angering Japan’s neighbors.

A Flavor Out of Favor: Dog Meat Fades in South Korea

Dog meat’s popularity is on the wane as younger generations in South Korea abstain from eating the centuries-old menu item.

Corrupt Chinese Hiding in Western Nations Elude Beijing’s ‘Fox Hunt’

President Xi Jinping struggles to expand his already far-reaching anti-corruption campaign to track down suspects who have fled abroad, often taking ill-gotten gains with them.

Vietnam Envoy to Visit China to Seek Thaw in Testy Ties

Vietnam sends an envoy to China to try to rebuild battered ties with its communist neighbor after they sank to their lowest in three decades.

Remote, Gas-Rich Islands on Indonesia’s South China Sea Frontline

A scattering of 157 mostly uninhabited islands may be a future flashpoint in the escalating dispute over ownership of one of the world’s busiest waterways.