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Wary North Korea Struggles to Stay Afloat in Info Age

Access to the Internet is highly restricted by a regime that keeps its people in the dark about the outside world, but some North Koreans use a local Intranet called “Bright.”

Thai Opposition Challenges Poll in Court as Protest Numbers Dwindle

Thailand’s opposition Democrat Party challenges the weekend’s disputed ballot in court as the Election Commission probes possible campaigning irregularities.

With Election Disrupted, Thai Protestors Regroup and Refocus

After blocking voting across parts of Bangkok and much of the anti-government south of Thailand, the opposition-backed protest movement is marching again.

Obama’s Asia Policy Set Back by Democrat

US President Barack Obama’s Asia policy takes a hit, and it comes from a member of his own party.

Confident of Asean Relations, China Denounces Japan’s Air Defense Zone ‘Hype’

China doesn’t feel threatened by Southeast Asian countries, the Foreign Ministry says, warning Japan not to “spread rumors” it plans a new air defense zone.

Thai Elections Peaceful, But Crisis Far From Over

Protesters force thousands of polling booths to close in Bangkok and the south, and efforts are already underway to nullify the polls.

Global Watchdog Says Indian Cars Fail Safety Test

Several of India’s most popular car models crumpled in independent crash tests in ways that would likely lead to fatality or serious injury.

Thailand’s New Fault Line: The Right to Vote

As the country prepares to go to the polls on Sunday, opponents of the current government have put the electoral process itself in their sights

Thai Govt Officials Forced to Beg Access to Offices

Thai officials beg permission from anti-government demonstrators to let them into their offices, while public services have come to a halt during weeks of protest.

After Stunning Debut, India’s Anti-Graft Party Scrambles to Dispel Doubts

Anti-corruption crusader Arvind Kejriwal has shaken up India’s political landscape but is scrambling to dispel fears that his rabble-rousing populism could be a liability.

China Faces Obstacles on Road to Consumer Society

Chinese are reluctant to open their wallets amid rising living costs, but the country’s Communist Party leaders are trying to move away from an investment-led economy.

North Korea Warns of Tensions Over US-South Korea War Games

North Korea again voices increasingly shrill opposition to annual joint drills between the United States and South Korea, potentially raising tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Malaysia Navy Chief Denies Chinese Incursion

Malaysia’s navy chief has denied a report that three Chinese navy ships patrolled an area claimed by the Southeast Asian country.

Thailand Braces for Violence as PM Yingluck’s Charm Runs Out

As Thailand mores into elections, the country’s first female prime minister refuses to bow to massive protests on the streets of the capital.

Japan Revises Teaching Manuals, Says Islands Its Territory

Japan revises teaching manuals to claim two sets of remote islands at the center of disputes with China and South Korea are its territory.

Conflict, Disaster to Gallop in With New Chinese Year of the Horse, Say Feng Shui Masters

Practitioners of Chinese geomancy predict that the combination of the year of the horse and a ‘yang wood’ year may fuel the flames of regional conflict.

Fighting Erupts in Philippines as Final Peace Deal Nears

Philippine troops have killed about 17 members of a Muslim rebel faction, while peace talks between the government and rebels enter the final stage.

Thailand to Go Ahead With Feb. 2 Election, Despite Warnings of Chaos

Thailand’s prime minister confirms a general election will go ahead despite a warning that it could end in chaos after months of anti-government protests.

Cambodian Police Break Up Rally Pressing for TV Station

Cambodian military police used smoke grenades and batons to quell a protest by demonstrators demanding that a new television channel be allowed to broadcast.

US to Press Sri Lanka Again at UN Rights Council

Sri Lanka’s government is worried that a new resolution at the United Nations could call for an international investigation into allegations of war crimes during its civil war.