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Boats with 600 Rohingya and Bangladeshis Land in Indonesia

Boats carrying nearly 600 Bangladeshis and long-persecuted Rohingya Muslims from Burma land in western Indonesia , with some migrants needing urgent medical care.

Thailand’s Trafficking Crackdown Adds to Migrants’ Misery

A crackdown on human trafficking networks in Thailand puts migrants fleeing Burma and Bangladesh at even more risk, activists and officials say.

Thailand Wants Meeting with Burma, Malaysia over Human Trafficking Crisis

Thai PM Prayuth Chan-ocha calls for a three-way meeting with Malaysia and Burma to try to resolve a regional human trafficking crisis.

Survivors Battle for Helicopters Near Nepal Village That Vanished

Foreign trekkers and local Nepalese in a popular Himalayan village disputed who should be prioritized for airlift evacuations in the days following the earthquake.

Images Show Vietnam Reclaiming Land in South China Sea

Newly released satellite images show Vietnam has carried out significant land reclamation at two sites in the disputed South China Sea.

Jailed Malaysian Opposition Leader’s Wife Wins His Parliament Seat

The wife of Anwar Ibrahim has won his seat in a by-election, a vote that was seen as a test of Prime Minister Najib Razak’s leadership.

K-pop Star BoA to Launch New Album

Renowned South Korean K-pop star BoA will release her latest album, titled “Kiss My Lips,” online at midnight on May 12.

Over 50 Thai Police Punished Over Links to Human Trafficking

The disciplinary action comes as the Thai prime minister orders a probe into the discovery of human trafficking camps near the Malaysian border.

Militants Rob Bank in Bangladesh to Raise Funds

A gang of Islamist militants stages a bank robbery in Bangladesh in which nine people were killed in order to fund their operations.

Asia to Lead Growth in 2015 Despite China Slowdown: IMF

Asian economies will lead world growth in 2015 as recoveries in India and Japan help to offset the slowdown in China.

Thailand’s New Weapon to Beat Southern Insurgency: DNA Swabs

Thailand’s military government has introduced a new strategy to curb the insurgency that has rumbled on in the country’s jungle-blanketed deep south for more than a decade.

Thai Army Finds 6 More Bodies in Suspected Rohingya Trafficking

Thai authorities find bodies of six suspected Rohingya migrants from Burma at a rubber plantation where a mass grave was found at the weekend.

Thai Police Find New Trafficker Camps, Crackdown Intensifies 

Police found two more camps Tuesday believed to have held human trafficking victims in southern Thailand, days after the grim discovery of 26 bodies at a separate location.

Tea to Tech: China’s Cybersecurity Push Sparks a ‘Gold Rush’

Edward Snowden’s disclosures of US cyberspying and security holes in American technology products prompt Beijing to accelerate efforts to replace foreign technology with Chinese-developed systems.

Nepal, Aid Agencies Trade Blame as Confusion Mars Quake Relief

A row breaks out between Nepal and some international agencies over the handling of aid that poured into the country after last month’s devastating earthquake.

China Military Says Army Yet to Fully Embrace Rule of Law

China’s armed forces, the largest in the world, have yet to become a military which fully follows the law, its official newspaper said on Tuesday.

Nepal: We Will Need Huge Foreign Support for Reconstruction

Nepal’s government says it will need immense international support as the Himalayan nation begins turning its attention toward reconstruction following the devastating April earthquake.

Climate Change Sparks Tension in India’s Tea Gardens

Scientists blame climate change for uneven rainfall that is cutting yields and lifting costs for tea firms, which are resisting calls to raise laborers’ pay.

Thai Police Arrest Rohingya Man Suspected of Running Deadly Jungle Camp

Thai police arrest a man they believe is key to a human trafficking network that ran a jungle camp where dozens of bodies were found.

30 Graves Found at Suspected Thai Trafficking Camp: Police

Thai police find at least 30 graves believed to belong to migrants from Burma and Bangladesh at what authorities say is an abandoned trafficking camp.