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Bottlenecks on the Road to the AEC

As the Asean Economic Community comes closer to becoming a reality, regional bodies step up efforts to remove border bottlenecks.

Thai Beauty Queen Resigns Under Social Media Fire

The actress and former talks show host crowned Miss Universe Thailand last month has been criticized for attacking Thailand’s “Red Shirt” political movement.

Thai Junta to Explain Itself to International Rights Groups

Thailand’s junta orders its ambassadors to the US and Britain to meet human rights groups in an effort to “create understanding” about their coup.

Jokowi Scores Points But No Knockout in Indonesia’s First Presidential Debate

Indonesia’s two presidential candidates traded barbs in their first debate, with Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo seen faring better than former special forces general Prabowo Subianto.

Private US Report Accuses Another Chinese Military Unit of Hacking

A cyber security firm says it is presenting “undeniable” evidence that part of the People’s Liberation Army has attacked Western government agencies and defense contractors.

Telenor Blocked Facebook Access for Thai Junta: Report

The Norwegian firm, which is building a network in Burma, says it blocked access to Facebook in Thailand on orders of the Thai military.

China Talks Trade, Economic Potential on Visit to New India Government

As the foreign ministers of India and China meet in New Delhi, allies of India’s new government warn of “deception” by Beijing.

Thai Junta Security Forces Stay in Barracks as Protests Dwindle

Faced with fewer signs of resistance to military rule, Thailand’s junta eases overt displays of force in the streets of Bangkok and other cities.

Indonesia Presidential Candidate Jokowi Says He’d Have Market-friendly Policies

The front-runner to become Indonesia’s new president tells investors he will pursue market-friendly policies and make bureaucratic reform and infrastructure-building his priorities.

Group of Thai Politicians Plans Overseas Movement to Resist Coup

Political leaders allied to Thailand’s ousted government say they plan to establish a movement outside Thailand to campaign against military rule.

China Said to Be Reclaiming More Land in Spratlys

China is reclaiming more land to bolster its military presence in the Spratly Islands, according to officials in the Philippines, which also claims the islands.

Thai Junta Claims Support from Neighbors amid Western Unease

China and Vietnam express support for Thailand’s new military government, while local supporters of the junta protest Australia’s downgrading of relations after last month’s coup.

Mourning, Tight Security on Tiananmen Anniversary

While Beijing enforced a strict silence on the events of June 3-4, 1989, protesters in Hong Kong marked the 25th anniversary with boisterous commemorations.

China State Media Calls for ‘Severe Punishment’ for US Tech Firms

Chinese state media calls on Beijing to “severely punish” Google, Apple and other US technology companies for acting as “pawns” of the US government.

Wary China Keeps Close Watch as Tiananmen Anniversary Arrives

Beijing has been especially careful to suppress all signs of dissent this year, as China marks the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre.

4 Hawaii Farms Settle Thai Workers Suit for $2.4 Million

Four Hawaii farms are settling a discrimination lawsuit for a total of US$2.4 million over allegations that they exploited hundreds of Thai workers.

Malaysian PM Sues Online News Portal Malaysiakini

Malaysian leader Najib Razak is suing an independent online news portal for allegedly defaming him and his ruling Malay party.

Thai Army Rulers Prepare Emergency Economic Measures

Thailand’s military junta draws up a list of emergency measures to kick-start an economy threatened by recession after months of political turmoil.

Thai Police Criticized for Posing as Journalists

Thailand’s main press association says it is gravely concerned after a man with official press ID is seen on video arresting an anti-coup protester.

Grisly Murders Highlight Social Strains in Modi’s India

Outrage over the rape and murder of two low-caste girls in northern India last week draws attention to tensions over attempts to reinforce traditional hierarchies.