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Smartphone-Wielding Indonesians Tasked With Ensuring Fair Elections

Election watchdogs in Indonesia deploy an electronic application that allows ordinary citizens to report election-related violations through their smartphones ahead of elections this week.

Ships Race to Investigate Signals in MH370 Jet Search

Underwater sounds picked up by a Chinese ship crew using a hand-held device are thought to have potentially come from the Malaysia Airlines black boxes.

US Defense Chief, in First, to Visit China’s Aircraft Carrier

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will visit China’s sole aircraft carrier when he arrives Monday, a U.S. official said, in an unprecedented opening by Beijing.

India Kicks Off World’s Biggest Election in Remote Northeast

Election begins in northeastern states bordering Burma, and will run over five weeks, with some 815 million people registered to vote.

Indonesia Military Worries Over Asia Arms Race, Territorial Tensions

Armed forces chief warns about the potential for “provocations” as the Asia-Pacific arms itself rapidly and the United States increases its presence in the region.

Chinese Police Detain 39 Mongol Herders Over Land Rights Protest

Chinese police detained 39 ethnic Mongol herders protesting over land rights in the northern Chinese region of Inner Mongolia, a US-based rights group says.

US Warns China Not to Attempt Crimea-Style Action in Asia

China should not doubt the US commitment to defend its Asian allies if Beijing uses force to pursue territorial claims regionally, a US official says.

Malaysia PM Visits Search Base for Missing Jet; Sub Joins Hunt

Eight planes and nine ships are searching an area roughly the size of Minnesota, about 1,000 miles from Perth, where MH370 may have gone down.

Pyongyang Opens Marathon to Tourist-Runners

For the first time ever, North Korea is opening up the streets of its capital to runner-tourists for the annual Pyongyang marathon.

Sheer Size Is Just One Complexity in Indian Election

The ancient system of caste, ingrained patriarchy and nepotism clash with modern values in the world’s largest democracy.

The US Looks Good as Obama Heads to Malaysia

In its contest with China over regional influence, Washington made the right moves during the search for Malaysia’s missing flight MH370.

Malaysia Releases Transcript of Last Words From Missing Plane

Malaysia releases the full transcript of communications between MH370 and local air traffic control before it dropped from civilian radar on March 8.

Climate Change Responses to Shape Asia’s Future

Extreme weather, rising seas and worsening scarcity of drinking water are forcing many Asian governments to confront the changes being wrought by a warming planet.

Anger in China at Brutality in Chemical Plant Protests

Photographs have surfaced on Chinese social media purportedly showing a brutal crackdown by security forces in the southern province of Guangdong.

Japan Relaxes Arms Export Regime to Fortify Defense

Japan eases weapons export restrictions in the first major overhaul of arms transfer policy in decades, as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe seeks to bolster defense.

Thailand OKs Extradition of Suspect in Arms Deal With Naga Rebels

A Thai court approved the extradition to India of a Thai man suspected of helping to sell nearly $2 million of arms to Naga rebels.

In Brussels, China Learns ‘Eurospeak’ to Seek Influence

Beijing’s growing realization that China needs strong influence in Brussels was cemented by President Xi Jinping’s visit to the European Union’s institutions this week.

North, South Korea Trade Artillery Rounds into the Sea

North Korea has objected to UN condemnation of its missile launches last week, and military drills in the south by US forces.

Thousands March in Thai Capital Against Government

Whistle-blowing protesters are back on the streets of Bangkok after a lull, and want to force reforms after February’s election was annulled by a court.

Geopolitical Games Handicap Malaysia Jet Hunt

The search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has involved more than two dozen countries and 60 aircraft and ships, but been bedeviled by regional rivalries.