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On South China Sea, Asean Chair Burma Ready to Mediate

As the region’s foreign ministers descend on Burma, the government hopes it can mediate the divisive South China Sea dispute during its chairmanship of Asean.

UK to Investigate Possible SAS Role in Indian Golden Temple Attack

Newly released official papers suggest that Margaret Thatcher’s government was involved in planning a deadly attack on the Sikh Golden Temple at Amritsar in 1984.

Thai PM Stands Firm on Election, Says Protests Flagging

Thailand’s government sticks to a plan for a February election despite mounting pressure from protesters who have brought parts of Bangkok to a near-standstill.

‘Vaping’ a Slow Burner in China, World’s Maker of E-Cigarettes

Rising public awareness about the hazards of smoking and China’s hardening stance on smoking opens an opportunity for e-cigarettes in the world’s biggest tobacco market.

Thai Opposition Leader’s House Attacked, Politics in Deadlock

A loud blast shakes the house of a senior Thai opposition leader overnight as protesters trying to oust the government remain camped in central Bangkok.

No Asylum Seekers Reach Australian Shores in Weeks

But the army general charged with ending the sea traffic of would-be refugees from Southeast Asia says he is not yet prepared to declare victory.

US Lawmakers Urge Tough Stance on China Sea Claims

Many in Washington, as well as in Southeast Asia, are concerned about China’s intentions as it challenges decades of American military pre-eminence in Asia.

After North Korea, Emotional Rodman Urges No Politics for a Day

Basketball star Dennis Rodman appeals for the world to set aside politics after sparking an outcry with comments over an American imprisoned in North Korea.

India Scrambles to Save Tigers From Deadly Virus

At least four tigers and several other animals have been killed by canine distemper, a virus common in dogs, in the last year.

Thai Government Backs-Up Amid Bangkok Shutdown

Government ministries and offices move to temporarily locations as the administration of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra attempts to stay in business amid protests.

Protesters Begin Bangkok ‘Shutdown’ Calling for Yingluck to Step Down

Hundreds of thousands turn out on the streets of the Thai capital calling for an unelected council to take over the country.

Hardline Monks Rally Sri Lanka as Buddhist Front

With a bloody civil war over, a group of hardline Buddhist monks is rallying Sri Lankans against what they say is a pernicious threat: Muslims.

India Says No US Standoff as Diplomat Returns Home

Both countries appear eager to defuse the monthlong dispute over the arrest and strip search of an Indian diplomat in New York.

Thai Protesters Move to Shut Down Bangkok to Force Out PM

Demonstrators led by former politician Suthep Thaugsuban begin blocking roads in attempt to choke the Thai capital.

Malaysia Plans High-Tech Card for Foreign Workers

Malaysia will issue high-tech, security-enhanced identity cards to more than 2 million foreign workers to make it easier to find people entering the country illegally.

Forced Abortion Highlights Abuses in China Policy

Forced abortions to enforce China’s population limits are banned when the woman is more than five months pregnant, but the practice continues despite the prohibition.

Bangladesh Opposition Members Go Into Hiding

Opposition members in Bangladesh have gone into hiding as police carry out sweeping raids after the country’s violent national election.

Beijing Shows Resolve in South China Sea Claims

China is beefing up its police powers in the disputed South China Sea and requiring foreign fishermen to ask permission to operate in the waterway.

Rodman Sings Happy Birthday to North Korean Leader

Dennis Rodman sang “Happy Birthday” to Kim Jong Un before playing a friendly game with former NBA starts as part of his “basketball diplomacy.”

Nauru Hikes Journalist Visa Costs Amid Australian Secrecy on Asylum Policy

Nauru, the tiny Pacific island that hosts a controversial Australian immigration detention center, is hiking visa costs for foreign journalists by 40 times.