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Thai Fishermen Convert Boats to Cash in on Rohingya Smuggling

The smuggling of Rohingya Muslims fleeing persecution in Burma is so lucrative that Thai fishermen are converting their boats to carry humans.

India Hands Dossier to Bangladesh on Terror Plots

India hands Bangladesh a list of 11 men suspected of plotting attacks including one targeting its prime minister, as the countries tighten security cooperation.

Protest Plan Derails Thai Showings of Hunger Games Movie

A Bangkok cinema chain cancels screenings of the latest “The Hunger Games” after students planned a protest against military rule, using the movie’s three-finger salute.

Police Arrest Guru Ending India Standoff

A controversial Indian religious leader has been arrested at his sprawling compound, ending a days-long standoff in which six people were killed.

UN Push Against North Korea on Rights Moves Ahead

The world’s boldest effort yet to hold North Korea and leader Kim Jong-un accountable for alleged crimes against humanity moves forward at the United Nations.

Hong Kong Protesters Break Into Govt Building, Four Arrested

A group of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters break into the city’s legislature and police stop others from entering as tensions escalate in the Chinese-controlled city.

China blames rise in violence on drug smuggling from Southeast Asia

Synthethic drugs smuggled into the country from Burma and Vietnam are fuelling a rise in kidnapping and murder, according to Chinese authorities.

Bangladesh Rescues Over 600 Trafficking Victims

More than 600 trafficking victims from Burma and Bangladesh have been rescued off the coast by Bangladesh authorities.

Americans Questioned for Shipping Human Body Parts

Thai police have spoken to two men who attempted to post human remains believed to be stolen from a Bangkok hospital museum.

Removal of Barricades Begins at HK Protest Site 

Workers in Hong Kong start clearing away barricades at one site of the student protest that has rocked the city for the last two months.

Indian Nobel Peace Laureate Calls for Global Action to End Child Slavery

Kailash Satyarthi calls for support for a campaign to end child slavery as new figures estimate almost 36 million people are living as slaves today.

Japan slips into surprise recession, paves way for tax delay, snap poll

Japan’s economy has slipped into recession, setting the stage for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to call a snap election halfway through his term.

China wants Uighur refugees back from Thailand

Despite mistreatment concerns, more than 200 refugees currently detained in Thailand that are believed to be Chinese Uighurs should be repatriated, says a Chinese consul.

Hong Kong Student Leaders Blocked From Taking Democracy Fight to Beijing

Three Hong Kong student leaders are stopped from boarding a flight to Beijing to take their fight for greater democracy directly to the Chinese government.

Rohingya Relatives Say Thousands Missing in Boats en Route to Malaysia

Thousands of Rohingya who have left Burma are yet to reach their destinations, raising fears their boats have been prevented from reaching shore.

China Raised Issue of US Spy Flights During Military Talks: Pentagon

China raises the thorny subject of US military spy flights during talks leading to agreements this week on reducing friction between the two militaries.

China Offers Asean Friendship, Loans as South China Sea Tension Bubbles

China seeks to offset regional concerns over territorial disputes with offers of preferential infrastructure loans to Asean countries.

Tepid Expressions of Concern on Int’l Issues, As Asia Summit Wraps Up

World leaders gathering in Burma offer tepid expressions of concern on issues ranging from South China Sea disputes to threats posed by the Ebola virus.

Rickshaw Drivers Take ‘Respect For Women’ Message to Delhi’s Streets

Delhi’s auto-rickshaw drivers say a mandatory gender sensitization class is helping them to understand and spread the word about equality.

Cambodia Raises Garment Wage by 28 Percent, But Unions Say Not Enough

Cambodia raises monthly minimum wage for garment workers by 28 percent, a decision likely to infuriate unions and lead to renewed calls for strikes.