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Chinese Influence in Cambodia Grows With Army School, Aid

Military aid strengthens China’s ties with Cambodia, seen as part of a push to extend regional influence, including in the disputed South China Sea.

North Korea Expels Chief of German Food Aid Organization: NGO

North Korea expels the country director of Welthungerhilfe, one of the few foreign aid groups to operate in the isolated country, the German organization says.

UN Rights Chief Slams Thai Junta’s Use of Repressive Law

Thailand’s military government has been condemned for invoking a law that gives the junta chief near-absolute authority without any accountability.

India’s IT Plans Suffer From Power Cuts, Congestion – and Monkeys

As India launches a plan to spread the information revolution to its provinces, the problems it faces are a holdover from the past.

Sri Lanka: Chinese Leader for 3-Way Talks on Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka says China’s president has proposed three-party talks with India and Sri Lanka to clear any misgivings over its activities in the Indian Ocean.

Japan PM to Craft WWII Comments with Eye on US

US officials have made clear they are loath to see Shinzo Abe stir regional tensions with comments that critics could construe as whitewashing history.

Thai Leader Moves to Lift Martial Law, Impose Absolute Power

Thailand’s PM said Tuesday he plans to lift martial law, but will invoke a special security measure that critics say is more draconian.

Malaysian Police Arrest Media CEO, Editors Over Sedition

Five people from a Malaysian media group are accused of sedition after they published a news report concerning punishments meted out under Islamic law.

Thai Man Jailed for 25 Years Over Royal Insult Posts on Facebook

A Thai military court jails a man for 25 years for posting pictures on his Facebook page deemed insulting to Thailand’s monarchy.

Singapore Teen Faces Charges for Insulting Lee Kuan Yew, Christians

A Singapore teenager is charged with harassment and insulting religion for his comments on social media about former premier Lee Kuan Yew and Christians.

Blogger Hacked to Death in Bangladeshi Capital

Washiqur Rahman Babu, 26, has become the second blogger in a month to be murdered in Dhaka.

With Lee’s Passing, Mahathir Is Last of SE Asia’s Old Guards

Malaysia’s former prime minister remains the last of a generation of old guards in Southeast Asia, which boomed economically under their authoritarian leadership.

Thailand Detains 76 Burmese Migrants Found on Train, Including Rohingya

Thailand detains 76 migrants from Burma, including six suspected Rohingya, in a sign that one of Asia’s busiest smuggling routes is still thriving.

In Thailand, a Mercurial Junta Leader Known for His Sharp Tongue

Ear tugs. A flying banana peel. Sarcastic remarks about getting smacked—or even executed. Such is life for media covering Thailand’s notoriously testy military ruler.

Modi’s Popularity in Rural India Punctured by Discontent, Suicides

Discontent in rural India turns into anger against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, after more than a dozen debt-laden farmers commit suicide.

Singapore Stands Still as Nation Bids Farewell to Founding Father Lee

Grieving Singaporeans were joined by world leaders on Sunday to pay their final respects to the country’s first prime minister.

Thai Junta Targets Dissent with Visits to Student Activist Homes

Plainclothes police and military officers have visited the homes of at least 20 student protesters across Thailand in the past week.

Modi Puts Brakes on India’s Universal Health Plan

Indian PM Narendra Modi has asked for a drastic cutback of an ambitious health care plan, delaying a key promise made in his election manifesto.

US Isolated as Allies Join China’s Regional Bank

US resistance to an Asian regional bank has given some heft to China’s complaints that Washington wants to contain its rise as a world power.

Indian Doctors Find Success in Tackling the ‘Invisible Burden’ of Tuberculosis

Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis patients in Delhi are aided by a unique program providing psychosocial support to sufferers of one of the world’s most deadly diseases.