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After Fleeing Burma, Rohingya Lead Clandestine Lives in Thailand

A growing number of Rohingya live and work clandestinely in Thailand, unable to register as migrant workers because they are not recognized Burmese nationals.

Sworn in as India’s Leader, Modi Speaks of a ‘Glorious Future’

Millions of Indians watch the elaborate swearing-in ceremony of their new prime minister, who has promised to kick-start the country’s economy.

Thai Army Gets Down to Work On Economy, Stifles Dissent

Thailand’s military rulers will settle down to work at their Bangkok headquarters on Tuesday, firmly in charge after royal endorsement but facing small protests.

In 1st Since WWII, Japan Army Chiefs Visits Burma

Chief of Staff of Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Gen. Shigeru Iwasaki arrived in the capital of Naypyidaw on Monday to meet his counterpart

Vietnam Accuses China of Sinking Fishing Boat

A Chinese fishing vessel rammed and sank a Vietnamese fishing boat in the disputed South China Sea, according to Vietnamese state media reports.

Protesters Push Back Against Thai Coup

Protestors against the Thai military’s staging of a coup d’état take to the streets of Bangkok, denouncing the seizure of power.

Thai Coup Leader Has Royal Endorsement, Threatens Crackdown if Protests Resume

General Prayuth Chan-ocha says he been formally endorsed by the king as head of government and warns he would use force if political protests resume.

China, Japan Exchange Barbs Over Action by Warplanes

Japan and China on Sunday accused each other’s air forces of dangerous behavior over the East China Sea.

Thai Protesters Test Military’s Resolve

Thailand’s military tightens its grip on power amid growing protests, saying anyone violating its orders would be tried in military court.

China Offers Leniency to Suspects after Bombing

Authorities say they will “hunt down and punish terrorists” but promises leniency for those who turn themselves in and inform on others.

Dozens Killed in Market Attack in Northwest China

An attack in which cars plowed through a crowd and attackers threw bombs claims 31 lives, the bloodiest single incident in Xinjiang’s recent history.

Private Investment Lags in Southeast Asia, ADB Warns

The Asian Development Bank warns of a largely unnoticed crisis in Southeast Asia: private investment in infrastructure has not recovered since the 1997 financial crisis

Thai Army Chief Summons Ousted PM for Talks a Day After Coup

Thai army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha summons ousted Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to a meeting, a day after he seized power in a bloodless coup.

Ex-Malaysian PM Says Maybe the CIA Got Flight MH370

The 88-year-old former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad says either the CIA or Boeing made the Malaysian Airlines flight disappear.

Thailand’s Army Chief Announces Military Coup

Thailand’s army chief announces that the military has seized power in a coup to restore stability and order after months of political deadlock and turmoil.

Explosives Used in Attack in China’s Xinjiang

Reports say people have been killed and injured in China’s northwest after attackers crashed a car and threw bombs near a market.

Thai Army Chief Assumes Role as Crisis Mediator

Thailand’s army chief assumed the role of mediator by summoning the country’s key political rivals for face-to-face talks one day after imposing martial law.

Few Barriers to China’s Push in South China Sea

China’s planting of an oil platform in contested waters off Vietnam drew an outcry, but nothing to dislodge the rig and no broader regional pushback.

North Korea Building Collapse May Reveal Achilles Heel of Kim’s Regime

The collapsed building in Pyonyang probably housed officials, professionals, academics and managers, and caused anger among an important section of North Korea’s regime.

Thais to Ponder Election Under Martial Law as Way Out of Crisis

Thailand’s caretaker government has proposed that elections are held on August 3, but anti-government demonstrators insist that reforms are made first.