Asia - The Irrawaddy
China to Conduct Military Exercises Near Kokang Territory

China’s military will on Tuesday conduct a live-fire drill around the border with Burma’s restive Kokang region, according to the country’s state-run media.

Burma Detains Journalists Covering Boat People ‘Rescue’

Burma’s navy briefly detained journalists who tried to reach an island where around 700 migrants were being held after their vessel was found drifting off the coast.

Holiday in Socialist Fairyland? North Korea Woos Tourists

If you don’t mind a vacation with a heavy dose of socialist propaganda and leader worship, North Korea says it’s just the place for you.

No Major Breakthrough at Meeting on Asian Boat People Crisis

A regional conference called to address the swelling tide of boat people in Southeast Asia ends with no major breakthroughs.

US Hopes Chinese Island-Building Will Spur Asian Response

Washington is signaling a tougher stance over the South China Sea and trying to spur Asian partners to more action in the disputed waters.

Indians Scramble for Relief in Heat Wave

Indians are doing whatever they can to stay cool during a brutal heat wave that has killed more than 1,400 in the past month.

Burma Warns Against ‘Finger Pointing’ at Migrant Meeting

A regional meeting to address boat people in Southeast Asia begins with a defensive Burmese official criticizing those who blame Burma for causing the crisis.

Over 2,500 Migrants Still Adrift, UN Says Ahead of SE Asia Meeting

More than 2,500 migrants could still be stranded on boats in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, according to estimates by the United Nations.

Thailand Revokes Passports of Ousted PM Thaksin 

Thai authorities revoked two passports belonging to former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra following an interview he gave that they said could affect national security.

Australia’s Search for Malaysia Airlines’ MH370 Under Scrutiny

Authorities and search teams are being criticized over their approach to finding Flight MH370, a multi-million dollar quest to solve one of aviation’s greatest mysteries.

Woman Accused of Witchcraft Axed to Death in PNG: Missionary

Police in Papua New Guinea vow to find the men who axed to death a woman accused of using witchcraft to spark a measles outbreak.

China to Extend Military Reach, Build Lighthouses in Disputed Waters

China outlines a strategy to boost its naval reach and holds a groundbreaking ceremony for two lighthouses in disputed waters of the South China Sea.

Singapore’s Foreign Maids Exploited by Agents, Employers

Reports of domestic workers being burned, beaten and raped have sparked outrage in Asia, which has the largest share of the world’s domestic workers.

Malaysian Police Reveal Grim Secrets of Jungle Trafficking Camps

Malaysian police forensic teams begin digging up the remains of dozens of suspected trafficking victims from shallow graves at a jungle camp near Thai border.

Southeast Asia Maritime Build-Up Accelerates, Raising Risks in Disputed Seas

Southeast Asian nations bolster their navies amid rising tensions in the South China Sea, raising the risk that any confrontation in the waterway could spiral.

Asia’s Migrant Domestic Workers Rally to Fight Low Pay and Abuse

Asia is home to 41 percent of the estimated 53 million domestic workers worldwide, most of them women who work excessively long days and earn far below the minimum wage.

Filipina Maid Photographs ‘Modern Slavery’ in Hong Kong

A Filipina maid in Hong Kong publisheS stark photographs of burned and beaten domestic workers to highlight what she says is “modern slavery.”

Malaysia Finds 139 Graves Around Suspected Trafficking Camps

Malaysia uncovers 139 graves thought to contain the remains of migrants from Burma and Bangladesh scattered around more than two dozen suspected human trafficking camps.

Women’s Walk Across Koreas’ DMZ Denied; They Cross by Bus

Female activists including Gloria Steinem and two Nobel Peace laureates are allowed to cross by bus and complete what one calls a landmark event.

Kids on Their Own Among Migrants Who Arrived in Indonesia

Children on their own, some tricked or kidnapped, are among the thousands of refugees landing in Indonesia and Malaysia after months aboard human trafficking boats.