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AirAsia Victim’s Life Jacket Raises New Questions About Crash

A body recovered from the crashed AirAsia plane in the Java Sea was wearing a life jacket, raising new questions about how the disaster unfolded.

Indian Court Drops Charges Against Modi Aide

An Indian court has dropped criminal charges against the president of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, who was accused of ordering extra-judicial killings in 2005.

The Mainland’s Colonization of the Hong Kong Economy

It is in Hong Kong’s business sector that China is tightening its grip, even as Beijing struggles to tame the city politically.

China Fires Officials Over Deadly Factory Blast

China’s Cabinet announced on Tuesday the firing of the top two officials in Kunshan, where an explosion at a factory killed 146 people in August.

Dozens Die as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines Battered by Storms

Malaysia, southern Thailand and parts of the Philippines are battered by heavy rain and flash floods, killing dozens.

Bodies Found in Indonesian Waters Where Plane Disappeared

Six bodies and debris floating in Indonesian waters end the mystery of the AirAsia flight that crashed into the Java Sea with 162 people aboard.

Chinese Access to Gmail Cut, Regulators Blamed

Chinese access to Google Inc.’s email service is blocked amid government efforts to limit or possibly ban access to the US company’s services.

Indonesia Expands Search for Missing AirAsia Jet, US Sends Warship

Countries around Asia step up the search for an AirAsia plane presumed to have crashed in shallow waters off the Indonesian coast.

Pakistan Court Suspends Detention of Mumbai Attack Planner

A court has suspended a detention order keeping the alleged planner of the 2008 terror attacks in jail, possibly paving the way for his release.

Unclear Whether Oil, Objects Found in Indonesian Sea Linked to Lost Jet

It is too early to know whether oily spots in the water and objects floating elsewhere are connected to the missing AirAsia flight.

Strict Sharia Forces Gays into Hiding in Indonesia’s Aceh

Overwhelmed by fear, members of the main gay rights group in Banda Aceh burn documents outside their headquarters, worried that sharia police would raid them.

Amid Hacking Tensions, South Korea Proposes Resuming Talks With North

South Korea proposes resuming stalled talks with Pyongyang amid heightened diplomatic tension after Seoul’s key ally the United States blamed the North for a cyberattack.

Search Expands for Missing AirAsia Passenger Jet

Several countries have joined the search for a missing AirAsia jet that disappeared more than 24 hours ago on a flight from Indonesia to Singapore.

‘It Took Everyone in the Region by Surprise, Yet the Moken Survived’

American filmmaker Olivia Wyatt discusses her new documentary that explores the culture and mythology of the Moken—the nomadic “sea gypsies” of Burma and Thailand.

India Seeks Help From Bhutan, Burma to Hunt Down Militants

India seeks cooperation from Bhutan, Burma and Bangladesh in an offensive against tribal militants who have killed at least 80 people in Assam state.

Russia Offers Support to North Korea Amid Sony Hack

Russia offers sympathy to North Korea amid the Sony hacking scandal, saying the movie sparking the dispute is so scandalous that Pyongyang’s anger is “understandable.”

Asia Marks 10 Years Since Indian Ocean Tsunami

Beachside memorials and religious services are planned across Asia to mark the 10th anniversary of one of modern history’s worst natural disasters.

India’s Military Hunts Rebels After Deadly Attacks in Remote State

India deploys military helicopters to hunt down tribal militants in the northeastern state of Assam after rebels kill 75 people this week.

China Tightens Church Control Ahead of Christmas

Authorities in the eastern Chinese city of Wenzhou crack down on Christian communities, toppling crosses and banning all Christmas celebrations in kindergartens and grade schools.

Out of Tragedy, Fortune For Sri Lankan Tsunami Village

After being ravaged by the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004, Sri Lankan village Seenigama is bouncing back with the help of a local charity.