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Big Brands Should Fight Cambodian Labor Abuse: Rights Group

Human Rights Watch has called for leading clothing retailers such as Gap and H&M to help alleviate labor abuses at factories that manufacture their products.

Testing Beijing, Japan Eyes Growing Role in South China Sea Security

Japan is quietly moving back into the South China Sea, forging security ties with Southeast Asian nations to counter China’s territorial ambitions.

China Says Muslim Uighurs Have Joined Islamic State Group 

Chinese officials say members of the Muslim Uighur ethnic minority have gone overseas to fight with the Islamic State group.

China Choosing Dalai Lama Like Castro Naming Pope: Tibetan Exile Leader

Tibetan Buddhism holds that the soul of a senior lama is reincarnated in the body of a child on his death; China says the tradition must continue and it must approve the next Dalai Lama.

Forty Years after Escaping War, ‘Boat People’ Find Fortune Back in Vietnam

Many former refugees and their offspring are reaping the gains of Vietnam’s economic boom, tapping a young consumer population that’s embracing Western culture.

Dalai Lama ‘Profanes’ Buddhism by Doubting His Own Reincarnation: China

China accuses exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama of profaning Buddhism by suggesting that he will not be reincarnated when he dies.

Foreign NGOs in China Fear Clampdown Under New Law

Foreign non-government organizations in China brace for a crackdown, as the government prepares to pass a new law that critics fear could curb activism.

Tokyo Firebombing Survivor Fears Japan Starting Down Road to War Again

As memories fade of how civilians suffered during World War II, one survivor of US air raids fears Japan may be marching toward war again.

MH370 Report: Underwater Locator Beacon Battery Had Expired

A report reveals that the battery of the locator beacon for the plane’s data recorder expired more than a year before the jet vanished.

China’s Xi Seen at Center of Emerging Culture of Praise 

Barely two years into office, Xi attracts an extraordinary degree of attention to his public persona that veers perilously close to a full-blown personality cult.

North Korea Shifts More Responsibility to Factories, Farmers 

In a policy experiment, North Korea is trying to invigorate its hidebound economy by offering more control and possibly more personal rewards to key sectors.

A Murderer and Rapist’s Views Reflect Those of Many in India

A condemned killer’s blaming of a woman he brutally gang-raped for what happened to her prompts debate over the underlying mindset among many Indian men.

Law Unto Itself: Thai Junta Fuels Doubt by Churning Out Legislation

In the past five months, with minimal public consultation or experience in making laws, the National Legislative Assembly has passed more than 60 laws.

Sri Lanka Cabinet Suspends Chinese project on Approval Issue

Sri Lanka suspended a $1.5-billion Chinese luxury real estate project in Colombo until it obtains required government approvals, risking the ire of Beijing.

Alien Abduction? Stolen by Russia? Theories on Malaysia’s MH370 Keep Coming

A year after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, key data remains unknown—fueling conspiracy theories and debate about one of aviation’s biggest mysteries.

Thailand Tests Floating Homes in Region Grappling With Floods

Architects and governments worldwide are brainstorming solutions as climate change brews storms, floods and rising sea levels that threaten communities in low-lying coastal cities.

China Asks Burma to “Lower Temperature” on Border

As the Kokang conflict continues, a senior Chinese official has asked Burma to reduce tensions on the border.

China Says 2015 Defense Budget to Rise About 10 Percent

China’s defense budget will rise about 10 percent this year, outpacing the slowing Chinese economy as the country ramps up investment in high-tech equipment.

UN-Cambodia Tribunal Charges Two More Ex-Khmer Rouge Cadres

In a surprise decision, the UN-backed war crimes tribunal in Cambodia charges two former cadres of the 1970s Khmer Rouge regime with crimes against humanity.

Deforestation Could Shift Monsoons, Leaving India High and Dry

Large-scale deforestation could cause monsoon rains to shift south, cutting rainfall in India by nearly a fifth, scientists say.