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China TV Series on Deng Stirs Questions on Political Openness

A new 48-part drama series chronicles the late Chinese Communist Party leader’s push toward market reforms in the 1970s and 1980s.

Asbestos Pushed in Asia as Product for the Poor

Outlawed in much of the developed world, asbestos is still going strong in the developing one, despite its well documented respiratory risks.

UN Chief Says Access Not a Must for Sri Lanka War Crimes Probe

Human rights chief says investigations into abuses in Syria and North Korea were credible despite the lack of access to those countries.

Philippine Ex-General in Kidnapping Case Captured 

Philippine security forces capture a fugitive former army general, fulfilling a promise by President Aquinio III to bring high-profile criminal suspects to justice.

China Cracking Down on Christian Groups Along North Korea Border: Sources

China cracks down on Christian charity groups near its border with North Korea, with hundreds of members of the community forced to leave the country.

China Rebuffs US Efforts on South China Sea Tensions

At a meeting in the Burmese capital, Naypyidaw, the US and the Philippines wanted Asean to adopt a freeze on provocative actions in the sea.

Australian Parents of Thai Surrogate Twin Say They Feared Losing Both Babies

The biological parents of twins caught up in a Thai surrogacy scandal claim they wanted both babies but the surrogate mother threatened to involve police.

US Urges India to Step Up as Regional Power

Ahead of Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Washington, the US urges India to bolster its role as a global power and force for regional stability.

US Call for South China Sea ‘Freeze’ Gets Cool Response From China

A U.S. proposal for a freeze on provocative acts in the South China Sea got a cool response from China and some Southeast Asian nations.

PNG Woman Leads Relocation of Island Community Hit by Climate Change

A paradise-like island in the southwest Pacific is one of the first places to fulfil scientists’ predictions that climate change will submerge many coastal communities.

Thai Case Casts Spotlight on Business of Surrogacy

An Australian couple is accused of abandoning their baby with his Thai surrogate mother after discovering the child had Down syndrome.

Malaysia Plans Overhaul of National Airline 

Malaysia’s state investment company plans to make Malaysia Airlines fully government owned before carrying out a far-reaching overhaul of the disaster-hit carrier.

China Under Pressure as US Pushes Plan to Ease South China Sea Tensions

US Secretary of State John Kerry will use talks in the Burmese capital to rally support for a freeze on “provocative acts” in the region.

Cambodia Tribunal Convicts Khmer Rouge Leaders 

Decades after the genocidal rule of the Khmer Rouge ended, an UN-backed war crimes tribunal sentences two former regime leaders to life in prison.

Philippine Peace Deal in Jeopardy as Muslim Rebels Cry Foul

An historic peace settlement in the southern Philippines is at risk of breaking down as Muslim rebels accuse the government of reneging on its word.

Indonesian Court Begins Hearing Election Dispute

Probowo Subianto has alleged that “massive fraud” took place in the July 8 presidential election, at which he was defeated by Joko Widodo.

Cambodia Moves On, But Still Yearns for ‘Killing Fields’ Justice

The country’s young population is embracing with gusto the kind of capitalism Pol Pot’s regime tried to eradicate in its quest for a peasant utopia.

Is Southeast Asia Supplying Jihadists to the Middle East?

Southeast Asian governments with large Muslim populations are concerned that the conflict in Iraq and Syria is drawing young jihadists to battle.

Opposition Activist Fabricated Torture Allegations, Says Thai junta

Thai junta denies claims by an opposition activist that she was tortured in military custody, as UN calls for an investigation.  

Canadian in China Probe Trained North Korean Missionaries

Detained coffee shop owner Kevin Garratt is heard in an audio file saying he helps Christian North Koreans who return to their country to preach.