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India’s Modi Draws Flak for ‘Despite Being a Woman’ Comment About Bangladeshi PM

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sparks outrage after he praises his Bangladeshi counterpart for her courage to fight terrorism “despite being a woman.”

Chea Sim, Leader in Post-Khmer Rouge Cambodia, Dies at 82

Chea Sim, a key Cambodian political figure after the fall of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime, died on Monday.

Indonesian Nationalists Challenge Plans to Scrap Fuel Subsidies

Indonesia’s second-largest Muslim group plans to file a lawsuit challenging a decision by President Joko Widodo to scrap $20 billion worth of government fuel subsidies.

China Cruise Ship Death Toll Exceeds 400, Victims Mourned

Chinese officials, rescuers and family members mourn those lost on a cruise ship that capsized on the Yangtze River, as the death toll reaches 431.

Thailand Scrambles to Boost Image on Human Trafficking

Thailand’s junta is trying to dissuade Western governments from leveling economic sanctions, after ignoring trafficking networks for years.

Closed for Business: Asia’s Human Smugglers Go to Ground

For now at least, the smugglers who preyed for years on the misery of Burma’s Rohingya appear to be going out of business.

First Refugees From Australian Detention Camp Arrive in Cambodia

The first asylum seekers from a remote South Pacific detention center arrive in Cambodia under a controversial Australian resettlement scheme.

Vietnam Launches Special ‘Sovereignty’ Cruise, Likely to Irk China

Vietnam offers scores of patriotic citizens the holiday of a lifetime with a cruise to some of Asia’s most hotly contested islands.

China Controls Info, Isolates Boat Victims’ Relatives

The Chinese government has tightly controlled information about the boat disaster, which is feared to have killed more than 400 people.

Hong Kong’s Young Find New Meaning in Tiananmen Vigil

Tens of thousands of Hong Kongers joined a candlelight vigil Thursday to mark the crushing of the 1989 student-led Tiananmen Square protests.

Pyongyang Bling: The Rise of North Korea’s Consumer Comrades

As a growing middle class of North Koreans earns more in the unofficial economy, demand for foreign goods and luxury products is on the rise.

Letter from Overseas Chinese Breaks Silence on Tiananmen

Overseas Chinese students are trying to break through official silence with a widely circulated letter that encourages their compatriots to learn more about the Tiananmen massacre.

Alarm Spreads as South Korea Reports More MERS Cases

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in South Korea spreads, with North Korea calling for border checks while hundreds more schools close in the South.

Indian Acid Producers Responsible for ‘Vile’ Attacks: Women’s Leader

Manufacturers should take responsibility for the rising number of “vile” acid attacks, according to the head of India’s National Commission for Women.

Over 400 Still Missing From Capsized Cruise Ship in China

Hopes dim for rescuing over 400 people still trapped aboard a capsized Chinese river cruise ship that overturned in stormy weather about 36 hours earlier.

Rohingya Huddled in Bangladesh Camps Fear Plan to Move Them On

Fear spreads through the sweltering camps of mud houses, where Rohingya found shelter in southern Bangladesh, that they will soon be on the move again.

Don’t Tie US Weapons Sales to Human Rights Issues: Vietnam

Questions about human rights violations by the Vietnamese government should have no bearing on whether the US sells weapons to Hanoi, Vietnam’s defense minister has said.

Indonesia Rescues 65 ‘After Australian Navy Towed Away’ Asylum Boat

Indonesian authorities rescue 65 asylum-seekers trying to reach Australia after their boat ran aground on a reef, Indonesian police say.

Some Still Alive Inside Ship Capsized on China’s Yangtze River: State Media

Some passengers are still alive inside the hull of a passenger ship carrying 458 people that capsized on the Yangtze River, state media says.

China to Conduct Military Exercises Near Kokang Territory

China’s military will on Tuesday conduct a live-fire drill around the border with Burma’s restive Kokang region, according to the country’s state-run media.