Failure to End China’s Labor Camps Shows Limits of Xi’s Power

China’s president runs into opposition in a personal battle to end the country’s use of labor camps for arbitrary detention.

Thai Senate to Reject Controversial Amnesty Bill, Says Speaker

Speaker says he plans to send bill back to Thailand’s Lower House after prime minister says she will leave decision to Parliament.

India and China Seek Economic Integration Via Burma, Bangladesh

With plans for a multibillion dollar construction corridor encompassing Bangladesh, China, India and Burma, will all trade roads in Asia lead to Beijing or Delhi?

Bangladesh Court Sentences 152 to Death for 2009 Mutiny

A bloody rampage four years ago shook the newly-elected government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

China Berates Foreign Media for Tiananmen Attack Doubts

China takes a swipe at foreign media for suggesting there may have been social or ethnic motivations behind an attack at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

Thousands Protest in Thai Capital Over Amnesty Bill

Demonstrators are opposed to a move that could see self-exiled former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra return to Thailand.

India Vies for Elite Role in Space With Mars Trip

India’s space program could become only the fourth to reach Earth’s closest planetary neighbor.

Burma’s ‘God’s Army’ Twins Reunite, Seek Comrades

Karen brothers Johnny and Luther Htoo have led very different lives since they stopped fighting the Burma Army.

Won for the Money: North Korea Experiments With Exchange Rates

In North Korea, black market rates are being used more frequently and openly for determining the value of the country’s currency.

The Mekong Under Threat

An umbrella organization calls for an urgent moratorium on plans by the Laotian government to build a new hydroelectric dam on the Mekong River.

Tensions With Allies Rise, But US Sees Improved China Ties

American officials say cooperation with China is increasing, a year after Xi Jinping took control of the Communist Party.

Asian Nations Angry Over US Embassy Spy Reports

Asian governments demand an explanation following reports that American and Australian embassies in the region are hubs for Washington’s secret electronic data collection program.

China Security Chief Blames Separatists for Tiananmen Attack

China’s domestic security chief believes a fatal vehicle crash in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in which five died was planned by a Uighur separatist group.

Aquino’s Mr Clean Image Skewered by Philippine Pork Barrel Politics

Revelations that lawmakers are stealing up to half of funds for local development are a challenge for the Philippines reforming president.

Maldives Judges Undermining Democracy: UN Rights Chief

UN human rights chief Navi Pillay accuses the Maldives Supreme Court of undermining democracy in the Indian Ocean republic by interfering in its presidential elections.

Kids Are Pimping Out Kids for Sex in Indonesia

Cellphones and social media make the running of prostitution rings easier than ever, to the point where kids are supplanting adults in the pimping business.

Uighurs Facing New Police Scrutiny in Beijing

Members of the Muslim ethnic minority in China say checks have been stepped up as authorities arrest five for Tiananmen Square attack.

Fewer North Koreans Fleeing to South Korea, UN Rights Envoy Says

Fewer North Koreans are fleeing to South Korea, possibly due to tighter border control and cases of asylum seekers being returned home by China.

Bangladesh Politics Focused on 2 Moms, and 2 Sons

With parliamentary elections coming up, a break from dynastic politics seems unlikely in the South Asian country.

China Suspects Tiananmen Crash a Suicide Attack, Sources Say

Chinese authorities investigating what could be Beijing’s first major suicide attack searched on Tuesday for two men from Muslim-dominated Xinjiang.