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SE Asia Seeks New Strategy to Fight ‘Slash and Burn’ Haze Problem

As haze caused by thick smoke from forest fires in Indonesia covers parts of Southeast Asia, the region struggles to find an effective response.

Rising Anger in Thailand’s Boom-to-Bust Northeast

The rural heartland of Thailand’s deposed leader is hurting as a result of economic policies, stirring discontent and the threat of protests.

Alleged Rapes Spur Rohingya Upheaval in Indonesia Camp

Over 200 Rohingya storm out of an Indonesian encampment as tensions erupt following alleged rapes and beatings by locals near where they were being held.

For Families Split by Korean War, a Bittersweet Reunion or Despair

Tens of thousands of South Koreans have applied to meet relatives living in North Korea, but few will be permitted.

Ousted Thai PM Yingluck Files Case Against Public Prosecutor

Yingluck Shinawatra has filed a criminal case against the attorney general, alleging unfair handling of charges against her that could see her jailed for 10 years.

Islamic State Group Says It Murdered Aid Worker in Bangladesh

The Islamic State group has apparently claimed responsibility for gunning down an Italian aid worker in the diplomatic quarter of Bangladesh’s capital.

Singapore Keeps Firm Hands on Economy as New Cabinet Revealed

Prime Minister Lee says his cabinet would prepare the next team of leaders to take over from him after the next elections.

US Lawmakers Call For Internal Probe of Malaysia Human Trafficking Ranking

US lawmakers call on the State Department’s internal watchdog to investigate the removal of Malaysia from a list of worst offenders in human trafficking.

China’s Xi Says to Commit 8,000 Troops for UN Peacekeeping Force

China’s president says his country will contribute 8,000 troops for a UN peacekeeping force, potentially making it one of global peacekeeping efforts’ largest players.

Amid the hilltops in northern Thailand, the steep green slopes of Doi Mae Salong are covered with tea, paddy and sprawling corn plantations.

Amid Criticism, China’s Xi Touts Women’s Rights at UN

China’s President Xi Jinping has touted his government’s record on women’s rights as the United States slammed Beijing for jailing women for their views.

India’s Modi Prises Gandhi Family Legacy from Heirs

Since trouncing the Congress party of the Nehru-Gandhi family in a general election, Modi has chipped away at the dynasty’s grip on India’s history.

Hong Kong Police on Alert for Anniversary of Occupy Protests

Police will be on alert to avoid a repeat of last year, when Hong Kong protesters streamed on to major highways in a push for full democracy.

Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, daughter of the country’s revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej, will visit Dawei and Naypyidaw next month.

Protests in Nepal Choke Essential Supplies from India

Nearly 400 Nepalese protesters clashed with police in Birgunj, a town on the border with India, on Thursday, angry about the country’s new constitution.

Indian Environment Minister: Less Poverty is Climate Justice

Poverty is a key source of global pollution, India’s environment minister said, signaling plans for a fivefold increase in renewable energy by 2020.

Japan’s Abe Airs Abenomics 2.0 Plan for $5 Trillion Economy

Shinzo Abe’s updated plan for reviving Japan’s economy and achieving a GDP target of 600 trillion yen suggests earlier policies were not doing the trick.

Revamp of South Korea’s Rigid Labor Laws Faces Stiff Opposition

South Korea’s rigid labor market is increasingly seen as a drag on an ailing economy that President Park Geun-hye says needs ‘major surgery.’

Malaysia Detains 8 Suspects for Questioning over Bangkok Blast

Eight people have been detained in Malaysia for questioning in connection with last month’s bombing of the Erawan Shrine.

Chinese President Pledges Cooperation on Cyber Issues

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Tuesday that China and the US could work together to address cyber crimes, a problem that has sparked mutual tension.