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Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Street Camps Come to a Quiet End

Hong Kong authorities clear away the last pro-democracy encampments, watched by a handful of demonstrators in a quiet, poignant end to nine months of protests.

Thailand Says Wraps Up Trafficking Probe, Rights Groups Skeptical

Police say they have “shown sincerity” and finished Thailand’s biggest investigation into human trafficking, as rights groups question whether they have even scratched the surface.

Lawyers Seek New Ways to Help Human Trafficking Victims in Hong Kong

With its large migrant population—including some 320,000 domestic workers—lawyers say Hong Kong needs a more comprehensive definition of human trafficking.

Philippines Steps Up Drills With US, Japan Forces Near South China Sea

The Philippines holds separate naval exercises with US and Japanese forces on an island not far from disputed waters where China has stoked regional tensions.

Instagram Users in North Korea Warned Site Put on Blacklist

Warnings are appearing on Instagram accounts in North Korea that say access to the popular app is being denied and that the site is blacklisted.

China’s Dog Meat Festival Raises Hackles of Fans and Opponents

For many residents of China’s southern town of Yulin, the peak of summer is the perfect time to get together with family and friends—and consume copious amounts of dog meat.

Moonshine Kills at Least 94 in India City Slum

Toxic homemade liquor kills at least 94 slum dwellers in India’s financial capital, with more than 45 in hospital, in the latest disaster involving moonshine.

Rising Unemployment Piles Up Problems for Indonesian President

Indonesian companies are shedding jobs as they grapple with the weakest economic growth in six years, adding to the troubles facing President Joko Widodo.

Hunt for Deep Panda Intensifies in Trenches of US-China Cyberwar

Shell Crew, or Deep Panda, are one of several hacking groups that Western cybersecurity companies have accused of hacking into the United States’ and other countries’ networks

Hijacked Orkim Harmony Tanker Released, Pirates Escape

The hijacked oil tanker Orkim Harmony has been released by pirates, who fled in the ship’s rescue boat, according to Malaysian officials.

Thailand Confirms First MERS Case: Health Ministry

Thailand confirms its first case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), becoming the fourth Asian country to register the deadly virus this year.

China State Media Calls HK Opposition ‘Destroyers’ After Electoral Reform Vetoed

Chinese state media lash out at Hong Kong’s opposition pro-democracy lawmakers after the legislature in the financial hub vetoed a Beijing-backed electoral reform package.

Hong Kong Vetoes China-Backed Electoral Reform Proposal

Hong Kong’s legislature vetoes a China-vetted electoral reform package that has been criticized by opposition pro-democracy lawmakers and activists as undemocratic.

Obama’s Asia Policy Faces Toughest Test on Trade

The Obama administration has always presented the imperiled Trans-Pacific Partnership as crucial to its “pivot” toward the increasingly prosperous Asian region.

Asia Needs Better Data, More Funding to Stamp Out Modern Day Slavery

The fight against modern day slavery in Asia’s fishing industry needs more funding and better data on supply chains to succeed, campaigners say.

Little Girls Bear the Brunt in India’s Vicious Cycle of Malnutrition

Despite India’s economic boom, 46 percent of its children under five are underweight. What is not so widely known is that the majority are girls:

Thousands of Indonesians Refuse to Leave Volcano Danger Zone

Thousands of villagers refuse to evacuate the slopes of one of Indonesia’s most volatile volcanoes despite warnings that it is poised for a powerful eruption.

Passions High Ahead of Hong Kong Debate on China-Backed Reform Plan

Over a thousand people converge on Hong Kong’s Legislative Council before lawmakers debate a Beijing-backed electoral reform plan that could trigger fresh protests.

India PM Modi’s Yoga Offensive Gets Muslims Stressed

Narendra Modi’s efforts to seize on yoga as India’s signature cultural export have his Hindu nationalist allies swelling with pride, but leave minorities feeling marginalized.

India Tries to Assuage Burma After Cross-Border Raid Boasts

India sends an envoy to Burma to calm tempers over a cross-raid against insurgents that it trumpeted as a warning to countries harboring anti-India militants.