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Migrant Exodus Puts Strain on Ailing Thai Economy

The clumsy rhetoric that precipitated many migrant workers’ departure may be the first misstep in efforts by the ruling junta to revive Thailand’s economy.

China Jails Anti-Corruption Activists After High-Profile Trial

Three Chinese activists who campaigned for government officials to disclose their wealth were jailed after a high-profile trial that underscores Beijing’s resolve to crush dissent.

Indonesia Presidential Candidate Hit by Human Rights Accusations

Prabowo Subianto faces fresh accusations of criminal behavior after the release of details of his discharge from the army 16 years ago.

Japan’s ‘Patriotic Wives’

Angered by demands from China and South Korea that Japan apologize again for wartime misdeeds, ultra-conservative Japanese housewives, mums and working women are speaking out.

Hong Kong’s Democracy ‘Referendum’ Likely to Rile Chinese Communists

Hong Kong holds a controversial “referendum” on democracy, a prelude to a campaign of dissent that could shut down the former British colony’s financial district.

Thailand’s War-Weary Southerners Fear Coup Will Erode New Freedoms

Many in insurgency-wracked southern Thailand now fear the military will use the coup to roll back hard-won freedoms.

Top China Diplomat Meets Vietnamese Officials Amid Tensions Over Oil Rig

The two countries try to repair a rupture in ties over China’s positioning of an oil rig in disputed waters.

Cambodian Workers’ Return From Thailand Not Smooth

As the number of Cambodian workers returning home under pressure from Thailand approaches 200,000, the returnees make troubling allegations about their treatment by Thai authorities.

Cambodian Exodus From Thailand Grows to 160,000

The number of Cambodians who have returned home from Thailand this month after a threatened crackdown on foreigners working illegally has topped 160,000.

The War That Never Ends Between the Koreas

The maritime boundary between the Koreas remains “a powder keg brimming with weapons, arms, explosives and mines,” according to one resident of a nearby island.

Thai Coup Leaders’ Goal: Democracy on Their Terms

Analysts suspect the true aim of the coup was limiting the impact of future elections by relying more on appointed institutions to limit majority rule.

Cambodians Flee Thailand as Junta Targets Illegal Labor

An estimated 100,000 Cambodians have poured over the border as the Thai military now governing the country intensifies lax measures to regulate illegal labor.

Sri Lankan Minister Briefly Trapped by Buddhist-Muslim Clashes

A Sri Lankan government minister had to be rescued by police on Sunday after being trapped by ethnic violence between Buddhists and Muslims.

In Indonesia’s Presidential Race, Ex-General a Winner in Proxy TV Battle

If Indonesia’s presidential election were to be decided by favorable coverage on its television channels, ex-general Prabowo Subianto would be in the driver’s seat.

Thailand’s Rampant Trafficking May Carry Price

Forced into slave labor, one Burmese migrant’s seven-year nightmare aboard a Thai fishing trawler is just one of thousands of similar tales.

India Rebuffs ‘Simplistic’ UN Criticism Over Sex Crimes

India rebuffs accusations by a U.N. investigator that sex crimes are rife in the world’s biggest democracy, calling her analysis “simplistic.”

Ferry Family Boss Eludes South Korea’s Biggest and Most Bizarre Manhunt

A South Korean manhunt linked to an April ferry disaster comes full circle at the compound of a sect known for its organic ice cream.

Junta Engineers World Cup Coup for Thailand

The newly installed military rulers have ensured that all 64 of the soccer matches being played during Brazil 2014 will be televised for free.

Thai Army Delegation Visits China Amid Western Reproach of Coup

A Thai military delegation travels to China for talks on regional security and joint training amid Western reproach of the army’s coup last month.

Isolated North Korea a Visitor Draw, But Sometimes Literally a Tourist Trap

Despite warnings, many tourists from places including the United States are visiting the hermitic country, with three Americans arrested there recently.