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Vietnamese Court Rejects Appeals by Dissident

A Vietnamese appeals court upheld the conviction and 30-month prison sentence against a well-known dissident in a case that rights groups say is politically motivated.

Thai Protesters to Rally Against PM After Deadly Bangkok Clashes

A medical center in the Thai capital says a police officer and four protesters were killed Tuesday, when security forces attempted to take back protest sites.

Crisis in Tiny Nauru Puts Spotlight on Australia’s Asylum Seeker Policy

The role of Nauru in Australia’s asylum seeker policy may be eliciting a hands-off approach from Canberra on the tiny Pacific island’s domestic political affairs.

Thai Police Officer Killed, Dozens Hurt in Bangkok Clashes

A Thai police officer is killed and dozens of police and anti-government protesters are wounded in gun battles and clashes in Bangkok.

Tacloban Rising

The Philippines picks up the pieces after being struck by Typhoon Yolanda, or Haiyan, one of the deadliest typhoons in the Southeast Asian country’s history.

North Korea Crimes Evoke Nazi Era, Kim May Face Charges: UN Inquiry

North Korean leaders including possibly Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un himself should face international justice for carrying out atrocities comparable to Nazi-era Germany, UN investigators say.

One Dead, Many Hurt as Asylum Seekers Riot at PNG Detention Camp

Australian immigration minister says detainees who force their way out of a center on an island off Papa New Guinea are putting themselves at risk.

For India’s Railway Children, a Dangerous Life by the Tracks

India’s “railway children”—whose ranks are swelled by an estimated 120,000 runaways annually—live a dangerous life along the country’s huge railway network.

Jakarta Sees Chilly Ties With Australia Until Oct: Indonesian Govt Document

Indonesia expects ties with Australia to remain on ice for at least six months, in the wake of reports Canberra spied on top Indonesians.

John Kerry Mocks Those Who Deny Climate Change

In a speech to Indonesian students civic leaders and officials, the US Secretary of State calls climate change “the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”

Migrants Say Firms Force Workers Out of Singapore

Workers from overseas who stay too long face confinement and threats as companies employ “repatriation companies” to send them home.

Graves of Empire Tell of India’s Troubled Past

A graveyard in Delhi is the final resting place of hundreds of British citizens who, for better or worse, played roles in India’s colonial past.

Thai Police Target Traffickers But Rescued Rohingya May Face More Abuse

Thai police announce a new campaign against human traffickers, although hundreds of rescued Rohingya boat people could end up back in the clutches of traffickers.

Thai Police Move to Reclaim Protest Sites

Protesters abandon camp near Government House, offering no resistance as riot police take back a camp for the first time in three months of demonstrations.

Japan on Backfoot in Global PR War With China After Abe Shrine Visit

Japan risks losing a global PR battle with China after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to a controversial shrine for Japan’s World War 2 dead.

For South China Sea Claimants, a Legal Venue to Battle China

Philippine President Benigno Aquino has publicly compared China to Nazi Germany, as Vietnam weighs up whether to join case at The Hague.

Corruption Sting Follows Indian Athletes to Sochi

The taint of corruption followed India’s Olympic athletes to Sochi, after ethics violations by the country’s Olympic Association, which elected two graft-tainted officials as leaders.

Australian Drug Trafficker’s Media Payday in Doubt

Schapelle Corby was released from an Indonesian jail on Monday and quickly taken to expensive resort by Australia’s Seven Network, reportedly taking a hefty fee.

China, Taiwan Hold Highest-level Talks Since Split

China and Taiwan hailed a new chapter in their relations after they held their highest-level government talks since they split amid civil war in 1949.

Unassuming Aircraft a Drawcard at Asia’s Arms Bazaar

Many of the uniformed officers from Asia’s militaries who are visiting the biennial Singapore Airshow make a beeline for the US-built surveillance aircraft.