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Chinese Militants Get Islamic State ‘Terrorist Training’: Media

Chinese militants from western Xinjiang have left the country to get “terrorist training” from Islamic State fighters for attacks at home, state media reports.

Affluence Eludes Poor Crowding Into Asian Cities

Across developing Asia, migration from country to city has long been a potential path out of poverty, but less and less is that true today.

Amnesty Blasts China’s Torture Tool Industry 

Amnesty International says Chinese production and export of police equipment primarily used for torture, such as electric shock wands, has grown dramatically.

India, China Quietly Struggle in Indian Ocean

The world’s two most populous nations are jostling for the upper hand in a maritime corridor of major economic importance for the region.

Hong Kong Students to Boycott Class to Protest China Curbs on Democracy

Hong Kong students are preparing for a showdown with Beijing over democratic reforms by boycotting classes on Monday.

Fiji Election Results Confirm Big Win for Ruler 

Official results from a landmark Fiji election confirm a win for the nation’s military ruler Voreqe Bainimarama, whose Fiji First party won an outright majority.

Alice, Steampunk and a False Name: Enigma of an American Jailed in North Korea

Matthew Miller, a U.S. citizen imprisoned in North Korea on espionage charges, exhibited strange behavior while in South Korea and pretended to be an Englishman.

India’s Mars Mission Enters Last Lap, Faces Crucial Test

India’s first mission to Mars will be a crucial test of its low-cost efforts to join the global space race.

China Not Warlike, Says Xi, as Border Standoff Dominates India Trip

China is not a warlike nation, President Xi Jinping says, on a trip to India dominated by a standoff between soldiers from the two nations.

Chinese Hacked US Military Contractors, Senate Panel Finds

Hackers associated with the Chinese government have repeatedly infiltrated the computer systems of U.S. airlines, technology companies and other contractors supporting the US military.

Cambodia Deploys Troops as Garment Workers Renew Wage Campaign

Cambodia deploys troops in its capital as garment workers rally to revive a campaign for higher wages that helped to stoke a year-long political crisis.

New al Qaeda Wing in South Asia Claims Major Attack

Al Qaeda’s South Asia wing claims responsibility for hijacking a Pakistani naval ship and using it to try to attack nearby US vessels.

Sri Lanka Backs China’s Maritime ‘Silk Road’ Plan 

Chinese President Xi Jinping wins Sri Lanka’s support for a proposed maritime “Silk Road” linking China with Europe, and offers financing for Colombo’s mega projects.

‘Forced Labor’ Rife in Malaysian Electronics Factories: Report

Nearly a third of some 350,000 workers in Malaysia’s electronics industry suffer from conditions of modern-day slavery such as debt bondage, a study finds.

Fijians Head to Polls for First Post-Coup General Election

Fiji will vote for the first time in eight years, following a decision by its military junta to return the island nation to democratic rule.

2 British Tourists Found Dead on Beach in Thailand

Two British tourists are found battered to death on a southern Thai resort island that is one of the country’s most popular diving destinations.

Ghosts of Ethnic Conflicts Past Haunt Fiji Vote

When voters in Fiji head to the polls they will vote for a leader and judge their military junta’s claim of having ended ethnic conflict.

India Tightens Vietnam Defense, Oil Ties Ahead of China Xi’s Visit

India extends a US$100 million export credit to Vietnam for defense deals and tightens energy ties ahead of a visit by China’s President Xi Jinping.

Burma’s Rohingya Stuck in Refugee Limbo in India

Some 9,000 Rohingya who fled Burma’s Arakan State live in India, where they eke out a meager existence doing manual work, often underpaid and exploited.

US Man in North Korea Given 6 Years of Hard Labor

North Korea’s Supreme Court convicts a 24-year-old American man of entering the country illegally to commit espionage, sentencing him to six years of hard labor.