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Chinese Ships Evacuate Workers After Vietnam Riots

Chinese workers leave Vietnam on ships after deadly unrest broke out last week amid a dispute over sovereignty claims in the South China Sea.

Thailand’s Army Declares Martial Law, Denies Coup

Thailand’s army declares martial law in a surprise announcement it says is aimed at keeping the country stable after months of sometimes violent political unrest.

Thailand Unrest Threatens to Send Economy Into Recession

Data is expected to show that gross domestic product shrank between January and March this year as political unrest drags on.

After Huge Win, Next Indian PM Begins Victory Lap

Narendra Modi says his election, the most resounding victory in an Indian poll for three decades, has “created a new confidence among people.”

Lao Defense Chief, 4 Others Killed in Plane Crash

A plane crash Saturday in Laos killed at least five people, including the defense minister and other high-ranking members of the authoritarian country’s ruling party.

Philippines Releases Photos of Chinese Reclamation

The Philippine government says the photos of Chinese land reclamation on a reef showed Beijing violated a regional agreement not to escalate territorial disputes.

India Vote Count Puts Modi on Course for Resounding Win

The opposition leader has run on a pro-business platform, promising to unblock stalled investment in power, road and rail projects and revive economic growth.

Vietnam Mobs Set Fire to Foreign Factories, 20 Killed in Anti-China Riots

Vietnamese set fire to foreign factories in industrial zones in in an angry reaction to Chinese oil drilling in the South China Sea.

Malaysia PM Calls for Real-Time Tracking of Planes

Najib Razak calls for real-time tracking of planes and improving their communication system to prevent a repeat of the mysterious disappearance of Flight 370.

Two Killed at Thai Protest as Anger Mounts Over Premier

Twenty-one people were injured when a group of armed men attacked anti-government protesters near the Democracy Monument in Bangkok’s old quarter.

Philippines Says China Appears to Be Building Airstrip on Disputed Reef

The Philippines accuses China of reclaiming land on a reef in disputed islands in the South China Sea, apparently to build an airstrip.

In Modi’s India, a Case of Rule and Divide

Separation of Hindu and Muslim communities is systematized in Gujarat, a state whose chief minister is likely to become India’s next prime minister.

US Confident Thai Military Won’t Resort to Coup

The United States says it is “reasonably confident” Thailand’s military won’t launch a coup although analysts warned the nation’s political crisis could trigger armed conflict.

China Acting Dangerously in Sea Dispute Vietnam Tells ASEAN Summit

Vietnam told Southeast Asian leaders that China was committing dangerous violations in disputed waters in South China Sea, but Asean refrained from criticizing Beijing.

Thailand Warns People to Stay Away From Protests

Thailand’s caretaker government says it will tighten security to prevent clashes and warns people to stay away from protest sites for their own safety.

Chinese Elite Push for Release of Jailed Nobel Laureate

A quite campaign is urging the Communist Party leadership to release Liu Xiaobo on parole to improve the country’s international image.

Suu Kyi’s Calls for Constitutional Reform Welcomed in Irrawaddy Delta

The NLD leader addresses a crowd of thousands of excited farmers who showed overwhelming support for her calls for reforming Burma’s undemocratic Constitution.

ASEAN Faces Renewed Unity Test as South China Sea Tensions Spike

A surge of tensions in the South China Sea threatens to widen divisions between Asean nations at a summit, posing a test for host Burma.

Thai Police Fire Teargas at Protesters Bent on Toppling ‘Thaksin Regime’

Thai police fired teargas on Friday at royalist protesters bent on bringing down a caretaker government after a court threw Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra out of office.

Families of South Korea Ferry Dead March on Presidential Palace

The government is under scrutiny for its response to the disaster, and families say many of the hundreds presumed to have drowned could have been saved.