Asia - The Irrawaddy
Indonesian Army Inches Back Into Civilian Sphere

The Indonesian military inches back into civilian roles, risking a setback for democracy in the Southeast Asian nation and perhaps even for the turbulent region.

China Angered by Philippine Documentary on South China Sea

China accuses the Philippines of spreading misinformation in dispute over the South China Sea after Manila airs a three-part documentary defending its position.

Out of the Shadows, China Hackers Turn Cyber Gatekeepers

Many Chinese hackers are finding it increasingly lucrative to join the country’s nascent cybersecurity industry.

Scientists Crack Gene Secret That Lets Poppies Make Morphine

Scientists identify a key gene used by poppies to make morphine, paving the way for better methods of producing the medically important drug.

Thailand to Teach Journalists How to Ask Inoffensive Questions

The Thai government invites journalists to a meeting where they will be taught how to ask questions that won’t offend Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha.

Nauru President Says Opposition and Foreign Media Tried to Topple Government

The president of the South Pacific island nation of Nauru on Friday said opposition lawmakers and foreign media had attempted to overthrow his government.

Stateless ‘Sea Gypsies’ Face Severe Discrimination: Report

The Moken, one of Southeast Asia’s last remaining hunter-gatherer populations, face increasing threats to livelihoods and access to services, a leading rights group warns.

Japan’s Secret Navy Bunker Gives Glimpse of War’s Final Days

An underground Imperial Navy headquarters, only recently opened to the media, serves as a silent reminder of Japan’s wartime past.

US and China to Cooperate to End ‘Massacre’ of Wildlife: US Official

United States and Chinese officials agree during to work together to end the “massacre” of wildlife and reduce the flow of illegal wildlife trafficking.

Development Fund for Indonesian MPs a Setback to War on Graft

An Indonesian minister says a new fund allowing MPs to use state funds to develop their constituencies will only encourage more graft in one of the world’s most corrupt countries.

China Says ‘Golden Triangle’ Source of Most Dangerous Drugs

Southeast Asia’s lawless “Golden Triangle” region remains the overwhelming source of the heroin and methamphetamine sold in China, the country’s cabinet says.

China Seizes $483m of Smuggled Meat, Some 40 Years Old

The seizure by Chinese customs officers, reported by China Daily on Wednesday, is the latest in a grim series of food safety scares.

Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Street Camps Come to a Quiet End

Hong Kong authorities clear away the last pro-democracy encampments, watched by a handful of demonstrators in a quiet, poignant end to nine months of protests.

Thailand Says Wraps Up Trafficking Probe, Rights Groups Skeptical

Police say they have “shown sincerity” and finished Thailand’s biggest investigation into human trafficking, as rights groups question whether they have even scratched the surface.

Lawyers Seek New Ways to Help Human Trafficking Victims in Hong Kong

With its large migrant population—including some 320,000 domestic workers—lawyers say Hong Kong needs a more comprehensive definition of human trafficking.

Philippines Steps Up Drills With US, Japan Forces Near South China Sea

The Philippines holds separate naval exercises with US and Japanese forces on an island not far from disputed waters where China has stoked regional tensions.

Instagram Users in North Korea Warned Site Put on Blacklist

Warnings are appearing on Instagram accounts in North Korea that say access to the popular app is being denied and that the site is blacklisted.

China’s Dog Meat Festival Raises Hackles of Fans and Opponents

For many residents of China’s southern town of Yulin, the peak of summer is the perfect time to get together with family and friends—and consume copious amounts of dog meat.

Moonshine Kills at Least 94 in India City Slum

Toxic homemade liquor kills at least 94 slum dwellers in India’s financial capital, with more than 45 in hospital, in the latest disaster involving moonshine.

Rising Unemployment Piles Up Problems for Indonesian President

Indonesian companies are shedding jobs as they grapple with the weakest economic growth in six years, adding to the troubles facing President Joko Widodo.