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Tensions Rise as HK Police Use Pepper Spray on Protesters, Arrest 45

Hong Kong police use pepper spray on pro-democracy protesters as they clear a major road that had been barricaded with concrete slabs.

Record Bust in Cambodia Signals Thai Dollar Counterfeiting Boom

A huge bust of fake US dollars in Cambodia points to a well-oiled and growing counterfeit operation in neighboring Thailand.

Britain Summons Thai Envoy Over Backpacker Murders

Britain summons the Thai charge d’affaires in London to raise concerns over the police investigation into the murder of two British backpackers in Thailand.

Hundreds of HK Police Use Sledgehammers and Chainsaws to Dismantle Protest Barriers

Hong Kong police use sledgehammers and chainsaws to dismantle pro-democracy barricades near government offices and the city’s financial center after clashes break out.

North Korean Leader Reappears in Public With Cane 

Kim Jong-un appears in state media for the first time in nearly six weeks, ending an absence that fed global speculation that something was amiss.

More Bangladeshis Found in Thailand on Human Trafficking Route

Thai police find scores of sick and exhausted boat people on a remote island, all but one of the 79 suspected human-trafficking victims from Bangladesh.

As Nuclear Waste Piles Up, South Korea Faces Storage Crisis

South Korea plans to cram already-packed storage sites with more spent fuel than they were originally intended to hold while it seeks a permanent solution.

Beijing to Tap Water From Thousands of Kilometers Away

The water coming out of Beijing taps later this month may have travelled more than 1,400 kilometers, transported through the world’s biggest water transfer project.

Cyclone Hudhud Blasts India’s East Coast, at Least 5 Dead

Cyclone Hudhud blasted India’s eastern seaboard, uprooting trees, damaging buildings and killing at least five people despite a major evacuation effort.

Hong Kong’s Leader Warns Protesters as Tent City Sprouts Up

Hong Kong’s leader Leung Chun-ying vows on to stay in office, warning students demanding his resignation that their pro-democracy movement is out of control.

Thai Minister Says US ‘More Confident’ of Military-Backed Rule

Thai Deputy Prime Minister Pridiyathorn Devakula says Washington has more confidence in Thailand’s government, four months after the military seized power in a bloodless coup.

North Korea Leader Kim Is Still in Charge, Has Leg Injury: Source

Kim Jong-un is in control of his government but has hurt his leg, a source says, dismissing speculation over his health and grip on power.

Hong Kong Protests Unresolved After Talks Collapse

Pro-democracy protests could drag on for days yet, after talks aimed at resolving a bitter standoff between the city’s government and student demonstrators collapse.

Bad Weather Strands 150 Sri Lankans in Burmese waters 

About 150 Sri Lankan fishermen are stranded in Burmese waters after drifting during bad weather, an official said Tuesday.

Hong Kong Protesters at a Crossroads

Despite any gains Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters might claim over the last 12 days, they will always come up against a formidable foe—mainland China.

For Kim-watchers, North Korean Anniversary on Friday is Pivotal

If North Korean’s Kim Jong Un does not appear at a key political event Friday, speculation will intensify over his health and grip on power.

Ancient Indonesian Cave Paintings Rewrite History of Human Art

Prehistoric cave paintings found on Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island shed new light on early human art, which previously was thought to have first appeared in Europe.

Small Stage Depicts Societal Shifts in Sri Lanka

Innovative local theater groups are leading the way in critiquing contemporary Sri Lankan society after a decades-long civil war.

US Works on Asia Ties Amid Mideast Focus

A military agreement with the Philippines and easing an arms embargo against Vietnam show the Obama administration wants deeper security ties with Asia.

Hong Kong Democracy Protests Fade, Face Test of Stamina

Pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong continue with hundreds of students remaining camped out in the city center after more than a week of rallies.