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Chinese Brokers Woken from Global Dreams by Market Emergency

The business plans and overseas ambitions of Chinese brokerages are being shelved as Beijing pushes them to arrest a dramatic plunge in domestic equity.

Malaysia’s Najib Considers Legal Action Over WSJ Report

Malaysian PM Najib Razak tells lawyers to consider action against the newspaper, which reported that investigators probing a state fund traced deposits to him.

Thai Military Court to Release 14 Students Ahead of Trial

A Thai military court will release 14 detained student activists but they will still face sedition charges for defying the junta’s ban on political gatherings.

Two Burmese Men Go On Trial for Murder of British Tourists

Two men from Burma accused of murdering two British holidaymakers in Thailand go on trial in a case that caused outrage abroad.

South Korean Violinist Wants Border Concert With North Korea

Violinist Won Hyung Joon wants to bring North and South Korean musicians together to perform on each side of the world’s most heavily armed border.

Sri Lanka Polls Timed Ahead of UN War Crimes Report to Foil Rajapaksa Comeback

War-time President Mahinda Rajapaksa remarkably may see his popularity rise in coming months if criticized for war crimes in a UN report.

Oil Palm Plantations Destroying SE Asia’s Peatlands: Researchers

Drainage of peatlands to cultivate oil palm in Malaysia’s Rajang Delta is causing land subsidence that will bring large-scale floods in coming decades, researchers warn.

Clashes Continue at DKBA Asia Highway Toll Booth

Clashes continue between government troops and ethnic Karen rebels in the lead-up to a major conference between the area’s non-state actors and government representatives.

China Lobbies Hard Ahead of Manila’s South China Sea Arbitration Case

China’s claims to the disputed South China Sea will come under international legal scrutiny for the first time this week.

Cambodia Faces Uphill Struggle to Reform its Orphanages

Cambodia is in the grip of an orphanage boom, many of them unlicensed, with no safety checks and few real orphans.

Malaysian Leader Faces Risk of Criminal Charges Over Fund

Malaysia’s prime minister risks criminal charges over allegations that hundreds of millions of dollars were funneled from a state fund to his personal bank accounts.

India’s Push to Save Its Cows Starves Bangladesh of Beef

Some 30,000 Indian soldiers guarding the border with Bangladesh have a new mandate this year—stop cattle from crossing illegally into the Muslim-majority neighbor.

Southeast Asia Plans Fund to Help Migrants, But Offers Decried as Inadequate

Southeast Asian nations propose setting up a fund to tackle illegal migration of so-called “boat people,” but rights groups dismiss the offers as mere tokens.

After Wifi at the Taj, Modi Revives Campaign for ‘Digital’ India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi urges companies to make electronic and digital goods, reviving a campaign promise to bridge India’s digital divide.

Turnout Slim as Thousands in Hong Kong Rally for Democracy

Thousands of Hong Kongers take to the streets to renew their call for full democracy but the turnout is noticeably lower than in recent years.

Frustrated Indonesian Leader Launches Charm Offensive With Investors

Exasperated by the performance of his economic team, Indonesia’s president has personally taken on the job of promoting Southeast Asia’s largest economy to skeptical investors.

Amid Protests Nepal Presents ‘Illegal’ New Constitution After Quakes

Nepal presents a draft of its first republican constitution, but the country’s top court questions its legality after it was rushed through following devastating earthquakes.

Police: 141 Bodies Recovered from Indonesia Plane Crash

The death toll from the crash of an air force transport plane in the Indonesian city of Medan jumps to more than 140.

UN Rights Office Urges Thailand to Free 14 Student Activists

The UN human rights office calls on Thailand to release 14 student activists and drop charges filed against them for holding a peaceful anti-coup rally.

Indonesian Military Plane Crashes in Northern City, Killing at Least 30

A transport plane for the Indonesia military crashes into a hotel and residential area in Sumatra’s Medan, killing at least 30 people.