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Russia Eyes Military Sales to Thailand, Rubber Deals

Russia sees an opportunity to sell Thailand military planes and other defense equipment as the two countries facing Western opprobrium seek to boost trade ties.

Remembering Pamela Gutman, a Scholar Versed in Arakan Art

The death on March 31 of Pamela Gutman brings to an end the life of the first Australian scholar to complete a doctorate in Asian art and to do so in relation to Burma.

Hundreds of North Korean Missiles Threaten Asia: US Researchers

Nuclear-armed North Korea already has hundreds of ballistic missiles that can target its neighbors in Northeast Asia, US researchers warn.

US Defense Chief in Japan to Show Alliance Strong Amid China Worries

US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter begins talks with his Japanese counterpart, attempting to demonstrate strengthened military ties amid China’s growing assertiveness in the region.

4 Men Killed in Raid in South Thailand Were Not Insurgents

Four young men killed during a recent raid by government security forces in Thailand’s violence-plagued south were not insurgents, an investigating panel says.

Blackmail and Abuse: Gay Sex Ban in India Stirs Violence

India’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community face persecution after the world’s largest democracy in December 2013 reinstated a colonial-era law banning gay sex.

Fast-Growing Asian Aviation Confronts Safety Challenges

Several challenges face the world’s biggest air travel market, where governments, regulators and airlines are struggling to keep up after a decade of astonishing growth.

One Reported Dead After Pollution Protest in Northern China

One person died and 50 were arrested after some 2,000 police put down a protest by villagers against pollution from a chemical plant.

Bangladesh Opposition Leader Zia Granted Bail in Graft Cases

Khaleda Zia has been granted bail on graft charges after she appeared before a special court, a potential sign of easing tension in the country.

Indonesia to Rule on Last-Ditch Appeal by Death Row Australian Drug Convicts

An Indonesian court will rule on an appeal against President Joko Widodo’s refusal of clemency for two Australian drug convicts who are facing execution by firing squad.

Burmese Slave Fishermen Now Safe on Indonesian Island

More than 300 fishermen were freed on Saturday, following a rescue from a remote Indonesian island that many believed would be their final resting place.

Three Indian Soldiers Killed in Ambush in Arunachal Pradesh

Three Indian soldiers were killed and four wounded in an attack by suspected separatist militants in the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, which borders Burma.

Chinese Influence in Cambodia Grows With Army School, Aid

Military aid strengthens China’s ties with Cambodia, seen as part of a push to extend regional influence, including in the disputed South China Sea.

North Korea Expels Chief of German Food Aid Organization: NGO

North Korea expels the country director of Welthungerhilfe, one of the few foreign aid groups to operate in the isolated country, the German organization says.

UN Rights Chief Slams Thai Junta’s Use of Repressive Law

Thailand’s military government has been condemned for invoking a law that gives the junta chief near-absolute authority without any accountability.

India’s IT Plans Suffer From Power Cuts, Congestion – and Monkeys

As India launches a plan to spread the information revolution to its provinces, the problems it faces are a holdover from the past.

Sri Lanka: Chinese Leader for 3-Way Talks on Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka says China’s president has proposed three-party talks with India and Sri Lanka to clear any misgivings over its activities in the Indian Ocean.

Japan PM to Craft WWII Comments with Eye on US

US officials have made clear they are loath to see Shinzo Abe stir regional tensions with comments that critics could construe as whitewashing history.

Thai Leader Moves to Lift Martial Law, Impose Absolute Power

Thailand’s PM said Tuesday he plans to lift martial law, but will invoke a special security measure that critics say is more draconian.

Malaysian Police Arrest Media CEO, Editors Over Sedition

Five people from a Malaysian media group are accused of sedition after they published a news report concerning punishments meted out under Islamic law.