Thailand Secretly Dumps Burma Refugees Into Trafficking Rings

An investigation uncovers Thai government complicity in selling Rohingya to traffickers, who hold them in shocking conditions and extort money from them.

China Gives No Ground to Biden in Air Zone Dispute

Giving no ground, Chinese President Xi Jinping and US Vice President Joe Biden trade strong arguments over China’s contentious new air defense zone.

Thailand Awaits King’s Word on Political Conflict

Street protests are put on hold for King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s birthday Thursday, and many hope the revered monarch will provide a solution to the deadlock.

Thai Violence Eases Ahead of King’s Birthday

Protesters intent on toppling Thailand’s democratically elected prime minister plan to press their struggle again Wednesday with a peaceful march on Bangkok’s national police headquarters.

US Veteran Detained in North Korea Oversaw Guerrilla Group

Merill Newman, 85—in his sixth week of detention in the communist state—supported partisans during the 1950-53 war.

As Cameron Visits, China Paper Criticizes Britain

The state-run Global Times says Britain is now only good for tourists and students, and has a few good football teams.

Jubilant Thai Protesters Hug Police But Old Enmities Remain

Protesters in Bangkok enter Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s compound, but political deadlock is not over yet.

Soups, Statues and Soothsayers in Demand as China Eases One-Child Law

With an estimated bump of up to 10 percent in the number of births per year, demand for maternal health care is bound to surge.

Biden Urges Japan, China to Lower Tensions Over Air Defense Zone

The US vice president urges Japan and China to lower tensions that have spiked since Beijing announced an air defense zone over disputed islands.

Long-Running Societal Divide Fuels Thai Conflict

The protests on the streets of Bangkok and occupation of government offices are the latest flashpoint in a fight for power, not for democracy.

Scenes from Protest-Rocked Bangkok

Tens of thousands of people take to Bangkok’s streets in an ongoing attempt to bring down the government of Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

Thailand Braces for More Protest Violence

The United Nations closes its main Thailand office and dozens of schools are shuttered as Bangkok braces for more violence in a spiraling political crisis.

VP Biden Trying to Show US Still Focused on Asia

The US vice president travels to Asia in a trip watched carefully to see how committed the Obama administration is to increasing America’s regional influence.

China Launches Lunar Probe Carrying ‘Jade Rabbit’ Buggy

China launches its first ever extraterrestrial landing craft into orbit en route for the moon, in a major milestone for its space program.

In Vietnam, Weary Apparatchiks Launch Quiet Revolution

Dissent within the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam shakes up the country’s one-party system even as the Constitution is amended to further entrench CPV power.

Protesters Target Thai PM’s Party, Govt Seeks to Avoid Violent Confrontation

Anti-government demonstrators plan to march toward the headquarters of Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s ruling party, forging ahead with a campaign to overthrow her.

China Sends Warplanes Into Air Defense Zone

China’s demand that it is informed of all flights through a controversial zone off its east coast has already been flouted by the US, Japan and South Korea.

Philippines’ Typhoon Rebuilding May Cost More, Last Longer Than Aceh

The Philippines government says new structures must be designed to withstand high winds, pushing up the cost of reconstruction after Haiyan.

Problems Pile Up in Asia for US Policymakers

Problems pile up for the United States in Asia, a region President Barack Obama had wanted to play a bigger part in American foreign policy.

The Man Who Leads Bangkok’s Anti-Government Protest

The leader of the street protesters threatening to topple Thailand’s government has a history of involvement in putting down protests.