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China wants Uighur refugees back from Thailand

Despite mistreatment concerns, more than 200 refugees currently detained in Thailand that are believed to be Chinese Uighurs should be repatriated, says a Chinese consul.

Hong Kong Student Leaders Blocked From Taking Democracy Fight to Beijing

Three Hong Kong student leaders are stopped from boarding a flight to Beijing to take their fight for greater democracy directly to the Chinese government.

Rohingya Relatives Say Thousands Missing in Boats en Route to Malaysia

Thousands of Rohingya who have left Burma are yet to reach their destinations, raising fears their boats have been prevented from reaching shore.

China Raised Issue of US Spy Flights During Military Talks: Pentagon

China raises the thorny subject of US military spy flights during talks leading to agreements this week on reducing friction between the two militaries.

China Offers Asean Friendship, Loans as South China Sea Tension Bubbles

China seeks to offset regional concerns over territorial disputes with offers of preferential infrastructure loans to Asean countries.

Tepid Expressions of Concern on Int’l Issues, As Asia Summit Wraps Up

World leaders gathering in Burma offer tepid expressions of concern on issues ranging from South China Sea disputes to threats posed by the Ebola virus.

Rickshaw Drivers Take ‘Respect For Women’ Message to Delhi’s Streets

Delhi’s auto-rickshaw drivers say a mandatory gender sensitization class is helping them to understand and spread the word about equality.

Cambodia Raises Garment Wage by 28 Percent, But Unions Say Not Enough

Cambodia raises monthly minimum wage for garment workers by 28 percent, a decision likely to infuriate unions and lead to renewed calls for strikes.

US-China Climate Deal Surprises After Secret Negotiations

The climate change agreement announced this week between the United States and China caught the world by surprise after months of secret negotiations.

At Least 11 Women Die After Sterilization in India

At least 11 women are dead and 20 others seriously ill after undergoing free sterilization operations, highlighting the risks Indian women face in reproductive health.

China Seeks Greater Role in Afghanistan With Peace Talk Push

China proposes a forum to restart stalled peace talks between Afghanistan and Taliban insurgents, a sign that Beijing wants more influence in its neighbor’s affairs.

Obama’s Bid for New China Ties Can’t Quell Tension 

The US and China jointly announced new goals for tackling climate change, but long-standing tensions, such as over security issues, remain unresolved.

China’s Xi, Japan’s Abe Hold Landmark Meeting

The two leaders hold formal talks for the first time since taking office, a breakthrough in efforts to improve ties between the Asian rivals.

Nearly Third of Indian Cabinet Charged With Crimes, Despite Modi Pledge

Attempted murder, waging war on the state, criminal intimidation and fraud are among charges against ministers Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appointed to the cabinet.

Thailand to Push Back More Than 200 Boat People to Burma: Police

More than 200 boat people held in southern Thailand will be pushed back out to sea, police say, despite criticism of human rights groups.

China to Establish $40bn Silk Road Infrastructure Fund

China will contribute $40 billion to set up a Silk Road infrastructure fund to boost connectivity across Asia, President Xi Jinping announces.

American Freed by North Korea Wanted Pizza

Kenneth Bae arrives home after years of imprisonment in North Korea, thanking the US government and revealing that his time there offered lessons.

In China, Obama Tests Global Clout Post-Election

His influence at home quickly fading, the US president makes a three-country tour that will test his ability to play a commanding role internationally.

China, South Korea “Effectively” Conclude Free Trade Deal

Leaders of the two trading powerhouses have announced the “effective” conclusion of a free trade agreement after more than two years of negotiations.

Japanese Woman Abducted by North Korea Died of Drug Overdose

Megumi Yokota, a Japanese national abducted by North Korean agents decades ago as a schoolgirl, died from an overdose in 1994 and was buried in a pit with other corpses, according to a South Korean newspaper.