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Survey: Asia Finds Money Brings Happiness By

Emerging Asian nations find out what developed ones did years ago: Money — and the stuff it buys — brings happiness, or at least satisfaction.

North Korea Cracking Down on a Distant Threat: Ebola By

North Korea announces it will quarantine foreigners entering the country for 21 days over fears of the spread of the Ebola virus.


A Chinese lawmaker says Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests have escalated into a national security issue threatening Chinese sovereignty over the Asian financial center.


Thai prime minister says new DNA tests can be done as concern grows that two Burmese men arrested over the killings might have been framed.


Indonesia's new economics minister once sold duck eggs on the street to pay school fees; now he’s managing Southeast Asia’s biggest economy.

Thai Youth Fear Junta’s School Reforms Will Dim Job Prospects By

The junta prioritizes school reforms to inculcate a strong sense of national identity, with some questioning the emphasis in a competitive, global 21st century economy.

No Hope for Survivors in Sri Lanka Landslide, Over 100 Dead By

Hopes of finding survivors under mud and rubble of a landslide in south-central Sri Lanka fade as the estimated death toll hovers around 100.

Thai Court Throws out Defamation Case Against British Rights Activist By

A Thai court dismisses on a technicality a defamation case brought against British human rights activist Andy Hall by a Thai fruit company.

India to Supply Vietnam With Naval Vessels Amid China Disputes By

India will be supplying naval vessels to Vietnam; the first significant military transfer to Hanoi comes at a time of a territorial dispute with China.

Vast Majority of Hong Kong Activists Say They Will Fight On for a Year By

Nearly nine of 10 Hong Kong protesters say they will stay on the streets for more than a year to push for full democracy.

India Uncovers Suspected Plot to Assassinate Bangladeshi PM: Security Officials By

India’s top counter-terrorism agency uncovers a suspected plot by a banned militant group to assassinate the prime minister of Bangladesh and carry out a coup.

Indian Tribes People Duped Into Leaving Forest Homes for Tigers: Rights Group By

Hundreds of tribal people in eastern India are duped out of ancestral forest homes by authorities in a bid to conserve the country’s tiger population.

Party is Over on Thai Islands Though Full Moon Bash Avoids Ban By

Thai authorities ban beach parties on some holiday islands to stop gatherings that could get out of control after the murder of two British backpackers.

China, Vietnam Say They Want Lasting Solution to Sea Dispute By

China and Vietnam agree to use an existing border dispute mechanism to resolve a territorial dispute, which led to confrontations in the South China Sea.

Indonesia President Appoints Technocrats to Top Economic Posts By

Indonesia's new president, Joko Widodo, names professional technocrats to lead the top economic ministries and implement much-needed reforms.

US Official Urges Vietnam to Improve Human Rights By

A US official says Vietnam has made progress on human rights, but must do more if it is to forge closer economic and security ties with Washington.

Poor Health Systems in Asia Cause for Ebola Alarm By

Health experts in Asia fear any outbreak would be deadly and hard to contain in a region home to 60 percent of the global population.

Protesters in Hong Kong to Vote on Government Proposals By

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong will hold a poll on government proposals they had rejected as the campaign in the Chinese-controlled city enters week five.

Three Major Nations Absent as China Launches Asian Bank Rival By

Australia, Indonesia and South Korea skip the launch of a China-backed infrastructure bank as Washington voices concerns about the new rival to Western-dominated multilateral lenders.

Foreign Policy Question Mark Over Indonesia Leader By

The rise of Indonesia’s new president has captured imaginations at home and won praise internationally, but Joko Widodo still must prove his foreign policy prowess.

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