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US Readies Air Patrols in Search for Rohingya Boat People By

Naval vessels from Burma and Malaysia search for stranded boat people and the US military prepares air patrols to step up its involvement.

Cambodia Accepts 4 Refugees Under Australia Agreement By

Four refugees rejected by Australia who have agreed to resettle in Cambodia will likely become examples that other refugees will follow.


When Thailand’s army seized power in a bloodless coup one year ago, much of the business establishment quietly cheered them on.


Malaysia and Indonesia have committed to temporarily sheltering thousands of migrants and refugees from Burma and Bangladesh, as the US vows to play a “leading role” in resettlement


Worsening crop failures, caused by extreme weather, are leading to increasing financial desperation in India—and a rash of suicides and child trafficking, officials say.

China Denying Passports to Restrict Critics, Minorities By

Eroding barriers to travel in China have thrown into relief a new pattern showing that groups deemed potentially risky to the leadership are largely being barred.

Thai Junta Delays Polls, Raising Questions About Return to Democracy By

Thailand’s junta delays a general election by at least six months, hours after former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra was banned from traveling overseas.

Malaysia, Indonesia Say Will Take in Migrants at Sea, Temporarily By

Malaysia and Indonesia say they will offer temporary shelter to 7,000 “boat people” adrift in rickety boats, but make clear they will take no more.

Australia Maintains Cattle Sales to Vietnam Despite Slaughter Scandal By

Australia will investigate claims by an animal rights group that cattle in Vietnam are being slaughtered with sledgehammers but will not suspend live cattle exports.

Over 430 Migrants Taken to Indonesia After Months at Sea By

Migrants stranded at sea for months were rescued and taken to Indonesia, the latest in a stream of Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants to reach shore.

‘Boat People’ Crisis a Test for Asean’s Humanitarian Resolve By

Asean has been silent as boatloads of Rohingya Muslims fleeing persecution in Burma and Bangladeshis escaping poverty at home face sickness and starvation at sea.

Roads Before Welfare: India’s Modi Faces Dissent Over Spending Shakeup By

The prime minister’s cuts in federal welfare spending on the poorest of India’s 1.25 billion people are under scrutiny, including from within his cabinet.

Ousted Thai PM Thaksin Says No Plans to Mobilize Supporters By

Thailand’s former PM says he has no plans to mobilize his “Red Shirt” supporters but calls the junta government “not so impressive.”

Nepal Quake Death Toll Becomes Highest on Record; Dozens Still Missing By

At over 8,500 fatalities, two major earthquakes in Nepal are the deadliest recorded, as rescuers search for dozens of people still missing in remote villages.

Pressure Mounts on Burma Over Asia ‘Boat People’ Crisis By

Malaysia prods Burma to halt the exodus from its shores as concern grow for uncounted migrants adrift in rickety boats around the Andaman Sea.

Neither China nor US Giving Ground Over Projects Dispute By

China and the United States are budging not a bit over Beijing’s assertive development in disputed parts of the South China Sea.

US Calls for ‘Regional Solution’ for Rohingya Migrants By

The United States comes under pressure to help Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants stranded at sea as Southeast Asian nations refuse to let them come ashore.

In Philippine Bay, Fear of China Trumps Fear of Brothels By

Once fearing it would mean bars and brothels for visiting sailors, locals now welcome the construction of a major Philippine naval base at Ulugan Bay.

Papua New Guinea Shocked by Australian Diplomatic Move By

PNG’s prime minister said he was shocked by an announcement from former colonial ruler Australia that it might open a diplomatic mission in Bougainville.

Thai Navy Tows Migrant Boat Towards Indonesia By

A boat carrying around 400 migrants that the Thai navy has towed out to sea is heading toward Indonesia, a Thai government radio station reports.

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