By   Yangon Switches On

New gas-fired power plants in the country’s largest city raise hopes that Burma’s annual hot-season power drought will soon be a thing of the past.

By   All the World’s a Stage

As Myanmar gears up for this year’s Thingyan festivities, some lament that traditional celebrations are being drowned out by raucous revelry.

By   Senior US Official Raises Arakan Concerns With Thein Sein

The US assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs meets Burma’s president and other top officials over the situation in Arakan State.

By   Police, CCTV to Safeguard Thingyan Festivities

Police in Burma are implementing precautionary security measures and boosting the presence of law enforcement officers to ensure the safety of Thingyan revelers.

By   The Irrawaddy Business Roundup (April 12, 2014)

Chinese investment dries up, strong economic growth is predicted and an Indian firm hopes to get a second chance at Burma’s offshore oil and gas.

By   Credit Bureau Delayed by ‘Second Thoughts’ About Foreign Stake

Although bankers have been trying since 2012 to form Burma’s first credit bureau, concerns about how much foreign involvement should be allowed have delayed efforts.

By   Burma’s Border Trade Booms in 2013-14

Combined imports and exports across 14 official border points was $4.46 billion last year, as more of Burma’s trade is moving over land.

By   Burmese Workers ‘Prefer Abuse in Thailand to Jobs Back Home’

Despite numerous reports of rights abuses against migrant workers, projects in Rangoon suffer as workers choose higher wages abroad.

By   In Thai Peace Talks, a Challenge to Military Dominance

In the internal struggle over who’s in charge of ending a decade-old insurgency in Thailand’s south, the powerful army appears to be losing out.

By   ‘Railway Man’ Revisits War Prisoner’s Horror and Forgiveness

New movie tells the story of a former British Army officer who was one of thousands forced by Japan to build the Thailand-Burma “Death Railway.”

By   Australian PM Confident Sounds Are From Flight 370

Signals thought to be from the missing flight’s black box have narrowed the search to an area of seabed about the size of Los Angeles.

By   Flaws Found in Thailand’s Human-Trafficking Crackdown

Thailand excludes Rohingya kept in camps in its southern provinces from a report to the US State Department, claiming they are only “smuggled.”

By   A Developer’s Dream: Housing for All

One of Myanmar’s top property developers outlines the challenges facing his industry, and discusses how to turn Yangon into a city of homeowners.

By   ‘Hate Speech Pours Poison Into the Heart’

Well-known blogger and activist Nay Phone Latt talks about his new campaign against the spread of hate speech in Burma.

By   ‘We Need to Change Challenges Into Opportunities’

The chief minister of Karen State talks to The Irrawaddy about the future of Myawaddy, the busiest border crossing on the Burmese-Thai border.

By   ‘This Is the First Time We Are Having a Serious Impact on State Schools’

Kevin Mackenzie, director of the British Council in Burma, sees an expanding role for Britain in helping revitalize the country’s education sector.

By   Forgotten, but Not Gone

Half a millennium after the Portuguese first set foot in Myanmar, their legacy lives on in a remote corner of the country’s north.

By   Making Opium (and the Past) Go Away

A peculiar little museum in a remote corner of eastern Myanmar’s Shan State shows how to eradicate drugs—and erase history.

By   Burma’s Clunkers Scrapped in Rush for ‘New’ Cars

As Burma’s reform-minded leadership opens the economy, automakers are seeking pole positions in what might become one of the world’s fastest growing markets.

By   The Banyan Trees of Pindaya

The beautiful centuries-old trees at a cave complex in Shan State create the perfect atmosphere for a famous mile-long pagoda festival.

By   Arsenal Have to Look Over Their Shoulders, Says Wenger

Arsenal were held to a 2-2 draw at home to Swansea City, while rivals Manchester City and Everton won their matches on Tuesday night.

By   Ozil Takes Wing Again to Put Arsenal in FA Cup Semi-Finals

Everton striker Ross Barkley misses a chance at 1-1 that could have turned the game, but Arsenal end up comfortable 4-1 winners at the Emirates.

By   East Timor’s 1st Winter Olympian Gets Set to Ski

Yohan Goncalves Goutt sees his role in Sochi, Russia as twofold: He’s an athlete, but also a sort of ambassador for East Timor.

By   Liverpool Beef Up Title Bid With Last-Gasp Win

Last-minute penalty from captain Steven Gerrard gives Liverpool a win, as rivals draw in the most open Premier League season in years.